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Most property owners, depending on their budget and preference, choose between solid plastering and drywall.

Solid plastering is a type of application that produces a durable and smooth surface finish, while drywall is a construction material adjoining layers of plasterboards and sheets that cover wall surfaces.

Both types have varying advantages. Here’s how solid plastering and gyprock wall (drywall) installation differ in terms of durability, sound and fire resistance, insulation and cost.


Plaster: Plastering your walls results in higher quality and more durable finish than installing plasterboards. A perfectly mixed and applied plaster coating can withstand weather elements and require low maintenance.

Drywall: Gyprock or plasterboard installation is less durable but more stable than wet plastering. Drywall is a more popular option for most homeowners. However, gyprock walls can easily acquire dents and holes.


Plaster: Plaster walls are more resistant to sound than drywall. The mixture of gypsum (lime), sand and water makes the structure denser after a thorough application and drying process. Gypsum makes plaster walls fire-resistant.

Drywall: Gyprock walls are fire-resistant since the main component of drywall is gypsum. However, in terms of soundproofing, drywall panels are thinner than plaster, making them less effective in reducing sound transmission.


Plaster: While wet plasters are denser than drywall, they lack thermal properties. Wet plastering tends to be less energy-efficient, contributing to higher power bills.

Drywall: Some drywall products are naturally insulated. Cutting holes on gyprock walls is usually done to put the proper amount of insulation behind the wall. Installers can use spray foam or loose-fill insulation.


Plaster: The cost is less likely to thrive in plastering supplies. However, the amount of time required to complete the process considerably incurs higher fees compared to plasterboard installation. Also, consider the skills and expertise of your hired plasterer.

Drywall: Gyprock installation costs less than wall plastering when it comes to labour. In terms of materials, drywall is more expensive. Overall, gyprock walls tend to be cheaper than wet plasters.

Different Types of Plastering Used in Construction

Whether you’re using solid or gyprock plastering, each method varies in purpose and function. A professional plasterer will recommend what type is suitable for your plastering needs and requirements.

Solid wall plastering

Solid or hard wall plastering is a conventional form of plastering that most property owners use when building a new home or extending a house.

In terms of appearance and durability, plaster walls evoke a high-end, weather-resistant finish. Solid plastering requires specialised skills and experience to come up with a beautifully finished wall surface.

Plaster walls are more sound resistant as the materials used are compact and hard-wearing. They are less susceptible to dents, scratches, and holes. Moreover, they are not prone to termite attacks and moulds.

Drywall plastering

Drywall is much easier to install than wet plaster. As opposed to wet plastering, gyprock or plasterboard installation involves hanging pre-rendered panels to the wall and applying a few coats after the installation to cover the joints and nail pops.

While the installation process is not labour-intensive, gyprock repairs may consume more time. Since drywall surfaces can easily obtain cracks, moulds and holes, they are often subject to repairs and worse, replacement.

Whether you’re replacing your old indoor walls or adding new partitions for your renovation project, you can opt for drywall. For most owners who have budget concerns, gyprock installation is a more affordable choice.

Ornamental plastering

Ornamental plastering is a method of applying decorative mouldings on ceilings, skirting boards or cornices. These architecturally designed plasterworks are pre-handcrafted prior to the actual application.

Home or commercial owners can either choose among the different styles such as Victorian, Art Deco and Georgian. Plastering companies may provide recommendations as to what specific design will complement your property and align with your budget.

If you prefer to have a few ornamental mouldings on your picture rails, fireplace surrounds or any part of the property that you want to emphasise, only a licensed and skilled plasterer must be hired to ensure high-quality craftsmanship.

Cost of Plastering Services

Plastering costs per square metre can range from $23 to $70, not to mention the hourly labour fee. Your choice of plastering supplies and additional ornaments are few of the important factors that impact the cost of installation.

Wet plastering is priced at a lesser rate in terms of materials, while the upfront cost of drywall panels or plasterboards is large. However, the amount of labour required for drywall installation makes the overall project less expensive than solid plastering.

However big or small, hire a qualified plasterer to work on solid plastering, plasterboard installation or gyprock repair services to avoid future disputes. If you opt for hard wall plasters, choose a highly skilled plasterer to handle the job.

Reliable plasterers are equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to provide high-quality plastering services. They are adept at satisfying not only your needs but also the demands of the project.

Licensing requirements for tradies undertaking plastering jobs vary depending on your State. Ensure that you verify all the credentials of your local plasterer before making a choice. This includes asking about certifications and checking their recent plasterworks.

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