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Grease Trap Cleaning Services

grease trap cleaning

Engaging top grease trap cleaning services provide a lot of convenience for households. 

Traps are designed to stop fats, oils and grease (FOG) from entering the sewer lines. If they are not checked, they solidify and stick inside the pipes trapping particles and other debris.

If it continues to grow, it blocks the flow of wastewater and causes sewage to back up. Without proper maintenance, problems can occur like foul odours, excessive pumping, failed inspection, and sanitary conditions that are not safe. 

That is why cleaning services for this essential element is highly necessary. In fact, most municipalities require that business owners as well as households do it monthly or more frequently depending on the size. 

To prevent homeowners from experiencing those issues, here are the top things that must be avoided.

  • Do not pour boiling water as it liquefies the FOG particles that were trapped and forces them into the sewer pipe.
  • Do not connect garbage disposals or high-temperature dishwashers to any trap.
  • Do not use chemicals, additives, bleach, or drain cleaners into it as they destroy the naturally good bacteria and harm the environment.

Grease Trap Cleaning Contractors

Given those preventive measures, here are some pointers on what-to-do to effectively perform the cleaning:

  • Drain the tank of wastes, both the internal and external parts
  • Inspect and cleanse all baffles
  • Make a complete system test to ensure that water is flowing smoothly
  • Get rid of all the waste materials pumped out in an environmentally safe way
  • Ensure also that the wash sinks are securely tied into the traps
  • Make sure that it is correctly-sized to work efficiently and be maintained properly
  • Check the structure carefully if the lid fit and close firmly leaving no gaps for insects or small animals to slip through
  • Look for any cracks or chips anywhere which are mostly prone in concretely made unit
  • The number of baffles depends upon the design, so be strict in following the right count without any one or more missing or broken piece

With this load of work, one may find it too much to handle alone. It is best to ask the help of professional plumbers because they will surely finish all the tasks involved in a safer and more appropriate way possible. 

They have got all the experiences and skills necessary to perform the task quickly and efficiently. Just remember to ask for a license and quote for the job beforehand. 

Through a wide range of professional grease trap cleaning contractors, there is always a way to prevent overflows.

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