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The Best Painters in Sydney NSW

What can the best painters in Sydney NSW offer to you?

Painting is the simplest method to update the appearance of the house or even parts of it. Since it is the simplest, many decide to do it themselves. But if you don’t have the time, there are professional painters around Sydney that you can always count on.

The best painters in Sydney NSW offer high-quality painting services such as the following:


Consultation is always the first stage in every renovation. This is the professional painters' way to know everything about the job - from the owner’s preference up to assessing the surface areas. Upon gathering the information they need to know, they will line up all the needed job to complete and propose colour that can complement your house interior/exterior setting and design.

Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Complete a seamless look inside and outside your home. The best painters in Sydney NSW offer the same paint selection for the interior and exterior. The only difference is the preparation needed for the surface area, area coverage, and treatment needed.

Interior painter in Sydney covers all room, floor, ceiling, and walls. They also offer furniture refinishing and repainting to update its appearance.

On the other hand, the exterior painter in Sydney cover roof painting, deck recoating, repairs of the damaged areas, and graffiti removal.

The good advantages of hiring the best painters is you can customise the service you availed. For example, the walls are prone to graffiti or your kids just simply love doodling on it, you can simply instruct the professional painter to apply an anti-graffiti paint or Dry Erase paint.

This option is handy and cost-effective as it will guarantee to both solve the existing problem and beautify the house.

Paint Removal

With the right tools and skills, DIY removal of the previous paint is easy and cheaper. But if the paint to remove is lead-based, it is highly recommended to let the best painters in Sydney NSW do the paint removal. They can guarantee to do the job safely and right, the first time.

The removal services of professional painters don’t limit on paint. They can also remove popcorn ceiling and wallpaper.

House Washing Services

There are other residential painters in Sydney that offer house washing services. The painters will ensure to keep the colour of the house clean and looking fresh. They clean the surface with environmentally-friendly detergent and high-pressure water to effectively remove stains/spots without peeling the paint off.

Paint selection that best painters in Sydney NSW offer

Most of the professional painters provide their own paints. They tested these products to know which of it is the best solution for each surface type. The top paint type that professional painters commonly used is water-based paint and oil-based paint.

After determining the paint type, it’s good to consider the sheen for the interior paint. The best paint to use is flat, gloss, matte, semi-gloss, and eggshell. While for exterior paint, the most important factor to consider is the features included such as weather-proof, can bridge cracks/holes and has a UV barrier.

The 3 popular brands that are proven and tested for their durability and fine quality are Dulux, Taubmans, and Wattyl.

The painting services in Sydney NSW is available for residential, commercial, and industrial property. Visit HIREtrades now to find the skilled painter right for your job!

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