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  • Services:: Colour Consulting, Commercial Painting, Exterior, Exterior Timber Maintenance, Fence Painting, Interior, Roof, Special Finishes, Spray Painting

    Services:: Colour Consulting, Commercial Painting, Exterior, Exterior Timber Maintenance, Fence Painting, Interior, Roof, Special Finishes, Spray Painting

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    Services:: Colour Consulting, Commercial Painting, Exterior, Exterior Timber Maintenance, Fence Painting, Interior, Roof, Special Finishes, Spray Painting

    Hire the Right Painting Contractor Near You


    Whether you’re extending your home or making improvements to your property, consider hiring a qualified painting contractor. While DIY enthusiasts can take on residential painting projects, professional service is beneficial in many ways.

    More so when commercial painting is required. Tackling paint jobs on a large retail store or high-rise building entails risks. Professional commercial painters are hired to be licenced and ensure the job is accomplished with the highest degree of safety and workmanship.

    Be it residential or commercial, there are important qualities to check before hiring a local painting contractor. Ask relevant questions when doing your research.

    • Is the painting contractor able to communicate well? Good communication is one of the most important, yet often neglected, qualities of a professional painter. Whether the painting requirement is simple or complex, open communication is necessary.


    You can source feedback from previous clients to know if the paint company provides timely updates about the status of the project. It’s reasonable to request a daily progress sheet for major projects to determine the expected date of completion.

    • Does the painter have strong artistic skills? If you need advice on what colour scheme to use for your interior or exterior painting project, are they able to recommend a combination that complements your property style and personal taste?


    A seasoned painter or painting contractor can assist you in choosing what appropriate paint colours to apply for each room, assuming the job requires a comprehensive process.

    • Does the local painting contractor have good industry standing? To verify the reputation of your prospective painter, you need customer references and online reviews to gain an overview of how credible the tradie is.


    Do most of their works exude high-quality painting? If the majority of testimonials are positive, then you are more likely to hire a reliable painting contractor. Otherwise, you may be putting your finances at risk.

    Request a copy of recent painting projects and ask the actual clients to validate your sources.



    Different Types of Painting Services

    Being a non-structural work, painting can be accomplished without the need to hire a professional. However, to save you time and ensure a high-quality standard of painting, hiring is a practical choice.

    What are the types of services that you can expect from a local painting contractor to manage?


    Colour consultation

    Colour consultations are initially set with an interior designer or a painting contractor when designing your new property.

    If you are moving to a new house or undertaking a major home renovation, you can directly seek aesthetic recommendations from residential painting contractors and they’ll provide you with colour swatches to help you choose what matches your home and preference.

    Special finishes

    Adding special finishes to a freshly painted wall, ceiling or to any construction elements visually improves and protects surfaces against early deterioration. Finishing options such as gloss, matte, marbling and metallic are some examples.

    Choose quality paints and special finishes to achieve the look that you want. Be sure to discuss this with a reliable painting contractor once you have decided what colour scheme to apply to your interiors and exteriors.


    Deck and fence painting

    Timber decks and fences thrive longer when painted and stained. Applying top-quality paints and wood stains can preserve the aesthetics of the structure and keep the surface protected from decay and moisture.

    Exterior painting generally requires the use of highly protective coatings as outdoor surfaces are more exposed to environmental elements. A professional painter can advise or make judgments as to what type of paint to apply.


    Roof painting

    Roof painting is considerably important as roof surfaces are more prone to harsh climate conditions. Only professional painting contractors must perform the job to ensure quality service and your safety.

    With safety harness and access ropes, qualified painters are more adept at and experienced in working at heights.


    Spray painting

    Spray painting your door, staircase or any structural elements around your home is more likely to result in smooth and even surfaces.

    Whether you own a large residential home or high-rise establishment, spray painting speeds up the method of doing and completing the job. Hiring a spray painting contractor may be safer, quicker and more practical especially if the requirement is urgent.


    Factors that Can Affect the Costs of Your Painting Jobs

    Hiring a painter may cost around $65 to $105 per hour including overheads and profit. The service cost will vary based on a number of factors such as the size of the painting project. Other considerations are mentioned below.


    Interior and exterior painting

    Interior and exterior painting services may vary in actual preparation and application procedures. This means that pricing metrics also differ. Interior surfaces can be less difficult to clean up as exterior areas are more susceptible to harsh elements.

    A painting contractor may charge more for exterior painting jobs that require safety equipment such as scaffolding, ladders and access ropes.


    Wall texture

    The texture of your walls has to be factored in when estimating the cost of your painting project. Smooth textured walls are easier to paint than rough surfaces. Extra hours spent on surface preparation and paint application may incur larger costs.


    Paint equipment

    Along with painting supplies, the equipment that your painter will use may affect how much the job will be priced. Paint rollers and brushes are some examples that are commonly used in residential painting projects.

    Commercial painting contractors may charge more when using paint equipment such as pressure washers for clean-up, spray guns and line striping for the actual paint application.


    Your location also influences the painting cost. Ensure that you confirm indicative pricing with a reliable painting contractor before entering into contracts. HIREtrades helps you to obtain up to three free quotes based on your requirements.