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Hiring the Best Plumbers in Perth, WA

Fixing clogged toilets and slow-draining sinks may be doable but if the problem recurs, it’s best to hire plumbing companies in Perth. More so when dealing with major plumbing problems such as burst pipes and gas leaks.

Many experienced plumbers provide long-term plumbing solutions to address your needs. Remember, you might risk your family’s safety and put your finances at stake if you operate on your ability to rectify the issue.

This article gives you an overview of:

  • Different types of plumbers
  • The usual plumbing services required
  • Factors that may affect your plumbing job cost
  • Qualities to look for when hiring a plumber in Perth
  • Things you can do to avoid plumbing problems at home

Different Types of Plumbers

Different Types of Plumbers

For every plumbing maintenance or repair job that requires your attention, there are reliable Perth plumbers to reach out. Check how their work differs in terms of specialisation, exposure and difficulty.

Residential plumber

This type of plumber is usually exposed to dealing with domestic plumbing problems. Residential plumbers in Perth are more experienced in providing conventional plumbing services such as fixing blocked drains and leaking taps.

Some offer same-day services depending on the size and difficulty of the job. Not only are they knowledgeable and trained, but they also make sure that you experience little to no disruption in your daily activities at home.

Residential plumbers work on new homes and renovations. If you need to update your existing plumbing system or add a new fixture (e.g. bathroom sink), a local plumber specialising in residential plumbing is the best person to trust.

Commercial plumber

Commercial plumbers are no different from residential plumbers except the number of fixtures to install as well as multiple plumbing lines to maintain. They are more exposed to a wider range of commercial plumbing services as opposed to domestic plumbers.

This type of plumber works with multiple storeys, shopping malls and industrial buildings which require a more comprehensive plumbing system. Commercial plumbing companies in Perth work with professional plumbers to perform upkeep and plumbing upgrades.

The plumbing machines and equipment that they use also varies depending on the work demand. For instance, the use of large sewer pipes and fixtures is more appropriate for commercial settings. They apply diverse techniques depending on the need.

Roof plumber

Roof plumbers work with domestic and commercial roof structures. They are often exposed to roof component installations, truss repairs and external flashing fabrications. Many roof plumbers design and install sanitary plumbing and install water-based fire protection systems.

Plumbers of this type also deal with keeping downpipes and wall claddings in good condition. This is to maintain the quality of your roof plumbing and avoid serious plumbing problems that may arise unexpectedly.

Whether you have leaky roofs or weak gutters, roof plumbers in Perth can help you address drainage issues and keep your property from acquiring structural damage. They are trained at roof maintenance to resolve all roof-related problems.

Mechanical plumber

Mechanical plumbers are more focused on the installation, maintenance and repair of heating and cooling systems around homes and business places. Not only are they required to be licensed, but they are also expected to provide quality mechanical plumbing services.

Qualified mechanical plumbers are knowledgeable and experienced in ventilating systems, air conditioning and water heaters. Competency in refrigeration pipework systems is another area that validates their professionalism and credibility.

Commercial and industrial owners mostly benefit from the plumbing service they provide. Whether old pipe removal or space heater installation is needed, mechanical plumbers are fit to meet your job requirements.

Gas plumber

Plumbing projects involving gas are often ruled out by a licensed gas plumber in Perth. Gas plumbing is their expertise and they perform diverse types of gas-related jobs including gas metre and valve installation, leak inspection and flue pipe repairs.

Whether you are looking to repair your gas appliances or install LPG gas bottles, you can have professional gas plumbers or gas fitters to handle the job. Unlike general plumbers, they are into a more specialised approach.

You can ask your local gas plumber about his experience and expertise to ensure that you are hiring the right tradie for the job. These plumbers specialise in gas hot water system installation or any service related to gas plumbing.

Emergency plumber

Whom do you call when your pipe bursts in the middle of the night? Emergency plumbers are your best option when sudden plumbing problems occur at a time you do not expect. They usually work outside of normal business hours.

Emergency plumbers focus on addressing after-hours plumbing issues to ensure your safety and convenience. They provide 24-hour services to meet your urgent plumbing needs. Some of these include appliance breakdowns and hot water unit repairs.

Most of them work on identifying the root cause and performing quick fixes. They have all the tools ready for the job upon your request. Prepare a list of 24/7 plumbers to call as the need arises.

Determine which type of plumbers in Perth is best suited for your needs to ensure every job is done right.

What are the usual Plumbing Services required?

What are the usual Plumbing Services required?

Know what most home and business owners often request from Perth plumbing companies. Here are some services that they provide:

General Plumbing Maintenance

You want to ensure that your plumbing system is in perfect condition. Plumbing maintenance ranges from detecting water leaks to replacing toilet valves.

  • Is your kitchen tap not working efficiently?

  • Does your hot water system filter need changing?
  • Are some of your bathroom fixtures mouldy and outdated?
  • Is your shower showing signs of leaks?
  • Do you experience low water pressure?

The list could go on.

If you suspect signs of problems such as wet walls, choose the best plumbers in Perth to have your kitchen, bathroom and laundry plumbing inspected. This helps to determine if there are underlying issues that need to be rectified.

Drain Repairs

If you have slow-draining sinks hampering your routine, then there might be a more serious problem that local plumbers should address. Not only does it impede your house chores, but it might worsen the situation, leading to under-sink plumbing leaks.

Along with kitchen or bathroom sinks, other plumbing problems involving your drains should be checked for your convenience. Many companies offer the following plumbing services in Perth depending on the need:

  • Drain inspection

  • Tree root removal
  • Drain cleaning
  • Stormwater drain repairs

You can expect your Perth plumber to use the latest drainage technology such as drain machines, CCTV equipment and water jetters to inspect and resolve any detected issues.

Hot Water Unit Installation

For homeowners with water heaters, hot water unit repair or replacement services are common. If you want to install another hot water system to your home, there are plumbers in Perth, WA who can perform the job.

Whether it’s gas hot water, electric hot water or even solar hot water, your Perth plumber will install it for you. Some companies supply and install units to reduce the need for long buying and installation process.

If in doubt on what type, size or model to choose, you can ask your local plumber for recommendations. They are more than willing to assist you and pick what suits your needs and lifestyle.

Factors that may affect your Plumbing job cost

Factors that may affect your Plumbing job cost

Perth plumbers charge different rates compared to other cities. It’s important to determine some factors that influence the labour cost to know what finances are involved in each work.

Scope of work

This aspect highlights the difference between a minor and major plumbing problem. Few of the most common issues include:

  • Blocked kitchen/bathroom drains

  • Clogged or running toilets
  • Dripping taps
  • Appliance breakdowns (e.g. hot water unit)

Jobs that require less time to complete may not incur large expenses on your part. But for bigger plumbing projects (e.g. pipework repairs) that require digging, expect to pay more. Other issues that take longer time to resolve are:

Have your local plumber specified the pricing details for each work to manage your expectations. In some cases, Perth plumbers are asked to do multiple visits. This, in turn, will add to the cost.

Note: Plumbers charge on an hourly basis depending on the degree of difficulty and provide fixed quotations for major plumbing maintenance jobs. Make sure to negotiate with your prospective plumber to clarify the payment terms involved.

Tradie’s level of experience

Industry experience is another factor that influences the ebb and flow of plumbing service costs of your prospective plumber. Whether you’re hiring a plumbing company or an independent plumber, consider the number of years they’ve spent working.

One factor that separates start-up plumbing companies from established ones is experience. The reason some would charge more is that they have gained longer exposure in the field than others.

The easiest way to check their experiences and accomplishments is through the company’s website. Read customer reviews and ask previous clients about the price estimates andsolutions they provide when narrowing down your choices for the best plumbers in Perth.

Emergency call-outs

Emergency plumbers often charge after-hours call outs to cover the expenses made from travelling and other aspects. Phoning a plumber at midnight or during holidays incurs additional costs aside from the actual price of labour.

To help you save money, check if your home plumbing systems are running perfectly. If you happen to notice a recurring problem, have a seasoned plumber in Perth to perform initial inspections. This keeps you from dealing with emergency costs.

Remember, the more urgent the process will require, the larger the cost involved. Contrary to hiring local plumbers operating in the business hours, they charge less and within the standard pricing.

Make comparisons when clarifying the plumbing services cost in Perth. Choose what company can provide reliable results regardless of how cheap or expensive it could take.

What are the qualities to look for when hiring a Plumber in Perth?

Qualities to look for when hiring a Plumber in Perth

Hiring a professional plumber in Perth is not as simple as it sounds. But with the right guidelines, you can easily choose a plumber with less worries and delay. Refer to the list to help you in your tradie selection.

Licensed & Registered

The most important qualification to check when hiring plumbers in Perth is their licence. In Western Australia, the Plumbers Licensing Board is the agency responsible for issuing licences for qualified tradespeople and plumbing contractors.

Ask if the local plumber or plumbing company is licensed and registered under the Board. Be mindful of the different types of licences they grant to tradies undertaking plumbing work.

Here are the following licence types to verify with your Perth plumber:

  • Tradesperson’s licence. Granted to individual plumbers with complete training and qualifications in plumbing. This licence authorises the bearer to work under the supervision of a plumbing contractor when dealing with drainage, sanitary and water plumbing.

  • Tradesperson’s licence (drainage plumbing). Granted to individual plumbers with complete training and qualifications in drainage plumbing. This licence authorises the bearer to work as a drainage plumber under the supervision of a plumbing contractor.

  • Plumbing contractor’s licence. Granted to plumbing companies who already hold a tradesperson’s licence. This licence authorises the bearer to direct individual plumbers and provide certificates of compliance upon every completed work.

The plumbing contractor’s licence enables the holder to undertake drainage, sanitaryand water plumbing.

  • Provisional tradesperson’s licence. Granted to individual plumbers with competent qualifications in plumbing outside of Australia and with the intention to apply for a tradesperson’s licence in Western Australia.

  • Provisional tradesperson’s licence (drainage plumbing). Granted to individual plumbers with competent qualifications in drainage plumbing outside of Australia and with the intention to apply for a tradesperson’s licence limited to drainage plumbing work.

  • Restricted plumbing permit. Granted to licensed electricians or gas fitters who intend to perform water heater replacements while undertaking electrical or gasfitting work.

Trained & Experienced

Perth plumbers must not only be licensed and registered. It’s important to validate their credentials through a number of completed training they have attended. This is what fuels them to fulfil their duties with high levels of professionalism and competency.

When hiring a suitable plumber, check their area of expertise. There are trained plumbers who are licensed and specialised to perform drainage work, but are less competent in providing roof or gas plumbing services.

In this case, drainage or water plumbing problems should be carried out by a licensed plumber specialising in that field. This increases the possibility of resolving your specific concerns on time and in accordance with your job requirements.

Other aspects that help you weigh their level of reliability are:

  • Technical know-how

  • Latest plumbing machines and equipment
  • Timely and innovative plumbing solutions
  • Good testimonials/customer references
  • MPGA (Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of WA) membership

Hiring seasoned plumbers is essential to achieving high-quality results. But be wary of self-proclaimed professionals who brag about their work but lack the ability to prove it through their accomplished plumbing projects.

During the consultation, you can ask relevant questions that make them stand above the rest of plumbing companies in Perth. Get honest feedback from legitimate sources and clarify about the satisfaction level they receive from the tradie.

Insured & Covered

Every plumber in Perth should have the proper insurance to secure your financial assets and theirs. Otherwise, you may run the risk of shouldering the expenses incurred from unwanted accidents or property damages. Ask if they have:

  • Public liability insurance. This insurance covers any expenses made when your hired plumber accidentally causes damage to the property. If there are third-party injuries involved, the insurance also resolves to carry the financial burden.

    If, for instance, the plumber has been exposed to issues such as pipe explosion which leads to potential damage to sewer lines, the insurance will take care of the expenses without needing to shell out money from your pocket.

  • Work tool insurance. While this insurance mostly benefits plumbing companies in Perth, it helps to minimise work downtime in case their tools or equipment are lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.

    Hiring plumbing contractors with this insurance is beneficial on your part as it reduces the possibility of delaying plumbing jobs due to buying new tools. It keeps you from finding another plumber to work on unfinished projects.

  • Contract works insurance. This insurance covers damage expenses caused by natural occurrences such as storm, flood and fire. Contract Works insurance is applicable to ongoing plumbing projects for new homes or renovations.

    When hiring, check if your prospective local plumber is insured. Acquiring at least one or two insurance packages is necessary to ensure your financial protection and make you less worried during the operation.

5 Things you can do to avoid plumbing problems at home

Having a local plumber to assist you when home remedies fail to work increases the chance of resolving your plumbing concerns. You too can do something to prevent plumbing issues from occurring. Here are some:

1. Treat your sink right.

Kitchen sinks are often treated as a substitute to rubbish bins. Although not all homeowners are guilty about this, make sure that you throw away food residues including grease in the bin to avoid clogging the drain.

2. Don’t overcrowd the undersink.

Trap leaks under the sink may cause problems if left unchecked. Giving your pipes enough breathing space prevents any accidents such as colliding with items placed underneath.

3. Check your water metre.

Leaking taps or shower leaks are common problems that can worsen if left unmanaged. If your water bill is beyond the normal range, perform a thorough inspection or ask a Perth plumber for assistance.

4. Hang clothes using racks, not pipes.

Some homeowners use exposed pipes as clothing racks. This practice may signal an impending problem if you are not aware. Make sure that you leave them unused to avoid pipe burst incidents.

5. Turn off the main valve.

When leaving the house for a vacation, be sure to shut off the main connection of your water valve control to prevent potential disasters.

If, for instance, you happen to spot plumbing problems while at home, follow the same tip. This helps to prevent bigger issues such as uncontrolled flooding from appearing.

When all else fails, it’s always wise to hire a plumber that provides quality plumbing services in Perth. Not only are they able to implement corrective measures for existing issues, but they also care about your health and safety.

HIREtrades gives you a list of potential plumbers to choose from after posting your job request. Don’t wait until the problems get out of hand and you suffer financial losses for large repairs. Hire plumbers that you can trust!

Plumbing Job Cost Guides

Toilet installation can cost around $410 to $2040+. Prices may change depending on the factors that influence the cost of installing a toilet.

The estimated cost for hiring emergency plumbers varies from $80 to $135 per hour plus the after-hours plumbing jobs.

Expect to pay more or less $80 to $135 per hour when hiring plumber that specialises in drain cleaning.

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