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Pergola Construction Services Near You

Pergola Construction Services Near You

A new pergola construction helps to increase the value of your property and improves the lifestyle of house members. It is generally built in the backyard and may be used for leisure and relaxation purposes.

What can homeowners like you benefit from building a pergola?

  • It creates a beautiful garden feature


    A pergola construction creates a focal point in any garden design. It usually provides extra breathing space for house plants such as potted and hanging plant species to grow healthy and beautiful.

    Coupled with green scenery, outdoor pergolas visually attract and evoke a lively mood.

  • It improves your lifestyle


    Outdoor pergolas are a great extension that offers entertainment and more privacy to family members. If you want a different view, you can benefit from simply grabbing a book and a cup of coffee while sitting in a pergola.

    For busy professionals, they can use the additional living space to take time to unwind.

  • It adds protection against the weather


    Pergola extensions usually have roofs installed to protect the house members from climate conditions. The open-sided layout of pergolas may not entirely provide shelter from the sun or rain, but the structure itself keeps family members safer and more secure.

There are other advantages of building a pergola. It pays to hire a pergola builder to assist you with planning and choosing a design that suits your needs and lifestyle.


Different Types of Pergolas

Outdoor pergolas vary in type, layout and structure. If you prefer building a custom pergola, there are pergola construction ideas to refer to for inspiration. Here are different types of pergolas to choose from.

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Steel pergolas

Steel pergolas are durable and rust-resistant compared with other types of materials. They evoke a stylish look that makes the structure more attractive.

Steel pergolas are typically built in commercial spaces including restaurants, malls and resorts as they exude a more sophisticated appeal.  This type usually makes use of a single flat roof.

Pitched pergolas

Pitched pergolas are opposite to pergola construction projects with flat roofs. Also, they are combined with lattices that form the roof style and contributes to the overall design.

This type of pergola is typically attached to the house or a wall. Building a pitched pergola enables a normal water runoff that protects the structure from early damage. The structure is often coupled with a roof gutter.

Gabled pergolas

Gabled pergolas are known for their triangular-shaped roofs. You can choose between an attached and freestanding pergola depending on your preference. The roof structure also features ridges, which make it more attractive.

Like with pitched outdoor pergolas, this type of pergola construction allows rainwater to pass through the downpipes, allowing good water drainage.

Open-top pergolas

Open-top pergolas create a more outdoor vibe than other types. They are pergola extensions with no roof cladding installed. Open-top pergolas are usually coupled with intersecting joists and panels, allowing plenty of natural light to pass through the clear roof.

Solar power pergolas

Solar power pergolas are most effective in strong sunlight areas, which is pretty much most of Australia. Installing solar panels instead of a roof helps to convert sunlight to produce energy. Consider your location before investing in this type. Additioanlly your solar supplier should be able to calculate your electricity savings and give an estimated payback period for this capital expense.

Consult pergola construction contractors and ask for recommendations to determine what type will fit the property requirements. Seek council approval prior to commencing work.

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Things That Impact the Cost of Your Pergola Construction Jobs

There are a number of factors to consider when estimating the cost of building a pergola. Consider the aspects below before hiring a contractor.

1. Materials

The materials that you use affect how much your pergola construction will cost. Pergola extensions can be made from steel, aluminium or wood.

Whether you prefer timber over metal or aluminium over wood, it will considerably influence the overall price of the project.

If you choose timber, you need to consider what type of wood will match the aesthetic and functional needs of your outdoor pergola. Redwood tends to be more expensive than pressure-treated pine. In this case, expect to pay more for your choice of materials.

2. Type of construction

The type of pergola construction that you prefer may have an implication on the project cost. A freestanding pergola might cost more as the process requires up to four pillars to be built.

Likewise, most pergolas have no enclosures, but if you’re looking at adding walls to the structure for optimum protection against external conditions, then the project might be costlier than a usual open-sided pergola.

3. Style of roof

The shape and style of your roof can have an impact on pricing. If you want a pitched roof with solar panels installed for your outdoor pergola, it may attract increased costs.

A flat-shaped roof may be easy to build and incur lower fees. Consult a professional pergola builder to confirm how much the roof structure varies in cost.

4. Preparation work

The amount of preparation necessary to build a pergola can affect how much the contractor will price the job. Excavation work is usually required to level the area and install concrete footings to ensure a solid foundation.

Calling out a plumber to assess the target location and dig up the ground may also increase the cost of pergola construction.

5. Labour

The contractor’s labour has to be factored in when determining the cost of building a pergola. Ensure that you clarify how much a local builder charges per hour as professional fees vary from state to state.

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