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Proper lawn and turf maintenance can help you keep your lawn in great shape. Be it choosing a grass type or laying the turf, the right lawn care experts can help you boost kerb appeal and increase your home value. 

While basic lawn and turf maintenance can be done yourself, professional services from lawn care experts can do far more. The following are some services you can obtain from such experts for a better lawn and turf:


Lawn mowing is a simple lawn and turf maintenance task, but letting the experts deal with mowing your lawn can be relatively cheap for long term contracts, while also saving you time and effort.


Lawns benefit greatly from aeration, and while you can do it yourself, it is labour-intensive and involves perforating soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate grass roots to create better quality turf.


Lawns and turfs can be given nutrients in the form of fertilisers. As this can get costly, lawn maintenance experts will make sure this is done efficiently and correctly, as self-application gone wrong can lead to a “burnt” lawn.


Seeding can create a denser lawn that will discourage weed and pests or add better grass variety to your lawn area. Some lawn care experts follow this service up with aeration.

Control Weeds

When left unchecked, weeds can grow and become a problem. Lawn care experts can take care of this for you through physical removal, or pre- or post-emergent herbicides.

Control Unwanted Insects

Plant or lawn-friendly insects are always great, but there are also harmful insects that can damage your lawn area. Lawn care specialists can treat your lawn and prevent or discourage more insect growth to avoid future problems.

Different Types of Grass You Can Have In Your Lawn

Choosing the right grass type can depend on factors like your lawn area’s foot-traffic (pets and family) and conditions, such as if it falls under shade or the sun, the type of soil you have, and your area’s climate.

The following are a few of the turf varieties that you can consider: 

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is an Australian favourite, and has a broad leaf blade that is soft to the touch. It requires minimal lawn maintenance as it requires fertiliser and mowing. It can stand up well to wear-and-tear, and has good drought tolerance as well. 

Having this type of turf on your lawn is best for areas with a warm climate, as it has high shade tolerance but can turn brown during colder seasons. 

Additionally, buffalo turf has varieties that serve as repellents which, in turn, needs fewer chemicals to keep them looking great. 

Zoysia Grass

A native Australian lawn variety with a fine leaf blade, Zoysia is a warm-season grass that is suitable for areas like Queensland or Western Australia. It also requires low lawn and turf maintenance, as it extends water well and is beyond drought- and shade-tolerant. 

The Zoysia grass type also grows slowly and as a low, thick mat, which smothers the chances of weeds and reduces the need for mowing. The dense growth also gives it a high wear resistance, making it ideal for sports fields and schools.

Couch Grass

This grass type has a very fine leaf that is quick-growing and very invasive. It holds up very well against wear-and-tear and can repair itself quite quickly, making it ideal for sports fields. However, it does require regular lawn and turf maintenance. 

Couch grass will remain relatively vibrant throughout all seasons, if taken care of correctly in both warm and cold seasons, otherwise it may become patchy and unsightly. 

Fescue Grass

The fescue grass type has a fine, deep green blade that is slow to grow. It requires low turf and lawn care and maintenance, as it can cope with extended dry spells and survive with sufficient rain, and does not need mowing often.

Fescue grass is perfect for the cooler regions of Australia like Tasmania or Southern Victoria, as it is a hardy, cool-season grass, but is also great for the Southern regions of Western and South Australia. 

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How to Choose the Best Grass Type for Your Lawn

The right grass type can mean the difference between extensive lawn care and turf maintenance or easy-going turf that can provide season-long beauty and enjoyment. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your turf rolls: 

1. Location

Where you live determines how your turf will perform in the long term. This is because regardless of the quality of the turf, there are still grass types that are better for certain seasons. 

Thus, match your grass type to your local conditions, such as how often rainfall occurs, to avoid excessively watering, along with the climate and regular temperature. This way, you won’t have to see unpleasant brown patches. 

2. Site

The lawn area where you’ll be laying out the turf dictates how well the turf will grow. This involves factors like the type of soil and the amount of shade present.

For difficult sites with heavy clays or sandy soils, it will need amending to grow a quality lawn. If there is plenty of shade, you need to consider shade-friendly grass types as they can affect its growth.

3. Use

Some grass types are meant for beauty or aesthetics, and do not take well to wear-and-tear, while some are built for sports fields and other uses. 

When choosing, keep in mind if it will be walked on often by people or pets, as it can affect how much lawn and turf maintenance you’ll need, along with how well it will grow.

Lawn and turf maintenance highly depends on the grass type and conditions of your lawn area. Always look out for lawn care specialists with extensive experience, a good reputation, and sparkling customer references. 

If you need lawn care specialists for your own yard, post a job on HIREtrades today to find a lawn and turf maintenance Expert in your area.

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