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Beautifying an area is one of the usual things every homeowner desires to make it pleasing not only to residents but also to guests. Professional spray painters excellently do the process of applying paint by a gun that uses compressed air or aerosol gas that resulted in a fine and even application. 

It is the best option for a project that covers a large area and needs to be completed quickly. It is a much faster method than using brushes or rollers. But it should be used on outside surfaces because it can drift when applied. 

It can be on exterior walls, sheds, garages, fences, furniture, and so on. It can achieve a full and beautiful finish utilising a smaller amount than other techniques. This medium of coating paints is gaining more popularity now, especially, in all suburbs of Australia. 

Having do-it-yourself approach or letting professional do the job requires fundamental rules to follow in accomplishing this task.

Spray Painting Services

Engaging top spray painting services definitely will add value to your property. Here are vital tips to consider:

  • Climate consideration. The weather has a big role in this application. Do not conduct it when it’s too hot or humid. It can dry up the paint before it reaches the surface and can create an orange peel effect. The required temperature is between 18 to 25 degrees Celsius to have a smooth outcome.

  • Correct preparation. This is critical in affecting the entire painting result. It usually takes the longest time to prepare for all kinds of surfaces. Any debris and dust must be removed by thorough sanding, peeling, washing and drying. One tiny piece of scratch that is overlooked will attract the most attention on any spray-painted item, especially, a resurfaced car.

  • First coat. If there is a primer coated in prior, then wait for at least 24 hours before applying this. It has to be applied with extra care to avoid either under or over spraying. Use steady and even strokes and slowly spray from side-to-side while holding the nozzle 25 to 30 centimetres away from the object.

  • Recoat carefully. Be patient to apply a subsequent coating to prevent build-up of paints. This can lead to cracks or wrinkles. Have at least a 20-minute interval with a light sanding between coats to cover a smoother and peel-free surface.

  • Always clean the nozzles. Cleaning them before any recoating is necessary. They can get clogged during each application. By having it cleaned, spluttering and spitting out blobs of paint can be prevented. If planning to use a can, shake it every now and then to have a nice soft mist and an even colour.

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