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Plumbers In Melbourne

Do you have any plumbing emergencies that need to be addressed by professional Melbourne plumbers?

You will want to hire the best plumber in town if you are experiencing plumbing problems such as dripping faucets or a blocked drain. 

With the requisite knowledge, experience, skill sets, and tools, professional plumbers in Melbourne are ready to efficiently and effectively attend to issues. 

For your general plumbing problems, seek the best plumbing service from professional plumbers in Melbourne.

  • Three Major Types of Plumbers: What are their differences?

  • The Most Common Types of Emergency Plumbing Services

  • Plumbing Cost: What are the factors that may affect the Job cost of your Plumbing Task?

  • What to look for in a Plumber?

  • Three Quick Plumbing Fixes that you should learn

  • When Should You Hire a Plumber?

Three Major Types of Plumbers: What are their differences?


A plumber is a tradesperson who installs, repairs, and maintains plumbing systems including the water supply, hot water service, sanitation, and hot water systems.

Professional Melbourne plumbers make sure that your facilities are in good working condition. 

There are 3 types of plumbers: Residential Plumbers, Commercial Plumbers, and Service and Repair Plumbers. Let’s dig deeper into their differences.

Residential Plumbers

Residential Melbourneplumbers are the most common tradies requested to install and maintain the water systems and toilets in your home.

Local plumbers in Melbourne focus mainly on maintaining and enhancing the comfort level of the house.

Residential plumbers in Melbourne are experts at installing piping systems in residential houses.

They have the experience, skills, and the right tools to install plumbing mechanisms in homes to keep them running smoothly and properly. 

Residential plumbers offer conventional plumbing services such as gas fitting and installation of hot water systems.

They can also provide a long-term solution to conserve energy such as installing a solar-powered plumbing system. 

Commercial Plumbers

Commercial Melbourne plumbers are specifically trained to provide services in larger plumbing systems such as hospitals, shopping centres, schools, hotels, and other commercial buildings. 

Commercial plumbing services in Melbourne are requested when the plumbing system of a commercial building needs to be restored and maintained.

Professional commercial plumbers install and maintain plumbing services.

Commercial plumbers are able to install, maintain, and advise on the following:

  • Faucets - Local plumbers specialising in commercial plumbing services are able to handle and maintain the wide variety of different fixtures. From apartments to hospitals, there is a great diversity of products.

  • Toilets - Commercial plumbers in Melbourne install and maintain toilets in shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and hotels. The installation of plumbing fixtures in commercial areas requires more work than residential plumbing. 

  • Water heaters - In choosing the right type of commercial water heater, the type of heating fuel, location, storage, usage, and capacity should all be considered.

  • Sump pump or drainage pump - Commercial plumbers inspect and maintain commercial sump pumps for flood prevention.

  • Backflow prevention equipment - This equipment are designed to protect a commercial building’s potable water supply. Businesses should seek a plumbing company that provides specialised services such as the installation of a backflow preventor at each cross-connection point.

What is the difference between a residential plumber and a commercial plumber?

Commercial plumbers in Melbourne may have a better understanding of larger plumbing systems, while a residential plumber in Melbourne may be experienced with plumbing systems that are smaller in scale. 

Because commercial plumbers have different plumbing demands from residential plumbers, the types of equipment they use differs.

Commercial plumbers in Melbourne working in large-scale buildings use bigger machines and industrial grade plumbing fixtures.

The work hours of residential plumbers in Melbourne usually fall within the 9 to 5 norm unless they are called in on weekends or off-hours to deal with plumbing emergencies. 

Commercial plumbers often complete plumbing jobs during off-hours when people are away from the work site.

Plumbing work on a commercial space usually takes place at night when the place is not in use.

Commercial plumbing has more complexity and is wider in range, from commercial kitchens to hospitals.

There is also a difference in the code and permit requirements for residential and commercial structures which the plumbers in Melbourne should be aware of.

Service and Repair Plumbers

Service and repair Melbourne plumbers fix burst pipes, leaking toilets, clogged bath or shower drains, and dripping faucets, to name a few.

These plumbers are technically trained and experienced to repair plumbing problems in homes and business establishments. 

Look for service and repair plumbing companies in Melbourne with skilled and trained plumbers for your plumbing needs.

Armed with the experience and acumen to promptly identify and repair issues, plumbers in Melbourne can restore your systems and comfort.

The Most Common Types of Emergency Plumbing Services


Melbourne plumbers encounter a lot of plumbing emergencies everyday. Emergency plumbing services in Melbourne specialise in providing effective solutions for unexpected plumbing issues.

What are the most common types of emergency plumbing services that plumbers deal with? 

Toilet repair

Having a clogged toilet is a plumbing emergency. In most emergency situations, a plunger is not enough to unclog a blocked drain.

Seek professional advice and help from licensed plumbers in Melbourne.  

Another common emergency problem experienced by homeowners is leaking toilets.

Leaks can cause water wastage and structural damage that is why it is imperative to fix the problem as soon as possible.  

These toilet plumbing problems should be addressed right away.

The best solution is to hire a professional local plumber who is licensed and trained to fix your toilet troubles. 

Broken water pipes

Broken water pipes can cause serious damage and major flooding. It is not advisable to repair the pipe by yourself.

It is imperative to seek the help of professional Melbourne plumbers. 

What causes water pipes to be broken? There are various reasons why pipes can break open causing damage and flooding.

Here are the four main causes of broken water pipes:

  • Frozen pipes - Cold temperature can cause serious damage to a pipe. When water freezes inside a pipe it expands and increases pressure, causing the pipe to burst.

  • Water pressure - An increase in the water pressure can lead to the pipe to burst. An expert plumber in Melbourne can install a pressure reducing valve to remedy the problem.


  • Moving pipes - Water pipes can move around inside the walls of a house or commercial building if the pipes are not properly secured. The movement eventually causes the pipe to become weak and to break.

  • Corrosion - A water pipe can break due to a slow building corrosion. Blockages or build ups can materialize on the pipe’s inner walls, forcing the water to work harder to push through.

Drain repair

Many people use natural or chemical drain cleaners to fix a blocked drain, but the problem may be much more complicated.

It is safer and more effective to seek the help of professionals. 

Expert Melbourne plumbers are skilled in providing the best blocked drain solutions.

They can help prevent drainage solutions through routine inspections and maintenance. 

Plumbing Cost: What are the factors that may affect the Job cost of your Plumbing Task?


The job of professional Melbourne plumbers is very diverse which is why the cost for each plumbing service can vary.

What are the factors that can affect the cost of different plumbing services?


The cost for each plumbing service differs depending on the location of the plumbing job.

The fees vary from one Australian state or territory to another. 

Type of job 

The cost of a plumbing service depends on the scope of the job. What type of job do you need your Melbourne plumber to carry out?

Is the job simple or does it require more effort to accomplish?

Fixing a water leak, blocked drain or unclogging a sink will definitely cost less than repairing major plumbing problems that require cutting into walls or the installation of a gas line or sewer line. 


The fee that Melbourne plumber charges also depends on when the plumbing job is going to take place.

There is usually a premium for calling out a local plumber after hours. 

Plumbing companies in Melbourne are likely to charge a higher price for services done after hours compared to services done in normal hours. 

Fees for services done in the middle of the night, during holidays and weekends would also fluctuate. 

The plumbers may add a ‘service fee’ on top of their regular fee for the inconvenience and travel costs involved.

They may also have a minimum charge (say 4 hours).

Materials used

When looking for a Melbourne plumber to solve your plumbing problems, always request for an itemised quote.

The cost of materials can vary between different plumbing services quotations.

The plumber’s level of expertise

A licensed and highly-trained Master Plumber is likely to charge higher for their services than a regular plumber in Melbourne

Before hiring a reliable and cheap plumber in Melbourne, it is advisable to get several price estimates.

Make sure to check reviews and references for the tradies. Look for the best value, this is not always the lowest cost.

What to look for in a Plumber?


When looking for a plumber in Melbourne who can help you with your plumbing needs, you must make sure to find one who is competent, experienced, and reliable. 

What are the features to look for in quality Melbourne plumbers or plumbing companies in Melbourne?

They should be licensed and insured

When searching for a plumber in Melbourne, you should make sure that your potential plumber is licensed in their area of expertise. 

Aside from the right license, your plumber should also be insured.

Having insurance protects both you and the plumber.

The majority of Australian states and territories require specific licenses and it is important that you know the licensing requirements for Melbourne plumbers.

You can verify if your local plumber is licensed by checking with your local authority.

Watch out for Master Plumbers as they pride themselves on their professionalism and quality workmanship.

If you hire a Master Plumber in Melbourne you can be better assured that you will receive high-quality service.

Master Plumbers accept highly complex plumbing jobs requiring expertise, knowledge and skill.

Here’s an overview of the features of a Master Plumber:

  • They have years of experience (10 or more)

  • They have shown and demonstrated mastery in plumbing

  • They are certified in various areas of plumbing

  • They oversee large plumbing projects

They should be experienced

Just like in any job or industry, having similar work experience is an advantage.

When looking for a quality plumber in Melbourne, you may consider the number of years the potential plumber has already been working. 

The longer the plumbing company has been operating, the more likely they have a reputation for quality service.

Years of experience in the field indicates a local plumber with plenty of hands-on training -- repairing, installing, and maintaining plumbing systems.

Look for a Melbourne plumber that has been working in the business for several years because you can be sure that they have the work experience needed to solve your plumbing dilemmas. 

They should have good references

Ask for references from your local plumber to ensure that they have provided quality services to customer expectations.

A Melbourne plumber with accompanying references will give you more confidence in your decision to engage them.

Having good references should give you an idea of how efficient and consistent the work of your plumber in Melbourne has been in the past. 

They should offer clear and fair pricing

When looking for the best plumber to assist you with your plumbing needs, you should ask for written quotes from different plumbers.

Choose the one who offers the best value, not necessarily the lowest price. 

Look for a plumber in Melbourne with flat-rate services or upfront pricing.

Flat rate means having no sudden additional fees when you receive the bill.

If you choose a professional Melbourne plumber who makes accurate and clear price estimates, you would be able to budget well, knowing exactly how much you expect to pay for the Melbourne plumbing services.

They should offer emergency services

It is always best to have emergency plumbers in Melbourne when you need them the most.

Plumbing emergencies such as burst pipes and leaking toilets can strike at any time when you least expect it. 

A quality plumbing service accepts emergency calls any time of the day for 7 days a week to ensure that your plumbing issues are addressed quickly. 

If you encounter any plumbing problems, you’ll be glad that your plumber in Melbourne is available to help you as soon as possible. 

They use high quality work materials

Make sure that your local plumber in Melbourne uses the best plumbing materials to get the job done, while giving you quality work.

Check the plumber’s references and reviews to see what their customers are saying about them. 

Three Quick Plumbing Fixes that you should learn

Repairing plumbing problems can be quite frustrating that is why we seek the help of professional Melbourne plumbers.

There are times when toilet repairs can be made without a plumber.

Here are some helpful quick fixes that can be used to solve simple toilet leaks, clogged drains, and leaking pinholes.

Repairing a Toilet Leak

Leaking toilets should be fixed as soon as possible because they can be a cause of other issues such as water wastage and structural damage to the home.

First determine the location of the water leak.

The leak could be at the base or in the bowl itself.

A leak at the base can cause significant damage to the toilet floor, while a leak in the bowl can result in water wastage.

How to determine the location of the leak:

  • Dry the floor around the toilet and wait to see where it is coming from. 

  • Pour a teaspoon of food colouring into the tank. 

  • Check the water in the bowl and see if it is red.

This can also be fixed by tightening the T bolts at the toilet’s base using a wrench.

If this quick fix stops the leak, then there is no need to replace the wax seal.

When water leaks at the base of the toilet, it may mean that the wax seal underneath needs to be replaced.

If the leak persists, it is advisable to seek the help of a certified Melbourne plumber.

Clearing Clogged Drains

Aside from the plunger, which is the go-to tool for fixing clogged drains by licensed Melbourne plumbers, there are other quick fixes using items found in the house.

Here are useful household items to fix clogged sinks:

  • Hot water

Pour the hot water directly into the drain and the blockage should break down completely due to the force of the moving water.

Repeat the procedure several times for it to work. 

  • Soap

Use liquid soap as a lubricant to help unclog the drain.

Pour the soap in the drain and wait until it makes its way down the pipes. 

  • Wire hanger

Use a wire clothing hanger to break through a stubborn blockage.

By using the wire hanger, you will be able to force the blockage to break apart and flow down the drain.  

  • A quick fix mixture

Make your own concoction to unclog drains. Mix 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar together.

Pour the mixture in the drain and let it sit for 15 minutes before running hot water into it. 

Stopping a Leaking Pinhole

How do you stop a pinhole leak? To temporarily fix the issue, you need to apply pressure to the opening by wrapping duct tape around the pipe.

This should provide the necessary pressure.

You can also temporarily stop the leak by driving a self-tapping screw into the hole through a rubber washer.

This temporary fix won’t give you enough pressure, which is why you need to use a stronger and long-lasting solution. 

The long-term fix is to replace the damaged area with a new pipe.

If all else fails, hire a licensed plumber in Melbourne.

When Should You Hire a Plumber?

Though there are plumbing fixes that you can DIY, you will still need to hire a plumbing expert when things get more serious.

Hire professional Melbourne plumbers to install, repair or maintain your plumbing systems.

Let the professional plumbers in Melbourne handle these plumbing tasks:

Gas fitting 

Any gas installation or repair jobs must be done by licensed and experienced plumbers in Melbourne.

They have the necessary gas fitting licenses and qualifications to accomplish the job.

Plumbing emergencies

Plumbing emergencies that can turn into bigger problems such as overflowing toilets, burst pipes, water heater malfunction, and sump pump failure should be solved by expert plumbers in Melbourne.

Roof and gutter plumbing

If your roof is leaking, have a roof plumber check and repair your roof and gutter plumbing.

Roof plumbers in Melbourne are experts in repairing gutters, downpipes, and drainages.

Plumbing maintenance and repairs

Make sure to have your plumbing regularly maintained by your plumber in Melbourne.

Before even attempting to DIY plumbing repairs, you have to keep in mind that it can be dangerous.

Instead of saving money doing DIY repairs, it might cost you even more.

You might also put yourself at risk and might create more problems if you decide to do repairs on your own.

When it comes to a serious plumbing issue, you will need to seek professional help from licensed Melbourne plumbers.

Complex plumbing issues require complex solutions. Plumbing maintenance and repairs are best left to the plumbing experts. 

Solar hot water plumbing

Looking for sustainable solutions to heat water? Get a solar hot water system installed in your home with the help of a professional Melbourne plumber

For complicated plumbing jobs that involve issues with the water heater, sewer lines, or going into walls, you will need the expertise of trained and experienced Melbourne plumbers.

You can post your job in ‘Find-a-Tradie’ websites such as HIREtrades.