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Pest Control Experts in Perth, WA

Pest Control Experts in Perth, WA

    e pest control licenses issued by the Western Australian GSearch for the best pest control in Perth for a pest-free household. An effective pest control service can curb the spread of pests before they cause health risks and damage to your property. 

    Why should you seek the help of a Perth pest control professional?

    Pest controllers in Perth have the experience, knowledge, tools, and skills set to effectively eliminate pests in your home. 

    Pests can be such a menace and can create various problems in your home or commercial space especially when not treated right away.

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    The Most Common Types of Pest Control Services

    Most Common Types of Pest Control Services

    Before searching for the best pest control in Perth, get a basic understanding of the type of pest control you would need in your home.

    Here are the most common types of pest control services in Perth.

    Pre Construction Treatments

    When building or extending a home or a building, it is important to take prevention measures by treating the construction area during the building process.

    Pre-construction pest control in Perth is recommended to prevent termite infestation. 

    The purpose of a pest management system is to deter termite activity and prevent the risk of termite damage in your home. 

    You can choose from various pre-construction solutions for termite pest control in Perth such as placing physical termite barriers, installing reticulation systems, and applying chemical termite barriers.

    • Physical termite barriers: 

      These are physically hard materials placed underneath the slab of a building or house to prevent entry of termites.

    • Reticulation systems:

      This pre-construction pest treatment in Perth releases chemicals that will stop the termites from entering the premises. Reticulation systems can be installed around the perimeter of the house.

    • Chemical termite barriers:

      The chemical barriers such as termiticides are applied to the soil under the slab or around the entire perimeter foundation of the house. Some chemicals kill pests while others are formulated to deter termites.


    Pest Prevention

    The best pest control in Perth is to prevent the pesky termites from ever entering the premises of the building or house.

    Prevention measures include getting regular treatments for your home to avoid termite infestation. 

    It is imperative to seek the help of pest control companies which will provide pest control in WAWith their expertise in property inspection, Perth pest control experts will ensure that all access points of your home will be covered.

    Pests such as rodents can cause severe health problems, which is why you should prevent these nuisances from entering your home. Sealing cracks and holes on all entry points of the house can help deter termite activity.

    Look for a qualified pest control professional who does pest inspections in PerthSeek for pest control advice and treatment if necessary.

    General Pest Control: Extermination and Removal

    Perth pest control experts can provide pest extermination services which include insect traps, insecticide sprays, tenting, and fumigation of the whole house.

    Treatments for exterminating pests work quickly and will kill off any and all pests infesting your home. 

    While pest extermination treatments are effective in handling pest problems such as cockroaches, ants, or any other pesky crawlers, not all pests that infest homes can be easily taken care of with insect sprays. 

    A fully equipped pest exterminator who offers pest control in Perth can come to your home to trap and relocate the bigger pests.

    What is the right Pest Control Method for you?

    What is the right Pest Control Method for you

    Once pests have been identified, you should find the right control method that will help eliminate pest problems in your home.

    Seek the advice of Perth pest control professionals and they can recommend the best control method for your needs.

    This is a pest control method in which a pesticide gas is released into the air to suffocate and eliminate pests.

    There are different types of fumigation that pest control companies will recommend -- gas fumigation, solid fumigation, and liquid fumigation.

    • Gas Fumigation:

      This type of fumigation utilizes fumigants in their gaseous states for controlling pests. Gas fumigation should be done in an area cleared of humans and animals.

    • Solid Fumigation:

      This type of fumigation is carried out by sprinkling tablets, pellets or powders of solid fumigants for pest control in Perth. Solid fumigants are easier to use and less harmful to the environment.

    • Liquid Fumigation:

      This type of fumigation utilizes liquid fumigants for pests and mold. Liquid fumigation acts faster than solid fumigation, but they are more toxic to humans, and are volatile.

    Chemical Pest Control

    Pest controllers in Perth use chemical control method for pest extermination using pesticides and insecticides to control pests.

    This method is effective in controlling pests, but using chemical pesticides can be a health hazard. 

    Before dousing the pests with chemical pesticides, it is best to ask a pest control professional to perform a pest inspection at home to be able to determine the type of pests you are dealing with.  

    Non Chemical Pest Control>

    Although using chemical pesticides can leave your home pest free, these chemicals can be harmful to your health and damaging to the environment.

    Fortunately, there are other pest control methods that are non toxic.

    Not only does using non chemical pest control method safe for your health and the environment, it can also be favourable for your garden.

    Non chemical control will not damage the plants and their produce.  There is a natural pest management method that you can do in your garden.

    Drive away pests like mosquitoes and cockroaches by growing plants like basil, citronella, rosemary, and lavender. 

    Here are effective non chemical pest control methods you can try at home:

    • Traps:

      Setting up traps is an ideal solution for capturing pests such as spiders.

    • Simple Baits:

      Pest baiting is a method in which simple baits are prepared to attract and trap pests such as mice and rodents.

    • Household Organic Spray:

      This non chemical method is easy-to-do. You can simply mix ingredients like water, dishwashing liquid, peppermint oil, lemon juice extract, and vodka to make a homemade concoction that can repel pests by spraying it on plant leaves.

    • Physical Pest Control:

      This pest management method makes use of physical means like barriers, fences or electronic wires for getting rid of pests. 

    • Biological Pest Control:

      This is a method of pest control in Perth that uses other organisms. It lets the natural enemies of pests to compete against them.


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    Factors that can affect your Pest Control Job Cost

    Factors that can affect your Pest Control Job Cost

    Looking for the best pest control in Perth?

    Aside from searching for an effective solution to your pest problem, you may also want to search for an affordable pest control in Perth.  

    You may want to consider several factors that can affect the pricing of a pest control job. 

    A professional pest control service may vary according to the area where you live, the size of the house, type of treatment, the number of treatments required, and the type of pest that needs to be dealt with.


    The cost of the pest control service may vary per state or territory.

    The pricing of pest control in Perth may differ from the pest control job costs in another state in Australia. 

    Size of the house

    A bigger house will mean that the pest controller will be there for a longer time, and would also use more treatments to cover the entire area.

    Treatments for a larger house will most likely cost more.

    Type of treatment

    The type of treatment, which can either be chemical or natural, can affect the pricing of the pest control job.

    Natural treatments usually cost much more expensive than chemical treatments.  

    Type of pest and number of treatments required

    The cost of the job and the number of treatments needed depends on the type of pest that needs to be terminated.

    Some pest control companies charge more to eliminate certain pests such as cockroaches and bed bugs.

    Some pests are much more difficult to eliminate or handle and may need more chemicals or more effort from the pest exterminator.

    Your house may need multiple treatments depending on how bad the situation is.  

    Check with your local pest control service provider to get their rates and pricing details.

    What are the Qualifications or Qualities to look out for when hiring a Pest Control Expert in Perth?

    Qualifications or Qualities to look out for when hiring a Pest Control Expert in Perth

    Are you in need of a pest control expert in Perth to deal with your pest problems?

    Here are qualities and qualifications that you should look for in a pest controller:

    Licensed and certified

    Pest control in Perth requires licenses for pest control experts. They must have acquired certifications for pest control workers.

    They should have a Provisional or full Pest Technician’s License. Pest control experts should be licensed and highly-trained in pest management in Perth.

    Here are the pest control licenses issued by the Western Australian Government Department of Health:

    • Full Technicians License: This license allows the pest controller to provide general pest control and pest management services.
    • Provisional Technicians License: Pest controllers with this license are allowed to own or buy a pest management business.
    • Salespersons License: Sales people in the pest management industry must be licensed. They may apply for a Technician’s license restricted to ‘sales’ only.

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    Should have appropriate endorsements

    Endorsements allow the license holder to work in specific areas.

    It is an offense to work on pest control jobs not endorsed on their permit.

    Here are the endorsements that require additional training:

    • Salespersons
    • Termite Treatment of Power Poles
    • Urban Pest Control: Domestic and Commercial Pests, Termites and Timber Pests
    • Feral Pigeon Control
    • Feral Vertebrates
    • Crops & Pastures, Forestry, Pest & Weed Control Non-Cropping and Turf Management
    • Fumigation
    • Lawn & Gardening, Landscaping, Bushland & Minesite Rehabilitation
    • Dieback Protection in Bushland

    Business should be registered

    Pest control companies should be registered by the Department of Health (DOH).

    It is illegal for pest controllers to perform any pest control activities without a business registration for pest management.


    Check the pest control expert’s past experiences. How many years has the pest controller been in the business?

    The more experiences the pest control expert has, the more qualified they are for the job.

    Good track record

    A quality pest controller should have a great track record.

    Ask for referrals or check reviews to know information about their track record in pest management in Perth

    Fair and competitive prices

    Do your research on the standard prices for pest control in Perth.

    Get quotes from different pest control companies and compare their prices.

    Choose the pest control expert who offers fair and clear costs for the job.

    Wide range of services

    When looking for a good pest control expert in Perth, check on the type and range of services they are offering.

    A good pest control professional provides a wide range of services. 

    The variety of services the pest controller offers is an indicator of their vast experience and their expertise in pest extermination.

    Best products for treatments

    It is best to hire professional pest control companies because they have trained pest controllers in Perth who know how to handle pest problems such as termite infestations.

    They also use the best products for treatments.

    Pest control experts in Perth should possess the following qualities:

    • They are punctual. Punctuality shows that the pest control expert is committed to the job and is a responsible worker. Customers expect pest control experts in Perth to be on time for a pest control service.
    • They are organized. An organized pest controller should be able to manage schedules of services and organize an inventory of different pesticides.
    • They are customer oriented. A good pest controller should possess quality customer care services and should be able to guarantee you with the best results.
    • They are good communicators. They should be able to effectively communicate with their customers as they successfully exterminate the pests.
    • They are positive in nature. Showing up to work with a positive disposition is a good trait which means that the pest control expert in Perth is dedicated and committed to accomplishing their job.
    • There are presentable. Pest controllers who are dressed in clean uniforms and greet their customers with a smile shows professionalism.

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    Top Most Common Pests in Perth

    Top Most Common Pests in Perth

    Before searching for the best pest control in Perth to prevent or manage pest problems, you should have a better understanding of the most common types of pests in Perth.


    The most common types of ant species in Perth are: Argentine Ants, Black Ants, Coastal Brown Ants, Bull Ants.

    Some of these types of ants can cause dangerous and painful bites like the aggressive Bull Ants.   Ants travel to many areas of the house and carry food to their colony.

    These pests may travel to electrical or hot water systems which can cause short circuits and fires. 

    If you spot a colony of ants in your home, identify them right away so you can control these pests within your property. Ants can be controlled by locating the nest and treating it with insecticide to flood the tunnels. 

    For prevention measures, make sure you seal all food items and keep all surfaces clean and free of debris or food crumbs to repel ants.

    Bed bugs

    Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that pierce the skin of humans and feed on blood causing irritation.

    These are usually found near food sources, which is the human skin. 

    Here are signs that your property is infested with bed bugs:

    • Red and itchy bites: Bed bugs can leave irritating red marks on the human skin.
    • Blood stains on the bed sheets: These insects leave behind blood stains resembling dark or rusty spots on pillowcases and bed sheets after they feed on humans.
    • An unpleasant and musty odour: There is a bug infestation when you can smell a strong, musty odour that comes from bed bugs’ scent glands. 


    Another common type of pest found in Perth homes are cockroaches. These pests will eat almost any organic matter and can easily form in groups, leading to an infestation. 

    Cockroaches can spread diseases such as salmonella food poisoning, diphtheria, and dysentery. They move around sewers, garbage, and drains, and carry a variety of viruses that can cause serious health risks.

    Warning signs of a cockroach infestation would be the presence of egg cases, faecal pellets, and cockroaches running around in broad daylight.

    If these pests have grown in number, simply cleaning your home and using household insect repellants will not be enough.

    Seek the help of professional pest controllers in Perth.


    Millipedes do not bite or sting. They do not cause any damage to furniture or any stored food, but when handled, it may cause skin irritation.

    Millipedes increase in numbers quickly and if left untreated causes an infestation.

    To remove millipedes from your home, start by asking a Perth pest control expert to make an inspection report, locating the source of how these pests are getting inside your home. 

    Prevention measures include sealing cracks, gaps and crevices around windows and doors, and reducing moist areas where millipedes thrive. 


    Mosquitos are one of the common types of pests in Perth homes causing pest problemsThese pests are incredibly dangerous because they cause various diseases such as dengue and malaria. 

    Mosquitos breed in moist conditions. To prevent infestation of mosquitos in your home, you should remove any standing water. Make sure to eliminate any possible breeding grounds.

    You can keep these pesky pests away from your skin by wearing a mosquito repellant or slapping them with a swatter.


    Moths are common pests in Perth. If breeding occurs, the larvae of moths can cause pest problemsMoths can damage fabrics and can eat up the clothes in your closet.

    You will know if your property is infested with moths if there is a presence of small maggot-like larvae, silken tubes or cases, pupae, and adult moths crawling rather than flying.

    Treatment is required if the source of moth infestation is within your property.


    Termites can cause extensive damage to homes in Perth. They are social insects and live in colonies. These pests attack in groups and will happily eat wood in your home. 

    A termite colony will devour anything made of wood and can damage electrical wiring found on walls.

    Tell-Tale signs of a termite infestation would be discolored drywall, peeling paint, wood that sounds hollow, and tiles loosening.

    Look out for damages on wooden furniture and structures in your home. Seek for professional pest control in Perth to prevent further pest infestation.

    Wasps and bees

    The most common wasps and bees in Perth WA are: Honey Bees, Paper Wasps, and European Wasps.

    These pests are known to sting and the effect inflicted on humans can differ from one person to another.

    An obvious sign of a bee infestation would be hundreds of bees clinging to one another and hanging down from a branch of a tree or in wall cavities, sheds, and roof spaces.

    When you have a wasp infestation in your property, you may see the presence of a nest and these pests swarming one area.

    Wood chewed up by wasps to make their nests is another sign of an infestation.

    If you see the presence of a swarm of bees and wasps within your property, call Perth pest control experts and they will help determine the most effective control method for safely removing these pests.

    For the best pest controllers in Perth, visit HIREtrades, Australia’s most trusted trades provider, and get free quotes.

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