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Why would you need a pest control Brisbane to deal with pest infestations if DIY solutions are there to help you? Well, the answer is clear. You can’t do it alone.

If you’ve been using pesticides for a long time and pest problems keep coming back, a thorough house inspection might help to determine the cause.

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Why Pest Inspection Is Important

Pest Inspection

One reason why pests make their home in your property is that it lacks a serious pest inspection.

If you suspect rodents, cockroaches or spiders emerging at your home or business place, consider hiring a licensed pest technician.

Brisbane pest control specialists usually inspect:

  • Damp areas (laundries and bathrooms)
  • Possible entry points of pests in and outside the house (cracks, crevices and holes)
  • Lawns, garages and carports
  • Timber structures (walls, floors and fences)
  • Roofing system

Your local pest control expert in Brisbane will comprehensively check signs of pest activities such as termite infestation. When hiring, they should:

  • Check every corner including the hard-to-reach, rarely disturbed areas to check for presence of pests and their emergence.
  • Ensure that they use advanced detection instruments. Some equipment may include borescopes, moisture metres and other thermal imaging devices that help detect moisture in property and movement within timbers.
  • Explain any pest management plan they are planning to implement including what pesticides to use. This helps owners to know what safety precautions to take before the application.
  • Provide you with analysis reports that the house or commercial place is pest-free or under further monitoring.
  • Give proper recommendations on what post-inspection measures to observe to help deter pests.

Pest inspection is also crucial for property buyers. Most local pest control companies provide pre-purchase inspection services to ensure that your money won’t be wasted.

Common Pest Problems to Look Out for

Common Pest Problems to Look Out for

It’s a huge help when you carefully identify the pest problem around your home. Are those pests more of a bother (harmless) or a threat (which entail health and safety hazards)?

Although both classifications are a nuisance, it becomes easier to apply pest treatments if you’re familiar with what they are attracted to and how they behave.

Bed bugs

Along with bed sheets, the carbon dioxide produced while you’re asleep and your blood is what bed bugs are generally attracted to.

They also love to dive into piles of soiled linens and garments so make sure to place used clothes in a bag or container to keep these blood-sucking insects at bay.

Many pest removal companies in Brisbane not only advise property owners to wash fabrics with high temperatures.

They also ensure to identify all hiding spots of bed bugs and that all pest treatment options including baits are safe for your family and pets.


Ants are one of the most common pests that most pest control treat in Brisbane homes.

There are what they call green ants, black house ants and fire ants which can usually be found around yards.

They are attracted to sweet, oily food, especially those that are left exposed.

Ants usually gain access to your property through cracks and crevices, leaving scent trails to guide the others in picking up food.

Pouring hot water or spraying the ants down is easy, but if they won’t go away, hire the best Brisbane pest control company to eradicate them completely.

You should also contact the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries if you suspect fire ants in your property.


Rodents such as rats and mice cause structural damage and carry a number of serious diseases.

Rats usually reside in warm, void spaces such as burrows and attics.

They often get the blame when you see chewed electrical cables and gnaw marks around doors or windows.

Like with rats, mice love dry areas, and are attracted to food. If left uncontrolled, they can multiply up to 200 in just four months.

Most companies that provide pest control services in Brisbane can attest how difficult rats and mice are to control.

Using traps or poison baits might work but these pests are wise enough to determine any rodent control measures done around the property.

Hiring a pest professional can help to alleviate health and safety hazards.

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Not only do cockroaches contaminate your utensils and cupboards but they also affect people’s health, especially those with allergies.

Australian, American and Smoky Brown Cockroaches are different types that might be present in your Brisbane home or building.

American cockroaches are one of the most prominent and they prefer to stay in dark areas such as the basement and under the fridge.

Cockroaches multiply quickly but many professional pest control companies know the appropriate control method to eliminate them.

These pests are also known to be nocturnal, so if you see a cockroach or two by day, consider having your property inspected.


Whether huntsman, black house or redback, spider infestations have to be dealt with by a licensed pest removal company in Brisbane.

Not only do they form cobwebs which mar the beauty of your home but some species have painful bites which can be dangerous.

Spiders like to hide in dark areas and are often found in crawl spaces, dry parts of the property and room corners.

In dealing with spiders, long-term treatment options are more advisable to ensure your safety.

Your local pest control Brisbane can recommend effective spider control measures such as using powdered pesticides and natural repellents like eucalyptus leaves.


Wasps have around 10,000 species including paper wasps and yellowjackets. Like with bees, wasps have painful stings.

They usually reside in gardens and can build their nests in wall spaces, trees and shrubbery areas.

If you suspect nests around your premises, consider hiring pest control experts to cover all your wasp removal needs.


White ants or termites can cause severe structural damage if undetected.

These destructive pests attack timber materials and dwell on damp areas for their survival.

Sagging wood, mud tubes and chew noises are few signs of termite activity.

Left unmanaged, termites could leave significant damages which result in spending large money for repairs.

If you notice signs of termite infestation, it’s recommended to hire a trusted pest control company in Brisbane.

Using ordinary pesticides will only cause them to retreat and target another spot around your property.

Ask for professional assistance when dealing with termites to help protect your investment.

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Different Pest Treatment Methods in Brisbane

It helps to know the different pest control techniques used in Brisbane to ensure that each method is safe for people and the environment.

Some companies use natural pest control methods, while others dive into chemical treatment procedures where necessary. 

Common pest control Brisbane include:

Heat treatment

Many pest technicians use heat treatment methods to kill not only the adult pests but also eggs and larvae.

This control method is often used in dealing with bed bugs as they are difficult to exterminate.


This method is effective in preventing stored product pests from spreading contamination. Fumigation makes use of gases and fumes to eradicate pests from the affected area.

Many industrial businesses such as manufacturing, milling and warehousing benefit from this treatment. Services may include commodity, container and shipping fumigation.

Some operators that provide pest control services focus on using fumigated products. Other companies also train pest technicians to increase their knowledge and experience in providing the best fumigation service to clients.

When hiring tradies, check if the company is a Registered Training Organisation to confirm their credibility.

Poisoned Bait

 If you have problems with snails and slugs or rats and mice, using this method can somehow trick these pests to fall into traps. Mixing chemical pesticides into their food is one way to allure them.

However, poisoned baits can kill animals if pest control operators fail to manage the removal process.  


Most pest control experts in Brisbane provide disinfection services to sanitise pest-infected areas and minimise the spread of diseases. Pest disinfection is done when treating pests with bacteria.

In agricultural pest control, the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is believed to be more effective and sustainable.
Insecticides are minimised and a combination of biological, cultural and chemical control methods is often used to ensure that no ‘beneficial insects’ such as native bees are harmed.

Biological control

Biological pest control includes using natural enemies to hinder the breeding and thriving abilities of the pest. This natural pest control method in Brisbane doesn’t promote the use of pesticides.

Cultural control

This organic pest control method helps to minimise the reproduction and survival of pests by means of choosing plant varieties fit for the environment.
It also aims to improve sanitation and irrigation practices to help reduce pest problems.

Chemical control

Chemical control deals with using the appropriate pesticide to lessen the risk of acquiring health or environmental issues. Pest controllers use different pesticides depending on what type of pest is present. 

For example, rodenticides are used to treat rodent infestations. 

Mechanical control

Another pest management method promotes the use of physical barriers such as fences and electronic wires. Mechanical methods such as handpicking, burning and vacuuming are also used in removing pests.

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How Pest Controllers in Brisbane Charge Clients

Most pest control Brisbane charge around $60 per hour for their work. For instance, pest control prices for houses can cost lower than commercial buildings.

However, a number of factors still determines the cost of each service.

  • Service type. Many pest control companies around Brisbane provide individual services depending on what pest is active in your property.  Some operators offer discounts to clients wanting to treat a number of pest species in one-go.  Likewise, the amount of general inspection might be different from a comprehensive pest control removal.
  • Pest control products used. The type of products used in applying pest treatments also affects the pricing requirements. Will there be a need to use gas products or physical control measures?  The quality of products or materials matters greatly in computing the cost.
  • Pests to deal with. Bed bugs, for example, are one of those pests that can be hard to remove completely. The use of heat pod treatment is more likely to add to the cost.  For this reason, most companies will charge more for bed bug removal service as post-monitoring treatments are required.

Each method requires the use of advanced equipment to ensure that your pest problems are completely resolved.

While there are cheap pest control Brisbane that you can hire, clarify with the company if they can provide written quotes for each service required.
Always compare prices and hire the company that offers the right pricing.

Qualifications of Pest Control Technicians in Brisbane

10 Best Pest Control Services in Brisbane

If you’re looking to hire the best pest control company in Brisbane, know what makes a tradie reliable.

Licensed & Skilled

When hiring a pest technician, verify the licence including the specific pest management activity he is allowed to perform.

  • Fumigation activity. This licence class enables the holder to perform fumigation activities in specific sites indicated in the licence.
  • Pest control activity including timber pests. This enables the pest technician to treat pests found in timber materials such as termites and wood borers.
  • Pest control activity excluding timber pests. This activity enables the licence holder to deal with other pests including fleas, silverfish, ants and cockroaches.

Queensland Health allows Brisbane pest control aspirants to apply for a Pest Management Technician (PMT) licence if he/she:

  • Is physically and mentally fit to carry out pest management and control jobs
  • Has all the required skills and competency
  • Adheres to licensing conditions (i.e. avoiding contraventions or any pest management activity that is not included in the licence)
  • Holds no current licence suspensions (but if the person has been suspended in the past, he must be able to provide a formal statement that specifies the nature of the offense)
  • Is free from any violations concerning the job

Make sure that your hired tradie is licensed to avoid potential disputes. Heavy penalties are given to unlicensed pest control Brisbane.

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Uses Safe, Eco-friendly Pest Treatment Products

Not only should the pest technician be licensed, but the quality of products used in treating specific pest problems must be safe and government-approved.

Have the tradie explained what pest treatments are being used. Before the actual work commences:

  • Ask for the complete name of the product and understand how it effectively works.
  • Confirm if they are using chemical or non-chemical treatments.
  • Clarify if they offer alternative options in case you do not approve of using chemical products.

If you want more details, the Department of Health in Queensland provides a list of activities and type of pest control products that require licensed PMTs to undertake.

One of which is the licence to use pesticides (or household pesticides) for interior and exterior treatments.

The guide also specifies what activity you are permitted to perform and what area to deal with. Understanding this will help you become aware of what types of pest control jobs that only a qualified tradie should work on.

Locally Experienced

Most pest control companies service the Brisbane northside and southside parts.

They know what specific pests are active in your local area. This gives you enough peace knowing that your pest issues are professionally handled.

Aside from experience, they know of local suppliers that distribute high-quality equipment and products needed for the job.

Has Good Reputation

When searching for domestic or commercial pest control companies in Brisbane, visit the website and check the testimonials section.

Are the client reviews mostly positive or negative? Do they receive a lot of compliments or complaints about their work?

While online feedback helps in confirming their professionalism and reliability, it’s advisable to ask your neighbours for recommendations.

You may also ask your prospective tradie for customer references to get valid feedback from previous clients.

Fully Insured

Whether it’s a sole operator or business that you are hiring, always check their insurance. Pest controllers with public liability and professional indemnity insurance are considerable.

Confirm with your local tradie if all their operations are covered by reputable insurance companies. This helps to protect your investments and cover any expenses in the event of alleged work negligence.

Hiring Brisbane Pest Control Operators

With many pest control companies in Brisbane to choose from, it can be hard to determine what tradie can meet your specific needs.

Are they able to perform the required processes (general inspection, pest management, removal services, etc) without compromising your health and safety? Will they keep up with your pest control requirements even after the treatment procedure is done?

When hiring, be sure to ask all relevant questions.  That’s better than paying the consequences of not choosing the right pest control tradie. 

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