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Installing a home security system protects your biggest asset – your family. But not all security system work the same. So what exactly should you look for a home alarm system? Ask yourself the following before shopping. 

  • What am I protecting?
  • What is my purpose in installing a security alarm system?
  • What areas to I want security coverage?
  • How do I want the house alarm system to be installed?
  • How much am I willing to spend?

By answering the questions above, you should have an understanding of the features that you are looking for in a home surveillance system. You may also want to review the latest security systems available before buying one for your home. 

If you are hiring a professional to do the installation, ensure that they have the certificates and training needed for installing your home surveillance system.

If you opt to have a wired, as opposed to wifi, home alarm system, ensure that the contractor has the requisite experience in cabling systems and holds the necessary police clearances that your local authority may require.

Hiring an experienced contractor with a proven record of delivery and client satisfaction is essential. Select your contractor based on the value they offer you and not just the price.

Also understand the products they are offering as there are many cheap inferior products in the market that may not function optimally, or have future sales and service support.

Do your homework and ask around to get some feedback about the security system installation company you have in mind. 

Different Types of Security System and Services

different types of security systems and services

There are numerous ways to keep your home and business safe from unwanted intruders. Here are some of the different security system and services available.

Monitored System (24 hour Monitoring System)

This type of home security system is one of the most commonly used for both home and business. A call centre will get a notification if the alarm is triggered and they will call your nominated person(s) or security guards to respond to the location. 

Access Control System

Access control systems are electronic systems tused to authenticate and authorise a person to enter a premises. It is usually installed on doors and a magnetic card is swiped on a reader to allow access.

For businesses or commercial use, a biometric may be used in replacement of a magnetic card. 

Security Camera

Installing security cameras is a cost effective method of security for your home. The market offers different types of security cameras which allow homeowners to monitor activity at their premises.

  • Bullet Cameras 

    A highly visible cylindrical camera designed for outdoor use and viewing over long distances.

  • Dome Cameras

    An unobtrusive vandal resistant camera housing suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras

    Generally a high quality camera that can be remotely controlled to rotate 360 degrees and zoom in for facial recognition.

  • Day/Night Cameras

    Typically used externally for low lit areas.

  • Infra-red cameras

    Work in no light situations. Generally in colour by day, and black and white by night.

  • Network IP cameras

    These are cabled typically cat 6 data cable back to a central point. They are reliable and can interface with an app on your phone or tablet to allow remote operation.

  • Wireless Cameras

    Rely on wifi signal to transmit the visual images. They can be subject to the vagaries of poor connection, or internet speed that affects their reliability. Notwithstanding, they may be an economic alternative is cabling costs are prohibitive. 

It is best to purchase a camera system with a recorder just in case you may need a record of an incident in the future. 

Intercom System

This allows the homeowner to interact with whoever is outside the house. It may be integrated with an outdoor camera which makes it easier to identify the visitor’s identity. It can be wired, wireless or with video capability. 

Security Lighting

A well-lit house has lower risks of intruders as they prefer the shield of darkness. Your local electrician can assist with security lighting controlled with motion detection, and photo-electric cells.

Security Card and Access

An access control system may include a pass card, or key fob, which has a specific encoded data of the persons who are allowed to enter an area. Those whose information is not recognised by the system remain locked out. 

Alarm System

Alternative alarm security systems that you may want to consider are.

  • Un-monitored system

    An un-monitored security surveillance system sets a loud siren in and out of the house once the alarm is tripped. It relys on scaring the intruder away and alerting neighbours.

  • Wireless alarm system 

    This is the easiest of all types to install. You can simply purchase a plug-and-play system which may include motion detection equipment, wireless cameras, alarms and CCTV. 

    It is also the cheapest but you have to consider battery life and the need for 240V power outlets at local devices.

Cost of Security Systems and Services

cost of security systems and services

Keeping your loved ones and property safe from intruders may involve a substantial investment for the purchase and installation of your security system. But if you ever need it - you will soon recognise the returns on your investment. Here are some factors that affect the cost of security systems and services. 

Size of the Area

The size of the premise affects the number of security devices that need to cover the entire area. It will also influence the cost of the installation since more technician labour is required.

If a wireless security system is in place, there may be an additional cost for installing WiFi or boosters to ensure the integrity of your network.


Ask yourself these questions. Do you need a smoke detector? What about motion detection or thermal sensing system? Are CCTVs essential to your home? Do you need to have a cloud backup or remote access to help you check the house during emergencies? 

Most importantly, ensuring that your security system will still work during power outages. All of these will add to the overall cost. 

Once you have done your research and better understand your requirements HIREtrades can help you find local security companies to assist. Post a job online, or from the app, in a few minutes and you can expect to get up to three free quotes.

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