Our Story

HIREtrades started from humble beginnings in 2017. Our founder Sarah Green, a marketer and third generation member of a Tradie family, was managing a small multiple trade business using similar competitor websites to find work. She was soon frustrated with aspects of their operations and set about trying to do it better. Sarah planned to deliver a fresh, user friendly site with the Tradie in mind. Sarah spent many hours at the kitchen table drawing inspiration from family members and their 60+ years of continuous trade experience. She sourced seed venture capital and teamed up with experts in web development and digital marketing. On a shoestring budget…the ball began rolling.

HIREtrades Our Story
HIREtrades Our Story - Launch Image

Since launching HIREtrades has enjoyed strong growth. Soon after Customer and Business apps were listed in both iOS and Android platforms. Nowadays a lot of time is spent talking with Tradies and Customers alike, not just listening to what improvements they would like to see but responsively implementing them.

The old days of fumbling through directories, hours searching Google and on the phone are gone. We all hate doing this only to find Tradies on holidays or so busy they either inflate their quote, or don’t quote at all. Customers can post a job 24/7 in seconds and receive prompt competitive quotes by up to 3 local Tradies.