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Graffiti Removal Services

 graffiti removal

Graffiti is perceived by some as art. Generally, most householders and business owners consider this as nuisance and a form of vandalism and want it removed from their property as soon as possible. There are ways to clean them while reducing damage to property. Professional graffiti removal services apply the appropriate techniques and products to achieve excellent results.

The methods used include:

  • Painting it out. If the graffiti is on a painted surface, it is practical to just paint over it. However some markers can still bleed through the new coating so a sealer is required before applying the new coat. It is also best to choose a dark colour because the marks will less likely show through it. A darker colour also discourages other vandals.

  • Applying chemicals or solvents. Liquid cleansers, such as laundry or dishwashing detergent, eucalyptus oil and solvents can be effective to remove graffiti from glass surfaces, aluminum or smooth cement. Aerosol paint on absorbent surfaces such as porous bricks has to be removed quickly. The most reliable chemical method is by using a product especially designed for graffiti removal. Product application requires extra caution.

  • Sandblasting or waterblasting. Mechanical techniques work best when removing aerosol paints on unpainted surfaces.

Graffiti Removal Experts

Using a pressure washer is a gentler way to clean and also cuts the cost. The best way to remove is to start with a small test area. This is to gauge how much pressure must be applied on the surface. It is also important to use a wide spray pattern to avoid etching paint onto the areas being cleaned. Extra care must be given with older masonry surfaces which are prone to crumbling and chemical staining. Consider the following necessary precautions:

  • Become familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions to operate the machine.

  • Keep water pressure at less than 500 PSI for delicate surfaces.

  • Set the nozzle angle at 15-50 degrees for optimum performance.

  • Do not spray straight onto the surface, instead wand it up close to the wall for a peeling action.

  • Never use the pressure washer on glass as it may break or damage it.

Graffiti removal experts provide effective cleaning solutions for walls, fences, vehicles, trains and any other surface necessary. These specialists utilise the latest equipment, biodegradable chemicals and the best treatment to suit each surface for a high quality finish. Using the correct tools and appropriate techniques, they make areas look good as new. With a vast range of reliable companies all throughout Australia, finding the right one is now very easy.