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ant pest control

Outside in their natural habitat, ants are very useful insects serving important functions. They do aerate the soil and clean the environment. But in most cases, they are considered to be a problem in your home. Controlling them used to be difficult but it became easier now because of effective methods and strategies of ant pest control services . The majority of the species are not all vermin and only few native and introduced species are causing problems.

They make their nests in places where there are already decaying wood such as roof voids, wall cavities, and around door or window frames. With their nesting habits, they always leave piles of gritty matter. Actually, they do not pose serious concern until they make their way into your pantries or inside food containers. These pests are usually categorised in two ways: colour and size (small black or brown), and by food preference (protein food or sugar eaters).

The very first thing of controlling them is by correctly identifying colony located around your house before using any baits. In the old days, the controllers simply apply insecticides without really locating the nests. This approach is ineffective because they only eliminate ant workers but leave the larvae or pupae unharmed. They will later emerge as adults as the reason why they keep on resurfacing again. Therefore, a thorough inspection for potential habitats is the best way to start with. If you can find the nest, then your job will be easier as you can directly deal with it. If not, then using other methods will be helpful.

Ant Pest Control Experts

Baiting and spraying may take longer but will be effective if done properly by ant pest control experts . Baits are available as solids, viscous gels and liquids. Before using any of them, it is imperative to identify first the colony species you have to deal with. The following are the basic rules for applying them:

  • Bait must be consumed within 1-2 days and ants should die within the application period or the day after.

  • Try to look for their trails to avoid placing it in a wrong place.

  • Choose the correct formulation since some of these insects prefer sweets while others want protein foods. It is often advised that to achieve best results, sprays are necessary if baiting is proven not enough. Here is a guide for applying insecticides correctly:

  • Non-repellent formulations are more superior rather than repellent ones.

  • Spray onto the base of walls, doors, fences and garden beds. Insecticide should be reapplied if it has rained.

  • Insecticidal dust has to be applied to roof voids.