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Having the best paint finishes is the the ideal way to decorate and protect all kinds of surfaces. In order to achieve a high quality result, plan ahead on what order that is needed to take for the interior project before embarking. Prepare the surface, pick the right tools and choose the ideal application techniques. Applying the right base coats is a critical technique for a paint finish to last and look best.

There are two choices available to select, and for interiors, their combination is usually a good option such as:

  • Primer. It protects the material underneath and provides a great foundation for further coatings. Available are the oil-based (preferred by traditionalist on exterior woodwork) or water-based. It depends on where it will be applied. Plaster and masonry are primed with what is called “mist coat,” latex diluted with 10% water. Other surfaces such as tiles or melamine require special primers that can be over painted with normal paints.

  • First coat. This is a specially formulated paint to enhance opacity beneath a finish coating that could be applied twice as required. For outdoor use, there are specialised coats to withstand the outside elements. In terms of colours, use the same shades with that of the finishes. Do not apply a dark colour before a pale one and vice-versa.

Paint Finishing Services

Considering an expert to do top paint finishing service is very practical. Here are the common types:

  • Flat or matte. This is a latex-based and versatile type that is often used for ceilings and walls. It has the least shine and is the best option to hide imperfections like bumps or cracks. It is harder to clean which is the reason why it is not advisable to be applied on traffic areas such as kitchen and bathroom. Some formulations may contain vinyl to make it harder.

  • Eggshell. It is more durable and has more lustre than matt. Sometimes, it is referred to as satin and is a good alternative for semi-gloss. It would be perfect for wall surfaces because it can be easily cleaned. It is usually used in kitchens, bathrooms, and kids’ rooms also because it can resist stains. That is why it is also ideal for siding materials to prevent moisture.

  • Gloss. It has the most durability and is shiniest of all finishes. This is great both on wooden and metal surfaces and is suitable for interior as well as exterior application. However, it is too shiny for indoor walls and shows every bump or roll, so it requires a high prep work. Glosses are usually applied only once and are available in latex-based and solvent-based paints. They are perfect for the area which is prone to touch such as cabinets, window trims and doors.

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