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    Painters in Perth, WA

    Are you in search for the best residential or commercial painters in Perth? Does your household or office in any need of professional painting services?  Painting might sound like a simple task that can be accomplished in DIY, but most people don’t know how intricate and complex this job can be.

    Don’t risk damaging your homes or offices, and find the best painters in Perth, Western Australia to do the job for you! This article will give you an overview of:

    • Different Types of Painters
    • Different Types of Painting Services
    • Factors that may Affect the Cost of your Painting Job
    • Qualifications to Look for in Hiring a Painter in Perth
    • 7 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Painter


    Different Types of Painters in Perth

    Different types of painters are available in Perth, Western Australia. It is important to know which type you should contact in case you need a painting job. Their services vary, whether you request it from your home, office or large-scale infrastructures. 

    Here are some of the types of painters you might encounter in Perth:

    Residential Painters

    As their title suggests, residential painters offer paint services for your household. Also known as house painters, these are painters who typically work in small-scale jobs.

    So, if you’re a resident in Perth and in need of a new paint job for your home, then finding the best residential painter is key.

    It is also worth remembering that residential painting companies in Western Australia usually consist of very few employees, and self-employed owners handpick their painters in accordance to competence and skills – a few good men, as they call it.

    That being said, hiring residential painters in Perth will give you assurance the service they will provide is top-notch. Moreover, residential painters work on regular workday hours from Monday to Friday, so it is important to call in advance to avail their services.

    House painters don’t only paint, but they are also capable of decorating services for your home. These include creating an accent wall, signwriting, and finishing or refinishing walls and furniture.

    Moreover, they are also responsible for the preparations done before painting, which include scraping, sanding, removal of wallpapers, filling in nail holes, stain removal, and others.

    Commercial Painters

    The services that residential and commercial painters provide are very much similar. The only difference is the kind of property that they work in.

    Residential painters or house painters strictly work in residences and homes, while commercial painters take on large-scale jobs that include apartment buildings, stores, restaurants, offices, among others. 

    Unlike residential painters, commercial painters in Western Australia usually work in big companies. These companies have a bigger number of employees, which means more painters can accommodate to your needs immediately.

    This means scheduling a commercial painting job is easier than scheduling house painting.

    The range of services that commercial painting contractors provide is much larger than that of residential painters. Other than the standard painting and pre-painting job, their services include epoxy flooring, faux finishing, sandblasting, among others.

    If you are a business owner in Perth and in need of painting services, DIY paint jobs won’t do. You will need a professional to take care of your needs. Painting is more than just for aesthetics; it creates a workplace impression to your clients.

    You will need a professional painter for your office space to look professional.

    Industrial Painters

    An industrial painter specialises painting in construction, manufacturing, industrial, and automotive industries. Any types of painting services done to machineries like automobiles, boats, and aircrafts are also provided by industrial painters. 

    If you are business owner in Perth and in need of a paint job, the services provided by commercial painters and industrial painters tend to share a gray area. It is important to know who you need to contact in different situations.

    The golden rule is, if you are working in a customer service type of business where clients will be spending time in your business area, then that turf belongs to commercial painters.

    Industrial painters usually handle tasks where business that are ran in places the walls are exposed to extremely hot temperatures, such manufacturing. In order to avoid any accidents in exposing the paint to hazardous conditions, let industrial painters do the job for you.

    Since industrial painting involves operating large machineries, make sure to hire someone who is physically fit and has high stamina. Industrial painting jobs are more complex than house painting or commercial painting. Be sure to find the best industrial painter in Perth to take care of your needs.


    Different Types of Painting Services


    Most Perth Painters provide a wide range of services. It all depends on your needs. Whether it’s for commercial, residential or industrial spaces, it is important to be aware of the different kinds of services that they provide.

    Below are the different types of painting services that Perth painters offer:

    Colour Consultation

    It all starts with the aesthetics you’re going for. What mood are you trying to set? What kind of look is your property trying to project? Colour consultation is a crucial step, as this is the start of the entire planning process. 

    Moreover, the colour scheme planning is a collaborative process. You may have your own idea or opinion, but the experts on interior design know what works overall. Communicate with your painting contractor, seek for advise, and make sure that you’ll be happy with the final decision.

    Special Finishes

    After choosing the colour scheme, it is important to decide which finish you should use. In order to achieve high quality results, planning ahead on what finish is right for your paint job is critical. Professional painters in Perth will be able to assist you on this one. Three great choices that they will provide: 

    • Flat/matte - This is commonly used in walls and rooftops. It has the least amount of shine, which will cover up imperfections such as cracks and bumps.
    • Egg shell – This finish is usually used in kitchens, bathrooms and kids’ rooms because it is easily cleaned, and strongly resists stain.
    • Gloss – It is the shiniest and most durable among all finishes. This is also very versatile, as it is good in either wood or metal, or can be used either indoors or outdoors. 

    Make sure to discuss this with your painter on what is the better option.

    Decks and Fences

    Outdoor painting for decks and fence is also a very common service that Perth painters provide. Not only having your fences painted adds life and colour, but it also serves as a safeguard to the material.

    The great importance of coating and painting your fences is to serve as a protection from hazardous elements that could damage them, especially wood. This is a service that painters very often perform.

    Moreover, this will lessen the risks of insect invasion that could rot the material.  Hiring a painter for your decks and fences will prevent you from any costs of potential damage and maintenance.

    Roof Services

    Roof is the first point of contact from all external elements, such as rain, heat and sun rays. Not to mention, it also serves as the overall cover of your entire home. Your roof should undergo proper maintenance by inspecting, restoring, and repainting it.

    A great precautionary measure to avoid any damages is to paint and coat your roof. However, you should seek help from a professional painter since this is a dangerous task. Working at a tall height requires one to be physically capable of doing so.  

    Make sure to only let Perth's painting experts do this task.

    Spray Painting

    Spray painting is a rising trend preferred by many business and homeowners because of its fine and even finish. It is the best option for projects that cover a large area, and need to be done urgently.

    So, if you want your paint to be top-notch quality and done quickly, spray painting is the service you should avail. 

    If you’re painting job is done in a commercial area, spray painting will minimise the downtime because of its speed, and will reduce the cost of job because of its efficiency.


    Factors that Affect the Cost of your Painting Project


    In hiring a painter in Perth, you need to understand the factors that will add up to your overall expenses. It is important to manage your budget to avoid stress and any possible problems. 

    There are other factors that determine the cost of hiring painters. Here are some aspects to consider to help you manage your finances:

    The Size of the Project

    How big or how small your project determines the overall cost. The bigger the size of the project, the more painting materials you will need. The size of the project will dictate on how much paint you need. It will also determine how long the labour will be. 

    Most painters in Perth charge at an hourly rate, so the bigger the project is, the longer the hours spent. Interior painting cost less than exterior painting, only because the latter has bigger square metres to cover.

    The Paint 

    Naturally, you will be spending a huge fraction of your costs on the actual paint. Different brands of paint come at different price points. That being said, it is of the utmost importance to know the quality and not just finding the cheapest.

    Always remember that not all cheap purchases are cost-effective. Most of the time, settling to cheap paint ends up in redo, which will double your initial cost.  You may ask your friends, relatives or neighbors for their personal recommendations, especially those who have availed painting services. Furthermore, you may also consult the internet. Be aware of user reviews that customers post online. A little research on the quality of the paint will help you save money.

    Your location

    Painters in Perth are experienced in pricing works in your area. Prices vary depending on travel and other costs. The accessibility of your home or office space will be a great factor.

    Difficult access will incur more labour and this will reflect in increased costs.  The cost of hiring painters is more expensive in Western Australia compared to other states.

    You need to fully allot an ample amount for your painting project. Failing to analyse the overall costs might lead to not finishing the project at all. Make sure you have an endgame in your cost plan.


    Qualifications to Look for in Hiring a Painter in Perth


    When hiring a painter in Perth, look for the best and don’t settle for any less. The skills and competence of the painter you hire will largely affect the end results of your paint job. Below are some of the qualifications you need to be aware of before hiring a painter:

    Aesthetic Sense

    Even though painting is a technical job, it is also an artistic job that requires visual style and an eye for design. Remember that the very first step of a painting service is the colour consultation -- a painter should know what visually works.

    It is a big plus if the painter has a background in fine arts and/or interior design.  Most of the time, clients would rely on the painter for judgment calls and decision making.

    Not all clients have an artistic eye, so some will be fully dependent on the knowledge of the painter. A good painter will treat paint jobs as a work of art, and not just a technical job.

    Painters should also pair their aesthetic sense with strong attention to detail. Painters have to be meticulous, and that meticulousness will allow them to see the overall picture of the project – from the details of the walls, doorframes, wardrobes, etc. -- every detail has to complement each other. Every colour has to make sense.

    Excellent Communication Skills

    The biggest problem one might face if they don’t hire the right painter for the job is poor communication skills. Regardless if it’s a simple house painting, or large-scale projects like commercial or industrial, a painter’s communication skill is key.

    Basically, good painters will be able to understand your vision. Moreover, they will be able to address their judgment properly. If you’re seeking an advise for your property’s colour scheme, and which paint should you use, a good painter should be able to explain all the whys.

    If you are hiring from a painting company, communication is also crucial. You have to make sure that the company is responsive to all of your inquiries. Are they responding to your e-mails?

    Are they pro-active with all the information you need? Are they showing signs that they are fully capable of handling your project? If you aren’t satisfied with the way they communicate, it is best to find somebody else for the job.

    Communication is the basic foundation of this project. Poor communication from the very start will most likely lead to poor product results.

    A Good Reputation

    A painter with a good reputation is ultimately who you want. Take the opportunity to research on the internet, read reviews and user comments on painting companies. Furthermore, you may ask for recommendations from your friends, relatives, and colleagues.

    A painter with a good reputation is proof of the many clients and different projects handled. That will assure you that the service you will receive is top notch.

    If needed, you may also request for your painter’s portfolio and see their past works. This will give you an idea on how they work, what their style is and if it fits your needs. 

    Keep these qualities in mind in hiring the best painters. This will guide you in assessing who your project should be assigned to.


    7 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Painter


    As mentioned above, a good communication with your painting contractor can make a difference in the entirety of your project. Make sure to be on the same page and understand each other’s vision.

    Below are some of the questions you need to ask your painting contractor:

    Do you have proof of insurance?

    In Western Australia, one of the most important insurances that a painter should have is the Public Liability Insurance. Naturally, painters face risks on their daily jobs. Accidents can happen at anytime. This insurance protects both the client and the painter.

    Are they employees or independent contractors?

    In relation to the proof of insurance, employees are generally covered by the company’s insurance. On the other hand, independent contractors should individually be insured.

    Which brand of paint do you recommend?

    Knowing the brand of paint will prepare you to the overall cost of your painting project.

    How long will the project take?

    This is another fundamental question you should ask upfront to have an estimate to your overall cost. However, it is important to provide allowance on possible delays such as weather conditions. Rainfall can delay exterior paint jobs indefinitely.

    Do you have any references or portfolio?

    As mentioned above, it is important to know what their style is and how their skills reflect on the end product. Asking for a portfolio is the best way to assess their skills and capabilities.

    Do you provide a warranty?

    Not all painting companies provide warranty, but it is essential to ask if they do. This will give you an assurance that they are committed to customer satisfaction in the long run, and not just on the present project.

    What’s the painting quote and the estimate?

    Professional painters will provide you with a free quote and not an estimate. A painting quote will protect you from being charged more than the written price. It will help you manage your budget expectations. 

    A paint job can be done easily with DIY, but if you want quality results, skilled professionals with premium materials for this long-term project, you should hire the best painters in Perth.

    HIRETrades can assist you to find the best painter to do the job for you.