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Bee Removal Services

 bee removal

Bees are pollinators and are essential part of the agricultural ecosystem. But you don’t want them buzzing around your home or family. Trees, wall cavities and openings in a building are their common nesting places. Swarming behaviour when they seek a new site for a hive is the most dangerous period. It is during this time when you might get stung.

Stings can cause different reactions from pain and swelling to a more severe allergic case. The task is a great challenge to handle only by you and it depends on several factors. The first step is identifying which type of bee is present. The three most common types seen around a house are the carpenter, bumble, or honey bees.

Getting rid of one kind is not the same as the others. Swarms can be nullified by our pest control technicians who can either eradicate or relocate them. They can employ different methods to deal with the insects. For effective methods, it is recommended to engage professional bee removal services .

Professional processes involved:

  • Site visit: they will carry out a survey to see the hives and to know if there are more around.
  • Risk assessment: they will assess what potential risks it can cause once disturbed.
  • Relocation or eradication: they will determine if the hive can be relocated to prevent destruction. If not, they will look at the possibility of carrying out insecticidal spray to eradicate it.

Bee Removal Service Experts

In relocating bees, the technicians or bee keepers will wear relevant protective gears before exposing the nest. They will then gently lift it with the queen away from the nesting site. It will be placed into a suitable container where the insects will be allowed to settle. After which it will be removed and brought to their new home somewhere away and safe.

If this scenario is not possible because of inaccessibility or immediate health and safety risk, the last resort is to use a chemical dust. Few days later, the entrance holes will be blocked off to prevent contaminating other wanted hives. Aside from knowing whether the bees will be exterminated or relocated, our pest controllers will remove any honeycomb to avoid attracting new swarms and other pests, or a sticky mess to seep through walls.

With a vast range of trusted companies, it is now very easy and convenient to look for professional bee removal service experts .

Few important guidelines to follow:

  • Do not attempt to get rid of them yourself if you do not have any experience and skills to do so

  • Keep your children and pet indoors

  • If possible, limit the amount of standing water on your property as they’re dependent on it

  • Do some repairs of cavities and fill in holes to restrict potential nesting sites.