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Whether you’re looking at repairing damage to your roof or investing in modern roof restoration, only a qualified roofing contractor should undertake the job. There are notable qualities to look for when hiring a roof repair specialist. Here are some:

  • Licensed and competent.

    Licensing requirements for roofing contractors undertaking repair, maintenance, and installation services vary depending on your State.

    In some states like Queensland and New South Wales, roof repair specialists are required to be licensed.

    Do you need a professional to attend to your roof replacement job? Their licence indicates the scope of roofing jobs they are allowed to perform.

    Always check their credentials including certifications to ensure they are competent to meet your requirements.

  • Insured and WHS compliant. 

    A fully insured roof and gutter repair contractor is a potential hire. Workers’ compensation and public liability insurance are two of the most common types to verify.

    In the event of worker, third-party or property injury or damage if the contractor is not adequately insured you may be liable for consequential costs.

    Are your local contractors adhering to Workplace Health and Safety regulations when tackling roof repairs and related roofing works? Confirm these aspects prior to the actual work to ensure you are hiring a competent, safe and reliable roofer.

  • Skilled and accredited.

    A roofing contractor that you’re hiring must be skilled and knowledgeable in roofing tasks, repairs and maintenance, selection of roofing materials, and installation.

    Are your prospective roofers part of recognised Australian associations? Metal roofing specialists, for example, can be members of Metal Roofing and Cladding Association of Australia (MRCAA) to gain up-to-date industry knowledge and advance their skills.

    Always check online profiles and customer references to know them better. Read online reviews and ask relevant questions.

Your choice of roofing contractors will have a major impact on the outcome of repairs, replacement or restoration. Ensure that you hire only qualified tradies to keep your property safe from structural damage.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Your Roof Repair Jobs

There are considerations to check when determining the cost of roof repairs.

Scope of Work

The scope of roof repairs and additional services required will affect the overall price. A leaking roof repair cost will vary depending on what parts of the structure are affected by cracks or damages.

Expect to pay more if your local roofer, after the initial inspection, will require a complete roof replacement.

On another note, a minor issue to your roof and gutters may be easily rectified. 

Type of Service

Generally, advanced roof restoration services vary from roof tile repairs or replacement. The cost differs as each type of work with different labour and material requirements.

Roof restoration usually involves removing moulds from the structure, bedding and pointing, repainting the roof, and replacing tiles where required. Roof type and materials

The type of roof installed will affect your roof repair cost. Some roof structures are built with steep surfaces and high pitches. This type of structure may complicate the actual inspection and repair procedures, which may attract increased costs.

The type and amount of roof materials (e.g. shingles, ridges, membranes) to purchase also influences the cost of roof repairs. Asphalt shingles may cost less than tile shingles as they are more susceptible to weather damage.

The hourly rate of roofing contractors has to be considered as well. Remember it is not necessarily the cost per hour, but the total hours required.  A more experienced contractor may charge more per hour, but do the job faster, resulting in a lower overall cost.

Note: Disposing of old roof layers may also incur extra fees. HIREtrades can help you get up to three free quotes from local roofing contractors to compare prices and choose what suits your budget and requirements.

Cost of Common Roofing Services

Updating your roof is a home improvement project that may incur significant cost especially when a total roof replacement is required. Here are the cost guides of most common roofing services that you may need for your roof.

Roof Painting

Roof painting not only improves the visual appeal of your roof. It also helps to protect the surface structure against harsh climate conditions which may cause early deterioration. 

The cost of roof painting can range from $2,000 to $7,000. Factors such as paint supplies and labour impact the cost. The quality of materials used also factors in the overall price.

Expect higher fees for any type of roof painting jobs that may require a leaking roof repair service and associated procedures such as surface preparation.

Roof Restoration

When roof replacement is outside your budget or not necessarily required, roof restoration is the second-best solution. A thorough assessment is done to spot potential issues such as surface holes and cracks.

For old metal roofing structures, resealing the surface may be required to bring back the look of the roof and improve its durability. On another note, tiled roofs may need rebedding and repointing to prevent future damages.

A typical roof restoration service can cost about $15 to $35 per square metre and may vary based on individual requirements.

Colorbond Roofing

Colorbond roofing is more advanced and costly compared to other types. Replacing an old tiled roof with Colorbond or metal roofing may considerably affect the cost of your roofing services.

Removing the existing roof installed consumes more time, thus increasing labour prices. Likewise, the square-metre rate of Colorbond roof sheets adds to your expenses, not to mention the size of your roof.

The cost of Colorbond roofing can be around $53 to $97 per square metre. Factors such as the complexity of the job and the condition of your roof will influence pricing.

Clearly defining your project requirements will help your roofing specialist in drafting a more itemised quotation. Provide all relevant details to obtain more accurate pricing. Clarify the project specifics to avoid pricing surprises.

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