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Top Pest Control Experts in Melbourne, VIC

Top Pest Control Experts in Melbourne, VIC

    Why You Need Pest Control Experts In Melbourne

    When pests make their home in your house, one of the last few things you’d probably do is find the best pest control in Melbourne to help you. But you don’t have to wait for a pest or two to gain access to your home and leave you with surprising damages before taking actions.

    As early as now, you can have your property inspected by a Melbourne pest control expert. 

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    Warning Signs of Pest Infestations

    Warning Signs of Pest Infestations

    How would you know if your house is infested by pests and in need of pest inspection? When you begin to hear unfamiliar sounds or see any unusual sights anywhere on your doors, windows, ceilings, walls or floors, there might be pest problems to address.

    Your sense of smell also confirms if there are pests to deal with. Here are a few of them:

    Mud trails on walls and outer linings of the house

    Sagging wood, soft floorboards and chewing noises behind timber walls are other signs that indicate the need for termite inspections. Those little creatures could be the reason why your Melbourne property weakens over time.

    Each year, about 34,000 of Australian homes are being infested by termites. These pests cause structural damage to your property. 

    Late termites treatment may lead to a more significant loss on your finances which couldn’t be covered by insurance (if you have any).

    Holes on wooden doors and walls

    If you see gnaw marks or holes on these areas, chances are, rats and mice are just around your house. Try to go outside or lean towards the window to look for chew marks. It will help you determine if pests have gained access to your house. Doing so also lets you spot possible entry points.

     Exposed food and rubbish materials also attract these rodents. So as you search for these pests, check every nook and cranny of your house along with storage places such as cabinets and cupboards.

    Blood stains and dark spots on bed covers and mattresses

    Bed bugs are most likely to emerge at your home if there are tiny, fecal spots on your bed linens, headboards, wall junctions and bedside tables.These teeny-weeny creatures may be hard to find but you can spot them easily by lifting up the mattress or taking the bed sheets off. 

    If you suspect these pests in your room, check all the edges of your mattress.  Peer closely until you see reddish-brown insects or their remains (bed bug skins and shells).

    Yellow stains on old files and chewed areas on paper edges

    Some other signs to attend to are small holes on clothes and tiny cuts in wallpapers. If you happen to dig up your stored books or notepads and see these signs, silverfish might be present in your home.

    Those wingless insects love damp areas and thrive in warm temperatures. They usually dwell in basements, file cabinets or behind power points. 

    Address them right away before these silvery insects leave traces of stains and cuts on your precious belongings.Consider hiring pest removal professionals in Melbourne to ensure the safety of your valued possessions.

    Bad odours

    Rodents and possums are few of those pests that excrete unpleasant smell when they’re left dead. If you notice any foul odours, check those rarely disturbed areas and their possible dwellings to determine the cause.
    Your garden could also be a target of pests such as caterpillars, snails and slugs, and aphids. Look out for:

    • Bite marks on the edges of the leaves/grass
    • Decayed patches or holes on your lawn
    • Small hole with dirt grains (ant hills)

    You do not want your family to catch diseases or make your home suffer by ignoring these signs, do you? Be wary of the signs and hire pest control companies to identify pest activities.

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    Different Types of Pests and Pest Control Solutions

    Types of Pests and Pest Control Solutions

    Wondering why there are unwanted types of pests appearing in your home? It would be beneficial to know what attracts them, their nest locations and possible pest control solutions to apply. 

    Here are some: 


    While ants play a vital role in keeping the environment clean, they can also become a nuisance for property owners. They love searching for exposed food and are attracted to sweets, fats and meats.

    What to do : If you happen to find a colony of ants around the kitchen, wall stumps or garden, locate possible entry points. Patch up small cracks around doors and windows to block off their entrance. Store food in tight storage to prevent them from coming in.

    The usual response is to spray the ants down to eliminate them, but for long-term solutions, consider hiring the best ant pest controllers. They use non-harmful liquid insecticides and effective baits to remove the ants completely.

    BeesBeehives and bees themselves are the most obvious signs of their presence. You can see their nests in trees, wall cavities and ceilings. Bees have painful stings and are attracted to protein-based foods and sugar.

    What to do : If you suspect bees buzzing your home, let the bee pest control professionals in Melbourne attend to it. Do not attempt to poke at where the swarms reside. You might push them to fly around your property and get stung if you do so.

    Leave the bee removal job to the licensed pest technicians. They use protective equipment and natural bee repellent tools to transfer the hive into a secluded area.


    Birds such as pigeons and sparrows build nests on gutters and damaged roofs. Bird droppings indicate their presence so be watchful. Not only are bird droppings harmful to people and pets but they also cause damage to equipment and building materials.

    What to do : If you see them, do not try to catch their attention or they might get disturbed and can be hard to take hold of. Hiring a certified bird control specialist can help to deter them for good.

    Most pest control service providers in Melbourne use bird traps, nets and deterrents to capture the pests and have full control of them.


    Wood borers grow in timber and are attracted to used furniture. They attack structural timbers or any decorative woodwork which result in holes and powdery dust.

    What to do : Apply boric acid on all timber surfaces to perform a pest treatment procedure for borers. This should eliminate adult beetles and prevent them from mating with female borers that lay eggs in the timber.

    To check recurring signs of activity, mark all existing holes with a pencil. Monitor if new holes appear month after month.If the pests persist, tap your local pest control technician in Melbourne to assist you with the removal process and keep them at bay.


    Cockroaches are known for contaminating food and utensils with cast skins and egg sacs. They are usually found anywhere including the kitchen, bathroom and void spaces. Cockroaches love to stay in damp and cluttered areas, leaving fecal marks and foul odours.

    What to do : If your house is infested with cockroaches, you may use spray products to repel them. But to eliminate all stages of their lifecycle, a reliable pest control expert in Melbourne can perform the necessary steps.

    Pest Control Services in MelbourneIf you struggle with DIY pest control solutions, it may be high time to discuss your concerns with local experts. Here’s what Melbourne pest control specialists provide their clients.

    • Pest Inspection. If you’re unsure about the emergence of pests in your property, have it professionally inspected by a pest control company. After a thorough inspection comes analysis and recommendations.
    • They can advise some pest-proofing techniques to rightly deal with pest infestations.
    • Pest management plan. Before the actual treatment, reputable pest control companies in Melbourne identify pest emergence. They plan and devise a strategy to treat pest problems without compromising your health and safety.
    • Pest removal. Do you have wasps or bed bugs in your home? Using safe, non-invasive pesticides is one ideal solution to eradicate them. Your local pest exterminator in Melbourne should assure you of this.
    • Commercial pest control in Melbourne. It’s a sanitation practice to invest in pest control services especially for business owners running a restaurant or retail store. 
    • Many pest control companies in Melbourne provide both domestic and commercial services to eradicate pests from the vicinity.
    • Pre-construction treatments. Many clients who plan to build a house from the ground up or do comprehensive renovations may consider this preventive measure.
    • Pre-construction treatments promote effective termite control to maintain the structural integrity of the house.
    • Same day service. When talking about pests, most requests require urgent dealings. If, for instance, you’ve seen a snake in your Melbourne property, you’d probably call out a licensed snake catcher to remove the pest. 
    • Many pest control companies offer same-day service to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

    Post-treatment monitoring. The best pest control experts in Melbourne perform aftercare treatments to ensure that pest activities are completely resolved. 

    Only a few would take time to monitor your home so make sure to confirm it with your local pest technician before hiring.

    Melbourne Pest Control Prices to CheckOn average, Victoria locals pay pest controllers around $30 per hour. Some pest control companies in Melbourne charge around $300 to $700 depending on the number of factors. 

    This may include:

    • Type of pests to eradicate.

      Dealing with ants differs from treating home termites. Prices may vary depending on the range of pest control service needed.

    • Pest treatment procedures.

      This refers to what type of treatment is required. Are the pest control operators in Melbourne using spray or fumigation products? Are they performing preventive or corrective treatments?

    • Size of your property.

      How many rooms your prospective pest technician is going to deal with? Expect to pay more if the work includes both interior and exterior treatments.

    • Duration of work.

      Is there a need for pest controllers to take multiple visits? Treating ant problems may require less time to complete than with rats and mice. More visits account to higher charges.

    When tackling pest problems, it’s advisable to go for companies that offer standard costs than choose cheap pest control in Melbourne. It might save you money in the long run if you pay more attention to the quality of service than the cost.

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    What to Look for in a Pest Control Expert in Melbourne

    Pest Control Expert in Melbourne

    When hiring a Melbourne pest control company, consider the following requirements that make them fit for the job.

    Pest control licence

    Is your prospective pest exterminator in Melbourne carry a valid licence?Licensing requirements vary depending on your State. Tradies who want to obtain a pest control licence in Melbourne specify what licence authorisation(s) matches their qualifications.

    The Department of Health and Human Services (Registration & Licensing) issues licences for Victorian pest control operators upon meeting the requirements.

    Check the authorisation on their licence before qualifying them for the job:

    • Non-gaseous pesticides formulated for the control of arthropods, rodents, birds and fungi, which are used to control pests
    • Pesticides formulated for the control of pest animals
    • Pesticides in the form of fumigants

    Remember that it’s illegal for a pest control operator in Melbourne to apply pesticides without a licence. Before engaging in their service, you may ask them to send a copy of their licence and double-check the number here.
    Licensed pest exterminators should have:

    • Proof of Certificate III or IV in Asset Maintenance (Pest Management - Technical)
    • Full understanding of the behaviour and activity of all types of pests
    • Knowledge on the life cycle and nesting location of all pests
    • Experience in assessing and treating pest problems
    • Proper training in handling, applying and storing pesticides (double-check the licence authorisation)

    Specialised pest control solutions

    Although most companies offer a wide range of pest control services, it’s advisable to pick the most qualified for the job. If, for instance, you have fleas problem, choose pest control technicians in Melbourne that specialise in that area.

    When dealing with common domestic pests, look for pest controllers that are more experienced in that field. Treating business settings, on the other hand, requires licensed operators whose expertise aligns with commercial pest control jobs.

    Good customer references

    When hiring pest control operators in Melbourne, always ask for recommendations from previous clients. You may also ask for a copy of customer references to get feedback and make wise decisions.Read online reviews to know what their clients are saying.

    • Do your prospective pest control companies have good ratings and reputation?
    • When was the last time that they received complaints on their work?
    • Have they built customer trust? Are they providing satisfaction in terms of treating pest problems?

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    Pest controllers insurance

    The best pest control technicians in Melbourne hold proper insurance to ensure that all third-party damage expenses (public liability), litigation fees (professional indemnity) and loss of equipment (general property) are covered.

    For instance, professional indemnity insurance takes into effect when your local pest controller fails to recommend the appropriate pest treatment on your property.

    Check if the tradie or company has at least one of these insurance packages to secure your finances from potential disputes.

    Health and safety compliance

    It’s important that your prospective pest controller uses environment-friendly pesticides or fumigants (where necessary). Ask if they’re using odourless products. If so, it may trigger fewer reactions when inhaled by the house members.

    • Are they able to provide information about the pesticides that they use? You can also source information from the pesticide manufacturer to ensure that all products are safe and eco-friendly.
    • How are the products safe for your family and pets? Do you need to relocate your pets until the treatment is done? How long will it last?
    • Do you need to vacate the premises for a specific period of time? Does your Melbourne pest control expert recommend it?
    • If there’s any, do they take into consideration your health conditions (e.g. asthma, allergies)?

    Check also if you need to advise your neighbours before implementing pest treatment procedures. Bring up all these concerns before the actual pest control treatment to help them use the appropriate method for your health and safety needs.

    Hire the Right Pest Controllers in Melbourne

    It’s fulfiling when you hire the best pest control technician in Melbourne to respond to your needs. But you too can play a significant role in keeping your home free from pesky pests. Along with calling the professionals, adhere to some preventive tips to keep your house clean.

    • Avoid piles of items on floors, benches and tables.
    • Keep all your food stored tightly.
    • Wipe food stains and drink spillages immediately.
    • Patch up small cracks and holes around doors, windows and skirting boards.
    • Mow the lawn and throw away all forms of rubbish.

    Hire a qualified Melbourne pest control expert and let HIREtrades help you.

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