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House Painters Sydney, NSW

House Painters Sydney, NSW

    Does your household or office in any need of professional painting services? Do you feel like your house needs a new colour? Is your wall starting to peel off? Painting might sound like a simple task that can be accomplished in DIY, but most people don’t know is how intricate and complex this job can be.

    Don’t risk of damaging your homes or offices, and the find the best painters Sydney, NSW to do the job for you!

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    When Do You Need to Hire a Professional Painter

    Home painting is one of those household projects that most homeowners often delay. It isn’t plumbing where your pipes need to be fixed right away; it’s not cleaning where your windows and carpets need to be regularly taken care of.

    Given that a painting job won’t necessarily affect the functionality of your household is one of the reasons why this is often postponed.

    However, hiring a professional painter to do the job for you means this task will be immediately out of your way, and you will have no reasons to delay it any further.

    And it isn’t usually until the job is done that you realize how badly you're painting needs are. To help you decide when to hire a professional painter, here are some of the signs you have to pay attention to:

    Peeling Paint from Your Walls

    Most people don’t realize it, but house painting is one of the best ways to maintain the structure and integrity of your home. It doesn’t only act as aesthetics, but it also serves as a protection.

    That being said, peeling paint from your walls is the first sign of your house’s deterioration. Don’t wait any further and hire the best residential painter to do the job for you!

    Professionals use the best interior paint, which doesn’t flake as easily as less expensive options. In choosing the best quality paint, it’s safe to say that you will definitely get what you pay for.

    Homes that experience high humidity will most likely experience peeling paint. Consult your local painting company to see what’s best for your interiors.

    Scuffed Walls

    Scuffed walls are just in the same neighbourhood as peeling paint. This usually occurs to rooms that are often occupied in the house, such as the living room. Hallways are also vulnerable to scuff marks too.

    There is nothing worse than having guests in your house with your walls either peeling or scuffed. It’s all about presentation. The difference of having scuffed walls and freshly painted walls is night and day.

    It exudes a more positive atmosphere, and is more presentable to house guests.

    You Simply Don’t Like the Colour

    Colours set the mood, which is why it is important for your house to be visually pleasing to you. Your house is your sanctuary, and choosing the right colour is important if you want to set the atmosphere right.

    We spend a lot of time inside our homes; don’t we want to see the colour that we want? This usually applies to residents who just moved into a new home with previous owners.

    Assigning a colour to their walls is a mark of identity. Make your house your own character. Paint it according to what pleases you. Discuss to your local painter the look you’re going for.

    They also have a good eye in interior design. They can definitely help you in choosing the right colour for your house.

    What do Professional Painters in Sydney Provide?

    Most painters in Sydney, NSW provide a wide range of services. It all depends on your needs. Whether it’s for commercial, residential or industrial spaces, it is important to be aware of the different kinds of services that they provide.

    Below are the different types of painting services that painter offer:

    Residential Painting Services

    Residential paint services are most commonly availed by homeowners. So, if you’re a resident and in need of a new paint job for your home, then finding the best residential painter is key.

    Residential or house painters in Sydney services don’t just include painting in itself. House painters are also capable of decorating services for your home.

    These include creating an accent wall, signwriting, and finishing or refinishing walls and furniture. Colour consultation is another service that is included.

    Moreover, they are also responsible for the preparations done before painting, which include scraping, sanding, removal of wallpapers, filling in nail holes, stain removal, and others.

    Commercial Painting Services

    The services that residential and commercial painter provide are very much similar. The only difference is the kind of property that they work in.

    Residential or house painters strictly work in residences and homes, while commercial painters take on large-scale jobs that include apartment buildings, stores, restaurants, offices, among others.

    Painting Commercially is much larger than that of residential painting. To name a couple, their standard services include the following:

    • Painting and pre-painting
    • Epoxy flooring
    • Faux finishing
    • Sandblasting

    If you are a business owner and in need of painting services, DIY paint jobs won’t do. You will need a professional painter to take care of your needs.

    Painting is more than just for aesthetics; it creates a workplace impression to your clients. You will need a professional painter for your office space to look professional.

    Industrial Painting Services

    Industrial painting services are usually availed in construction, manufacturing, industrial, and automotive industries.

    Any types of painting services done to machineries like automobiles, boats, and aircrafts are also provided by industrial painter.

    They are usually hired by businesses where their workplace is exposed to extremely hot temperatures, such manufacturing.

    In order to avoid any accidents in exposing the paint to hazardous conditions, let industrial painter do the job for you.

    Since industrial painting involves operating large machineries, make sure to hire someone who is physically fit and has high stamina.

    Industrial painting jobs are more complex than house painting or commercial painting. Be sure to find the best industrial painter to take care of your needs.

    Advanced Painting Contractors

    From their title, advanced painting contractors go beyond the basic by providing more comprehensive painting services. Most advanced painting contractors offer an all-in service the includes the following:

    • Interior and exterior painting
    • Timber stains
    • Roof painting
    • Epoxy coating
    • Repainting
    • Sandblasting & chemical stripping
    • Lead paint removal
    • Specialty finishes
    • Texture coating
    • Pressure washing
    • Staining
    • Colour consulting
    • Colour matching

    Advanced painting contractors use the highest quality paints, materials and advanced techniques in brush, roller and spray-painting to deliver the best results.

    Even though this service might be more expensive compared to the others, the opportunity cost of having a complete, high quality and thorough painting service for your residential or commercial space is worth every penny.

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    Qualifications to Look for in Hiring Sydney House Painters

    When hiring a painting services Sydney, look for the best and don’t settle for any less. The skills and competence of the painter you hire will largely affect the end results of your paint job. Below are some of the qualifications you need to be aware of before hiring a painter:

    Aesthetic Sense

    Even though painting is a technical job, it is also an artistic job that requires visual style and an eye for design. Remember that the very first step of a painting service is the colour consultation -- a painter should know what visually works.

    It is a big plus if the painter has a background in fine arts and/or interior design and even better if he has a good attention to detail. Most of the time, clients would rely on the painter for judgment calls and decision making.

    Not all clients have an artistic eye, so some will be fully dependent on the knowledge of the painter. A good painter will treat paint jobs as a work of art, and not just a technical job.

    A painter should also pair their aesthetic sense with strong attention to detail. They have to be meticulous, and that meticulousness will allow them to see the overall picture of the project – from the details of the walls, doorframes, wardrobes, etc. -- every detail has to complement each other. Every colour has to make sense.

    Excellent Communication Skills

    The biggest problem one might face if they don’t hire the right painter for the job is poor communication skills. Regardless if it’s a simple house painting, or large-scale projects like commercial or industrial, a painter’s communication skill is key.

    Basically, a good painter will be able to understand your vision. Moreover, they will be able to address their judgment properly. If you’re seeking an advise for your property’s colour scheme, and which paint should you use, a good painter should be able to explain all the whys.

    If you are hiring from a painting company, communication is also crucial. You have to make sure that the company is responsive to all of your inquiries. Are they responding to your e-mails?

    Are they pro-active with all the information you need? Are they showing signs that they are fully capable of handling your project?

    If you aren’t satisfied with the way they communicate, it is best to find somebody else for the job. Communication is the basic foundation of this project.

    Poor communication from the very start will most likely lead to poor product results.

    A Good Reputation

    A painter with a good reputation is ultimately who you want. Take the opportunity to research on the internet, read reviews and user comments on painting companies.

    Furthermore, you may ask for recommendations from your friends, relatives, and colleagues. A painter with a good reputation is proof of the many clients and different projects handled.

    That will assure you that the service you will receive is top notch. If needed, you may also request for your painter’s portfolio and see their past works.

    This will give you an idea on how they work, what their style is and if it fits your needs. Keep these qualities in mind in hiring a painter. This will guide you in assessing who your project should be assigned to.

    How Much Do Sydney Painters Cost?

    In hiring a painter, having a written price quote is important for you to manage your costs. With the materials needed, and the cost of labour, it’s a necessity to have a budget plan for you not to break the bank.

    Sydney Painting may cost differently, depending on the services they will provide. Discuss your situation to your local painter, and request for a price quote.

    Interior House Painting | LOW-MID

    The average cost of interior painting in Sydney is relatively between low and average, depending on your property’s size per square metre, including the ceiling. It also depends on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry.

    It also depends if you opt to use single or multiple colours, with minimal prep and trim work. Availing a multi-colour interior painting will cost you more, because of additional paints to be bought, and the added difficulty of the project.

    Special finishes such as wallpapers will also be a determiner on your overall cost.

    Exterior Painting | MID-HIGH

    Exterior painting may not be as intricate compared to interior house painting, but it’s a much more intensive labour since it deals with the entire framework of your house.

    It will also depend on the size of your house, as they charge homeowners at a per square metre rate. Moreover, the number of storeys of your house will definitely be a big factor as well.

    The prep work and exterior painting of previously painted surfaces will also be taken into consideration in the overall cost.

    Roof Painting | MID

    The cost of roof painting is relatively average. Of course, it depends on the size of the roof and how much labour is needed.

    Moreover, the existing condition of your roof is also a big factor in determining the final cost. If the roof has incurred damage, roof repairs will be needed before proceeding to the actual painting.

    Despite the probable high expenses, always remember that the quality of paint and labour will definitely give you your money back.

    The longevity of house paint falls down on how skilled the painters are. Always trust the professionals to avoid peeling and scuffed walls in your house.

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    How Can HIREtrades Help You Find the Best Sydney Painter?

    As Australia’s most trusted trades provider, HIREtrades will give you access to the most skilled and reputable painters to do the job for you.

    If you need someone to take care of your commercial, residential, or industrial painting needs, HIREtrades can give you a hand. As we highly recommend the right service provider for you.

    Below are some of the ways we can help you in hiring a professional painter, we highly recommend to take note of each:

    • We Give You Access to find the Top Local Painters & House Painters Sydney 

      If you’re having difficulties in finding the best painter Sydney, no need to worry! HIREtrades got it covered. With an easy browse feature, you simply just need to go to our website, enter the service you want to avail, indicate your location, and in seconds, you will be led to the top painting companies Sydney!

      Our Trades Directory will make your search easy, as the information of every top painting company Sydney is readily available. You no longer need to worry about the hassle of finding the suitable tradie for you, as HIREtrades already has a list of those who we recommend that best suits your needs!

      Each company contains all the services they provide, as well as user ratings. This guarantees that we only recommend reputable tradies, ensuring you quality work at reasonable prices.

    • We Offer Price Quotes 

      In HIREtrades, we always put your financial management and expenses on top of our priority. We make sure that the service we recommend is within your budget range.

      Which is why we also give you the opportunity to get price quotes from our tradies, we highly recommend to post a job for your painting work.

      All you need to do is go to our website, enter the service you need, indicate the type of job (residential or commercial), describe the problem that needs solution (pictures are highly recommend), and HIREtrades will immediately get back to you via mobile, e-mail or web with the price quote.

    • We Give You Access to Different Kinds of Painting Services in Sydney 

      If you’re still unsure as to what kind of services you need to avail, HIREtrades will give you an overview on the different kinds of painting Sydney services. In our website, you will be able to see and learn all this.

      Your peace of mind is what we are after. Having the knowledge of the different kinds of painting services will enlighten you on which painting company to contact, and will give you an idea on the rates you need for your budget planning.

    • You Can Hire Painters at the Tip of Your Fingertips! 

      If you work professionally and just don’t have the time to go to your computer and browse, no need to worry!

      HIREtrades has developed an app that you can download for your painting job/work! Start navigating the different Sydney Painters and companies, literally at your fingertips! With the HIREtrades app, you can stay updated, chat on the go, request for assistance anytime and anywhere, and attach files directly from your mobile phone.

    HIREtrades is all about customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Your convenience is our utmost priority. The HIREtrades app is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play! You can contact us through our website as well.

    Painters in Sydney - Working in the Interior or Exterior Paint Market


    Painting a house, whether it is an interior or exterior, is an important investment. You need to ensure that the work you do is of the best quality. Ensure you look for suitably qualified professionals. Some tips include using of the right colours in painting.

    It is generally advisable that you avoid using extremely bright colours and stick to more neutral and natural colours.

    Paints used are determined by the style of the house you wish to paint. There are a number of different colours available in different shades.

    These different shades are often called tones because they come in different colours that can add a whole lot of variety to your painted exterior or interior. It is important that you take the time to find out what tones will suit your style.

    The main problem with fashionable tones is that they can become old and dated very quickly. So if you need to replace a particular tone, it may be better to go for one that is timeless.

    If you are planning to do interior painting then you may want to use bold colours as you can create a wonderful feel and also make the room look bigger. This is especially the case when you have windows or double paned doors.

    When choosing colours for the walls, you should look at your budget. You need to think about how much money you have to spend. However, there are cheaper methods or paints that will still create a beautiful effect.

    Painting a home or commercial building, whether it is an interior or exterior one, is not something that should be undertaken without the proper credentials and equipment.

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    Residential Painting in Sydney

    There are many residential painters in Sydney. Residential painters and paint contractors have their own official license to work as a residential painter in Sydney. There are guidelines for who can apply for the job and no registration criteria.

    Each house painter in Sydney must work under their own permit, if they are working on a residential project. You would have to look at the official license of each house painter to ensure they are registered.

    While looking for a house painter in Sydney, you should keep in mind that the best painting professionals will be registered. They would also have the most experience and and possess the right equipment for the task at hand.

    Do not consider a house painter in Sydney without appropriately credentialed registration. You should be looking for a painter who has been painting houses for longer than 2 years.

    Also, there is a better chance of finding a residential painter if they are very punctual. You will want a residential painter in Sydney that is punctual and provide his services in good time. HIREtrades can asssit you to get up to three free quotes from local contractors.

    Commercial Painting in Sydney

    The best commercial painting in Sydney will generally be offered by experienced custom-painting teams.

    They offer a wide range of services, whether you need commercial painting for a large business or small ones, interior and exterior painting services that will help to create a new-look to any space in your business that you are wanting to improve.

    They specialize in all aspects of painting. Whether you need office painting or residential painting, business painting or institutional painting, commercial painters in Sydney will take care of it for you.

    Whether you need primer or paint and just need your interior painted, or you need a total overhaul of all areas, be it commercial or residential, the Sydney experienced painting crew can do it.

    Whether you need a complete overhaul of large buildings or just a full office overhaul, exterior painting is something that will improve the quality of your workplace.

    Large commercial paint schemes can increase the look of the building and make it more inviting for passersby, inviting their further business.

    While interior painting can have the same effect on a place, with a great paint scheme, the interior of the building will look inviting. 

    Both painting jobs can be given to the Sydney painting crews to increase the aesthetic appeal of the existing building as well as turning a bland building into an inviting place to visit.

    Interior painting of large buildings can also be used to improve the vibe of the working environment, making it more pleasant for employees and customers alike.

    By choosing the right paint scheme, the interior of the building can be made attractive and inviting for people to spend time in.

    The Sydney custom-painting crews can provide you with an exterior painting scheme and interior painting scheme that will provide a comfortable work environment for you and your staff.

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    Sydney Painting Services FAQ

    What colours make a room feel relaxing?

    Relaxing Paint Colours: White and Green - These two painting colour choices are the ultimate in relaxation and are sure to make you feel happy and at peace in your home. If you want to create a tranquil environment and bring a touch of nature into your home, you can achieve this by painting your walls in these two soothing colours.

    Should you paint the ceiling first or the walls?

    First paint the ceiling then the walls. Painting the ceiling is recommended so that as gravity takes force the paint may drip down on to the walls. Wall painting should then follow with special attention when you trim the joint between the wall painting and ceiling. If you are thinking about painting the wall of your house, but are still unsure as to what you want, then you should always consider the services of a company that has extensive experience in interior and exterior painting.

    What does house painter mean?

    A house painter expert will be across both fields of interior painting and exterior painting. The painting services provided by the house painter can either be residential or commercial, depending on the need and budget. The residential painting services can be of different types and offer a different level of services, depending on the complexity and extent of work required.

    What colours make a room look bigger and brighter?

    The colours for a bigger and brighter room can be tricky to pick out, but there is one colour for each room that should be used to ensure that your new room looks as great as possible. Here are the colours for a bigger and brighter room: pastels, light neutrals, white, and light grey. The colours for a smaller and darker room would be darker colours like dark brown, dark blue, or dark green.

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