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Aldo Agostino Enterprises

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Aldo Agostino Enterprises is located near SYDNEY, NSW offering Painters services and more.


Artin Painting

ABN: 50 272 957 246

Artin Painting is located near SYDNEY, NSW offering Painters services and more.


Up Class Painting Pty.Ltd

ABN: 96 150 684 987

Up Class Painting Pty.Ltd is located near SYDNEY, NSW offering Painters services and more.


Atlantic Painting And Decorating


Atlantic Painting And Decorating is located near SYDNEY, NSW offering Painters services and more.


Shine Painting


Shine Painting is located near SYDNEY, NSW offering Painters services and more.


Alian Painting & Decorating


Alian Painting & Decorating is located near SYDNEY, NSW offering Painters services and more.


Lyons Solution


Lyons Solution is located near SYDNEY, NSW offering Painters services and more.


Chris' Painters


Chris' Painters is located near SYDNEY, NSW offering Painters services and more.


Green Splash - Lawn Spray Painting


Green Splash - Lawn Spray Painting is located near SYDNEY, NSW offering Painters services and more.

Best Painters in Sydney, NSW

Does your household or office in any need of professional painting services? Do you feel like your house needs a new colour? Is your wall starting to peel off? Painting might sound like a simple task that can be accomplished in DIY, but most people don’t know is how intricate and complex this job can be.

Don’t risk of damaging your homes or offices, and the find the best painters in Sydney, NSW to do the job for you!

This article will give you an overview of:

  • When do You Need to Hire a Professional Painter
  • What do Professional Painters in Sydney Can Provide
  • How Much Do Painters Cost in Sydney?


When You Need to Hire a Professional Painter

House painting is one of those household projects that most homeowners often delay. It isn’t plumbing where your pipes need to be fixed right away; it’s not cleaning where your windows and carpets need to be regularly taken care of.

Given that a painting job won’t necessarily affect the functionality of your household is one of the reasons why this is often postponed.  

However, hiring a professional painter to do the job for you means this task will be immediately out of your way, and you will have no reasons to delay it any further.

And it isn’t usually until the job is done that you realize how badly your house needed a painting job. To help you decide when to hire a professional painter, here are some of the signs you have to pay attention to:

Peeling Paint from Your Walls

Most people don’t realize it, but house painting is one of the best ways to maintain the structure and integrity of your home. It doesn’t only act as aesthetics, but it also serves as a protection.

That being said, peeling paint from your walls is the first sign of your house’s deterioration. Don’t wait any further and hire the best residential painters in Sydney to do the job for you!

Professional painters use the best interior paint, which doesn’t flake as easily as less expensive options. In choosing the best quality paint, it’s safe to say that you will definitely get what you pay for.

Homes that experience high humidity will most likely experience peeling paint. Consult your local painting company to see what’s best for your interiors.

Scuffed Walls

Scuffed walls are just in the same neighbourhood as peeling paint. This usually occurs to rooms that are often occupied in the house, such as the living room. Hallways are also vulnerable to scuff marks too. 

There is nothing worse than having guests in your house with your walls either peeling or scuffed. It’s all about presentation. The difference of having scuffed walls and freshly painted walls is night and day.

It exudes a more positive atmosphere, and is more presentable to house guests.

You Simply Don’t Like the Colour

Colours set the mood, which is why it is important for your house to be visually pleasing to you. Your house is your sanctuary, and choosing the right colour is important if you want to set the atmosphere right.

We spend a lot of time inside our homes; don’t we want to see the colour that we want? This usually applies to residents who just moved into a new home with previous owners.

Assigning a colour to their walls is a mark of identity. Make your house your own character. Paint it according to what pleases you.  Discuss to your local painters in Sydney the look you’re going for.

Professional painters also have a good eye in interior design. They can definitely help you in choosing the right colour for your house.


What do Professional Painters in Sydney Provide?

Most painters in Sydney, NSW provide a wide range of services. It all depends on your needs. Whether it’s for commercial, residential or industrial spaces, it is important to be aware of the different kinds of services that they provide.

Below are the different types of painting services that Sydney painters offer:

Residential Painting Services

Residential painting services are most commonly availed by homeowners in Sydney, NSW. So, if you’re a resident in Sydney and in need of a new paint job for your home, then finding the best residential painter is key.

Residential painting services don’t just include painting in itself. House painters are also capable of decorating services for your home.

These include creating an accent wall, sign writing, and finishing or refinishing walls and furniture. Colour consultation is another service that residential painting includes.

Moreover, they are also responsible for the preparations done before painting, which include scraping, sanding, removal of wallpapers, filling in nail holes, stain removal, and others.

Commercial Painting Services

The services that residential and commercial painters provide are very much similar. The only difference is the kind of property that they work in.

Residential painters or house painters strictly work in residences and homes, while commercial painters take on large-scale jobs that include apartment buildings, stores, restaurants, offices, among others. 

Commercial painting is much larger than that of residential painting. To name a couple, their standard services include the following:

  • Painting and pre-painting
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Faux finishing
  • Sandblasting

If you are a business owner in Sydney and in need of painting services, DIY paint jobs won’t do. You will need a professional painter to take care of your needs.

Painting is more than just for aesthetics; it creates a workplace impression to your clients. You will need a professional painter for your office space to look professional.

Industrial Painting Services

Industrial painting services are usually availed in construction, manufacturing, industrial, and automotive industries.

Any types of painting services done to machineries like automobiles, boats, and aircrafts are also provided by industrial painters. 

Industrial painters are usually hired by businesses where their workplace is exposed to extremely hot temperatures, such manufacturing.

In order to avoid any accidents in exposing the paint to hazardous conditions, let industrial painters do the job for you.

Since industrial painting involves operating large machineries, make sure to hire someone who is physically fit and has high stamina.

Industrial painting jobs are more complex than house painting or commercial painting. Be sure to find the best industrial painter in Sydney to take care of your needs.

Advanced Painting Contractors

From their title, advanced painting contractors go beyond the basic by providing more comprehensive painting services. Most advanced painting contractors in Sydney offer an all-in service the includes the following:

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Timber stains
  • Roof painting
  • Epoxy coating
  • Repainting
  • Sandblasting & chemical stripping
  • Lead paint removal
  • Specialty finishes
  • Texture coating
  • Pressure washing
  • Staining
  • Colour consulting
  • Colour matching

Advanced painting contractors use the highest quality paints, materials and advanced techniques in brush, roller and spray-painting to deliver the best results.

Even though this service might be more expensive compared to the others, the opportunity cost of having a complete and thorough painting service for your residential or commercial space is worth every penny. 

How Much Do Painters Cost in Sydney?

In hiring a painter, having a written price quote is important for you to manage your costs. With the materials needed, and the cost of labour, it’s a necessity to have a budget plan for you not to break the bank.

Professional painters in Sydney charge differently, depending on the services they will provide. Discuss your situation to your local painter, and request for a price quote.

Interior House Painting | LOW-MID

The average cost of interior painting in Sydney is relatively between low and average, depending on your property’s size per square metre, including the ceiling. It also depends on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry. 

It also depends if you opt to use single or multiple colours, with minimal prep and trim work. Availing a multi-colour interior painting will cost you more, because of additional paints to be bought, and the added difficulty of the project.

Special finishes such as wallpapers will also be a determiner on your overall cost.

Exterior House Painting | MID-HIGH

Exterior house painting may not be as intricate compared to interior house painting, but it’s a much more intensive labour since it deals with the entire framework of your house.

It will also depend on the size of your house, as painters charge homeowners at a per square metre rate.  Moreover, the number of storeys of your house will definitely be a big factor as well.

The prep work and painting of previously painted surfaces will also be taken into consideration in the overall cost.

Roof Painting | MID

The cost of roof painting in Sydney is relatively average. Of course, it depends on the size of the roof and how much labour is needed.

Moreover, the existing condition of your roof is also a big factor in determining the final cost. If the roof has incurred damage, roof repairs will be needed before proceeding to the actual painting. 

Despite the probable high expenses, always remember that the quality of paint and labour will definitely give you your money back.

The longevity of house paint falls down on how skilled the painters are. Always trust the professionals to avoid peeling and scuffed walls in your house.

HIREtrades is all about customer satisfaction. Your convenience is our utmost priority. The HIREtrades app is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play!

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