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Adelaide Pest Control Experts

Adelaide Pest Control Experts

    Anyone who has had a personal encounter with pests and insect infestations in their households, or even workplace, will have an immediate sense to get rid of it. But how? 

    Usually, we would consider handling the situation by ourselves. But when it gets too much to handle, the next best thing to do is call a professional pests control company in Adelaide.

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    Common types of Pest Control Services


    While it is possible to personally deal with it, hiring an expert will save you all the stress and hassle of getting rid of all your household pests. 

    And although there are a lot of pest control companies in Adelaide, finding someone that has expertise on your pest problem will be necessary.

    Here are the most common types of pest control service that you can get.

    Pre-Construction Treatment

    Pest control services are not just important during pest and insect infestations, but also prior to every building or house construction.

    Pre-construction pest treatment will make sure that the building materials are protected from any type of insect overspread.

    This is especially important among houses or commercial building structures made of wood, as they are usually prone to termite contamination. 

    Presence of termites in buildings will speed-up its degradation process, and will likely cost the owner more money in terms of maintenance and repair.

    Pre-construction pest treatment will not only ensure a protected house structure, it will also avoid early damages and repairs in your property due to pest infections.

    General Pest Control: Extermination and Removal

    The most common type of pest control service that is being offered by pest control companies is extermination and removal.  

    However, most homeowners will not engage an expert company unless the situation is already out of hand.

    Extermination and removal services are very common among extreme levels of insect infestations such as bugs, wasps, bees, cockroaches, and ants.  

    When no amount of insecticide or store-bought insect repellants will do the trick, then the need to call a professional pest control company is high. 

    This type of pest control service is also applicable for critters that will most likely find shelter in hidden spaces of your households. Presence of raccoons and snakes are among the most common example.

    Pest Prevention

    Pest control companies do not only engage in services that require getting rid of pest presence and infestation. 

    Another important service they cater to is pest prevention.

    It is not only necessary to get rid of the problem, but also to make sure that the possibility of it occurring again is slim to none. 

    And in cases of critter invasions and insect infestations, there is a high need to prevent them from gaining access to your property or building.

    Pest treatment is not only applicable to pre-constructed houses, but also in existing buildings and homes. 

    This will make sure that all possible source or entry point for the pests, insects, and critters will be closed off.

    What type of Pest Control Method should I get?


    Not all pest control companies perform the job in similar ways. 

    Each of them has their preferred methods and expertise in conducting pest control services, which are based on the type and extent of the animal or insect infection. 

    Knowing the types and methods of pest control can guide you in choosing the appropriate company for your required pest control service.

    Fumigation Services

    This method of pest control uses chemicals or fumigants to poison and suffocate pests and insects in households and commercial buildings. 

    This method can either be used to eradicate house pests, or may be used in soil and plants to reduce insect and pest presence. 

    Fumigation services are designed to access every single corner of your house, making it an effective pest control method.

    However effective, this method has its disadvantages. 

    This includes having to move out of your property for days while it is being treated. 

    Since fumigation services will require your entire area to be filled with toxic chemicals, you don’t have to be anywhere near during the process.

    Chemical Control

    As the name itself suggests, chemical pest control services use chemical pesticides in eliminating common insect and pest infection. It is a common method to get rid of pests in a short period of time. 

    This method is relatively cheaper, since a small amount of chemical used will exterminate an entire infestation. 

    This process does not take time to perform, as most chemicals will immediately kill the pests.

    On the downside, this method can be harmful to human health, due to the usage of chemicals. 

    Excessive usage of chemical pesticides can be detrimental to health, and may cause larger problems.

    Non-chemical control

    Unlike chemical control services, non-chemical pest control is non-toxic, and does not pose threats to human health and the environment. 

    They are commonly known as organic pest control method.

    While it seems to be an environment-friendly approach to getting rid of pests and insects in your household, it does not come cheap. 

    And the process does not offer immediate results; therefore it is not an ideal option for pressing pests concerns. 

    Using this method will have to be a decision of health vs cost and effectivity. 

    Whichever you prefer, it will always be good to get the opinions of expert pest control companies.

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    Things that can affect your Pest Control job cost in Adelaide


    Dealing with pest can be really stressful. But knowing that you can call and rely on someone to do the professional work for you can be a relief.

    A lot of factors have to be considered when hiring professional pest control companies, and one of the important factors is pricing and job cost.

    Here is a list of common factors that will most likely impact the cost of pest control jobs in your area.

    Pest Type and Pest Product

    Pest control services are not only specific to pest and insects, but they also include removal of rodents, snakes, raccoons, and other critters that may be lounging in your houses.

    Extermination of common house pests such as cockroaches and spiders will cost cheaper compared to extraction of pests such as termites. 

    Termite infestations may need a more complicated extermination approach, thus will generally cost more.

    The type of pest that will be removed and exterminated will greatly affect the total cost of the pest control job since method, chemicals used, and job timeline will vary depending on which pests are to be exterminated.


    Aside from the type of pest and pest control products the experts will use, the frequency of the pest control service will also affect the overall pricing of the work.

    Pest control jobs are not a one-time thing. 

    Depending on the severity of the infestation, and the type of pests, the service company may require multiple visits for extraction works. Multiple visits will likely incur higher costs.

    On some cases, initial visits may even be required to assess and inspect the area to determine the extent of insect or pest infestation and decide which pest control would be most effective.

    Location size 

    With pest type and pest product considered, exterminators will also add to cost calculations the possible additional charges based on the size of your house, or particularly the portion of your house or office that is affected by the infestations.

    You are likely to pay lesser if your house or the area is smaller. In cases where client has small houses, but almost the entire location is infested, rate for the pest control service will still be higher compared to a small area infestation.

    This is why it is highly recommended to engage an expert pest control company at the first sight of pests and insects in your household. Waiting for the infestation to worsen or spread will cost you more in the long run.

    Whatever the pest problem may be, it will always be helpful to consult multiple pest control companies and gather quotes and recommendations to make sure that you will be getting the best value and quality there is in the market.

    What are the Qualifications or Qualities to look out for when hiring a Pest Control Expert in Adelaide?


    What do we need to look for in a pest control company? Price may be a primary concern for most people when it comes to contracting services. 

    However, quality service must also be a top thing to consider especially when it comes to pest control services.

    There may be a lot of Adelaide-based pest control services, but choosing the right company should be based on a few important factors such as:

    Business License

    Any company engaging in pest control services in Australia is required by the law to acquire appropriate business licenses first before they are allowed to operate. 

    As per Australian regulation, individuals, contractors, and business entities who offers pest control services with a charge must possess a pest management or control technician license – which may be full or limited.

    Both licenses of different types will determine the tasks and jobs that can be performed by each pest control company or pest technician, as allowed by the law. 

    Business licenses are especially important in pest control services since the job usually involves usage of harmful chemicals; therefore it requires someone with training, qualification, and experience to handle them.

    It is also pretty common among small pest control services to hire unlicensed individuals to do some of their extraction works, which can be pretty risky for both the client and the company itself.

    A license to operate pest control services will be your proof of business legitimacy, and may also mean that you are dealing with company which is compliant with Australia’s safety code and regulation for pest control works. 

    Therefore, you will be sure that the pest control service procedure that will be carried out is safe and secure.

    Experience and Reliability

    Pest control services may not be necessary for everyone, but for those who require the service, hiring someone reliable and competent to do the job is highly important. 

    As suggested by governmental regulations, not anyone can and should be allowed to perform pest control services, and this is for a specific reason. Not everyone can do the job safely and effectively.

    While it is good to do prior internet research, the best way to gain knowledge about the reputation and character of a pest control company is to ask friends, workmates, and relatives of any recommendations and feedbacks. 

    Among the most common factors and questions you should consider and ask are:

    • Does this pest control company have a good track record?
    • What is the pest control expertise of this company? 
    • How long have they been doing pest control service in Adelaide?
    • Who are their current and previous clients and do I know any of them?
    • Does this company offer service guarantee and warranty?
    • Do they have existing service complaints from any of their clients?

    Asking these questions can be beneficial when qualifying and filtering providers for your required pest control service.

    Trained and Skilled

    The primary reason that most people would hire pest control companies to perform their pest extraction jobs, is because they would rather have a qualified professional do the job than do it on by themselves.

    Pests and insect infestations can be potentially harmful to our family’s health and security, and so having someone who is trained in pest extraction works is highly recommended. 

    Also, removal and extermination works require methods and equipment that needs handling by skilled individuals. 

    Trained pest control technicians will easily determine the issue and possible solution upon initial inspection, and can provide insights and recommendations on effective pest control measures. 

    Having skills in performing the job will make it easy for them to gauge the severity of the situation.

    Many companies would also present business license to engage in pest control operations, but it will not necessarily mean that all their staffs and personnel are individually trained to run the task. 

    Getting a service done by a knowledgeable and reliable pest management technical will guarantee quality, efficient, and safe work. 

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    Find the best Pest Control Experts in Adelaide

    When we are faced with the dilemma of an insect or pest infestation, the next best thing we would want to do is call the next available pest control company in the area. 

    But is this really a practical thing to do? Would you rather risk efficiency by getting the ease of finding a contractor immediately? 

    In HIREtrades, you can have both the efficiency and immediate solution to your pest problems. Here’s how.

    Free and Easy Access

    Client registration with HIREtrades is for free.  Upon accessing the site through HIREtrades, or downloading the mobile app, you will gain access to a wide database of pest control service providers, not just in Adelaide, but anywhere in Australia.

    To be matched with registered providers within HIREtrades, you will be required to enter your information such as name and contact information. 
    This will only be provided to tradies that will match your specified job description.  

    For an easier and faster process, it is recommended to be more specific in your job description and include information such as pest control service required and type of pest infestation. 

    It is even helpful to provide photos of the required work to give tradies more idea on the nature of the job. 

    Qualified match

    Most of the time, the hassle of finding the best and most reliable pest control service provider is what usually causes hesitations from clients. 

    They would think that dealing with the situation by them may be an easier way to go than having to go through a long list of possible company providers. In HIREtrades, there will no need for long internet searches, and stressful phone conversations with pest control companies.

    Engaging in heavy and long negotiations and repetitive conversations with different companies can be avoided.  Upon submitting your job details, HIREtrade will do the job of matching you with a pest control company that is qualified to perform your required pest control works based on all information provided in your job post.

    You will be contacted by at least 3 pest control companies that are considered to be the top matches for your job, and their profiles will be provided by HIREtrades for your proper reference.

    Best Pricing 

    The usual reason of homeowners for ignoring and disregarding their pest infestation problems is the lack of budget and funds to hire a professional to deal with it for them. 

    In extreme situations, store-bought insecticides may not work the trick, and expert help may be the only option. Even on a tight budget, HIREtrades can still work to find you a pest control company than can help you with your pest infection issues. 

    Although pest management works will be priced depending on the type of pest infestation and the method of control to be used, HIREtrades connects with a wide list of companies that may be willing and flexible when it comes to pricing.

    Whatever the case may be, the system in HIREtrades will enable you to connect with a provider that already has an idea of what your expected cost would be and can work well within your budget, while still ensuring quality service.

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