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I am a qualified Air-conditioning technician/installer. I have a current ARCL167636 license and various qualifications for my trade. ABN HOLDER 3217179398011 What I want to know is ?? How often do you run your system? Coming into the Christmas period, it will be a lot more with the Summer Heat. Unfortunately, all good air-conditioning systems age, despite their make and model or whether or not it was serviced regularly throughout its life span. It all can play a significant role in the life of your system; your heater/air conditioner should last approximately 15 years with regular servicing. I will provide the following services to you! Pre-check and test air conditioner temperature and fans to ensure the unit is working efficiently. Remove filters and unit cover in providing a hygiene coil and filtration clean. Treat mould, bacteria and dirt that can multiply within your air-conditioning system. Using a pressure hose, thoroughly wash the treatment out with clean water. Flush and check the drain to ensure there are no possible leaks. Check fan blades and covers for corrosion and grime. Spray the unit with sanitiser and antifungal product to prevent mould and bacteria from regrowing. Reassemble all components, dry excess moisture on or around the aircon unit and test airflow again. I only want to provide an efficient service at a low price.




C & C Clean Air Services

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