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Professional Plumbers in Perth, WA

Professional Plumbers in Perth, WA

    Search for top plumbers around your area and get rid of the hassle from a clogged sink or backed up pipe. 

    Cost of plumbing services in Australia varies depending on the city, see below the average prices:

    Perth - $95 to $100

    Sydney - $99 to $135

    Brisbane - $88 to $92

    Adelaide - $81 to $89

    Melbourne - $80 to $87

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    Types of Plumbing Services

    Costs of plumbing services depends on what type of job you require, below are the price range of common plumbing tasks:

    Blocked Drains - $80 to $120

    Toilet Installation - $410 to $2,040

    Emergency Plumbers - $150 to $250

    Hot Water Unit Repairs - $130 to $1,200

    See full details here: How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Plumber?

    Other types of plumbing services includes: 

    General Plumbing Maintenance

    Grease Traps

    Grey Water Recycling Systems

    New Drains

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    Tips on Hiring the Best Plumber for the Job

    Below are the things that must be kept in mind when hiring a plumber - make sure you remember them all.

    • Licensed & Registered - license and registration adds to the legitimacy of a tradie 
    • Physically Fit - some plumbing tasks are more than a simple sink fix for that, physical fitness is needed
    • Check for Business License & Years of Experience - a legitimate and experienced handyman is always recommended
    • Search for Reviews or Ratings Online - Ask other customers and search for reviews online

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        Plumbing Job Cost Guides
        Toilet Installation Cost

        Toilet installation can cost around $410 to $2040+. Prices may change depending on the factors that influence the cost of installing a toilet.

        Cost of Emergency Plumbers

        The estimated cost for hiring emergency plumbers varies from $80 to $135 per hour plus the after-hours plumbing jobs.

        Cost of Blocked Drain Cleaning

        Expect to pay more or less $80 to $135 per hour when hiring plumber that specialises in drain cleaning.

        All About Plumbers
        How to install bathroom vanity plumbing?

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        What is Commercial Plumbing?

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        Why is plumbing important?

        Safety. Is one of the best word that could answer the question. Get to know more here why plumbing is important.