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A retaining wall functions as a garden terrace that holds back slopes and separates levels in the backyard. This stabilising structure offers stability and prevention of soil erosion in the property. Whether you have irrigation needs, a swimming pool, or other needs, it may be an essential addition to your home. Its main purpose is to hold back earth and soil to prevent it from getting washed away with water. Not only can this affect your landscape, but it can also deteriorate the condition of the foundation. Additionally, a sloped ground poses a challenging landscaping procedure. This will be remedied by the architectural figure to hinder the lateral pressure from letting the soil slide earthward. Since this is a significant endeavour to the structural integrity of your residence, it is imperative to get the help of professional builders in construction services . A wide range of materials can be chosen to construct it such as concrete blocks, rocks, boulders, poured concrete and timber. Meanwhile, there is no one size fits all solution too since each house layout is different from another. To determine what type of soil barricade you should have, there are quite a number of factors to consider. It is important to figure out the kind of soil you have and take into consideration what is on top of the structure, the level of the ground, and its would-be height.