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The time comes when you will eventually have to get new components for your bathroom. While a toilet installation service may appear like a simple undertaking, it could actually be complicated to do on your own, especially, since you are not experienced. 

To prevent breaking anything or if there are damages that are needed to be addressed, it is important to contact an experienced installer to do it. Choosing a sanitation fixture for your home is not just simply picking on which style you prefer most. 

Aside from its form, you could have a system that would give the households the best comfort. For the type of suites, there are major classifications to choose from:

  • Back to wall – The pipes are not visible as the cistern (tank) is concealed in the wall cavity. Its structure makes it suitable for tight and smaller spaces.

  • Close-coupled – The traditional look where you can see the cistern sit atop the toilet pan. Many use it because of its versatility to match with any lavatory designs.

  • Connector – The most conventional and what we usually see in many households, especially, due to its easy mounting process.

  • Wall-faced – The pan directly sits on the wall without gaps. It is bold-looking and its anatomy makes it accessible to clean easily. There is also a “wall-hung” modification which can be pricey to install but home owners opt for it because of its stylish and modern aesthetic.

Professional Toilet Installers

Even though there are many tutorials and step-by-step instructions available on the internet which can guide you on how to do the toilet installation by yourself, it should be underscored that you have to hire a licensed tradesperson for the undertaking since it is part of your residence’s plumbing work. 

Australian standards require only a certified plumber to handle such work especially when you have to replace and remove the previous unit. If an inexperienced worker does it, there might be risks of mishaps and leaks which can affect the water supply, and worse, contaminate it.

For the toilet unit, the price may vary depending on its type. The cost may range from $150 and can even reach up to more than $1,000 especially for the wall-hung ones. 

Putting it up, which will be done by the plumbing specialist, will be based on an hourly rate. Most contractors will charge at least $55 depending on factors like the complexity of the system, its classification and the location. 

Additional work to be accomplished like fixing of pipes will be an added expense as well. With a vast selection of reputable companies, hiring professional toilet installers is now very convenient.

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