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Building or remodelling a swimming pool requires the services of pool builders with professional licences and experience to carry out the job. An established professional pool building service should have a good number of years of building and renovating swimming pools, and a portfolio of past and present pool construction projects.

We understand that looking for the best local pool builder can be difficult. In fact, sometimes, looking for the right person for the job is as difficult as building the pool itself. That’s why we introduce you to HIREtrades.

HIREtrades is an excellent resource for local pool builders or tradesmen anywhere in Australia. If you need assistance with pool design, pool installation and pool constructions – simply download the HIREtrades app or post the job details on the HIREtrades website, and you’ll be connected with various qualified professionals who can build your dream swimming pool.

What do Pool Builders Do?

A swimming pool builder must know how to be involved from start to finish – from pool design and planning, to pool installation and pool renovation. This requires extensive knowledge in design, construction and even basic knowledge in plumbing works to ensure ideal water flow from the pipes to the swimming pool.

Some of the usual services of professional pool builders include:

  • Equipment installation – pumps, filters, and other necessary equipment
  • Pool shell cleaning and filling
  • Secondary plumbing including laying of all PVC lines
  • Pressure testing of all PVC lines
  • Handover – including maintenance instructions and adding chemicals to the water
  • Ongoing pool maintenance requirements

There are some pool builders who are categorised according to their expertise – so it’s up to you to choose based on what kind of swimming pool you are to build. 

Know the differences between an above ground pool builder versus an in-ground pool builder, a concrete pool builder vs fibreglass pool builders, commercial pool builders vs a private backyard pool.

By determining all the details of your project, a professional pool builder should also be able to give you an estimated pool building cost. The costs usually include material cost, labour and contingency, among other things.

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How To Choose The Best Pool Builder for Your Project

It’s best when you are presented with various options so you can compare services, costs, and experiences between several quality pool builders or contractors. By being able to compare all these parameters, you can make an informed decision before hiring someone to install your pool or pool deck. 

Another great thing about HIREtrades is that we further help you decide who to hire for your project according to your budget and requirements by allowing you to receive up to 3 FREE quotes for any construction project. 

There’s no commitment at this point so don’t be afraid to take your time to research and think about your decision. Make sure to check out their qualifications, licences, insurance and a portfolio of their past projects with custom design to see if they can perform the way you expect them to. 

Avoid any problems by requiring all legal documentation to be completed and fulfilled on their end. HIREtrades love to be of service to Australians who are in need of professional tradesmen services, such as pool building. 

We connect you with many options to help you make the best decision for your pool building project.

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