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Backflow is the unwanted reversal of liquid flow from supply lines into the potable water system. This entails a health risk for people as these sources are likely to be polluted. Once the fluid flows back into the pipes, it may carry chemicals, debris and other contaminants that will affect the drinking water, which makes it unsafe to consume. The situations that usually cause this process to occur are the following:

  • Back Siphonage – the supply pressure is greatly reduced due to cases such as leaking or sudden use of an excessive volume of water.

  • Back Pressure – the pressure is higher than the main due to some means like recirculation pumps.

These two are likely to transpire when the water main connects to a plumbing fixture or a possibly contaminated system. This is known as cross connection. Since plumbing is one of the most essential utilities in houses, it is crucial to be properly installed and maintained.

Whatever type of this work that needs to be done, hiring an accredited plumber will assure homeowners a legal and safe project. From the myriad of plumbing-related tasks that can be accomplished, this specialist can introduce the best backflow preventers that can resolve any issues. Installation of this device has become a necessity for most Australian homes and is one of the sought-after services by most clients.

Best Backflow Valves

A prevention device impedes reverse flow of liquid. It allows the fluid to run in the correct direction, preventing harmful substances from outside sources from contaminating the potable water. This instrument comes in three hazard ratings: high, medium and low. The appropriate type you need also depends on the condition of the premise. Proper testing must be done to achieve its purpose. The system must be installed by an authorised person in compliance with relevant standards.

Those with high and medium hazard classifications must be tested by a qualified plumber. Pressure vacuum breaker (PVB), reduced pressure zone (RPZ) and double check assembly (DCA) are the most common types of this mechanism. Each has its own function in providing safety and protection across residential and commercial structures. Homeowners are responsible for having the right kind of tool installed. Choosing a highly skilled individual for this job is necessary to guarantee success.

An expert has the experience and expertise to carry out this task in the said field. The initial action is to visit and assess the site to see its condition. Giving enough details that can affect the selection of device is important. This will become a basis of installing the suitable type for the property. In case of high and medium conditions, they must be tested annually after they are connected. A professional knows all aspects of the work that need to be completed and the regulations that need to be adhered to.

By hiring the right plumber to do the installation and all things associated with it, an effective protection for your drinking water supply system is assured. There is a vast range of trusted companies that provide a wide list of the best backflow valves . Experts render effective prevention testing services to protect water supply from contamination.

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