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A shade sail installation can do wonders in adding value to your property – protecting you and your house from heat, snow, rain, and other extreme weather conditions.

But before you go out to find a professional shade installer near you, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the usual services they offer so that you’d know what to expect.

What Are The Services of a Shade Sail Installer?

Most professional shade sail installers will provide you with complete services from start to finish – from:

  1. planning
  2. design
  3. installation
  4. maintenance

A shade sail installer can design and build custom sun shades according to your requirements and preferences in size, shape, and materials used.

Types of Shade Sails

You can choose from different types of shade sails, made for different purposes:

  • Fixed shade sail – This is the most conventional design with multiple layers of shade cloth fabric stitched together to create a fixed single shape. They are used as shade sails in backyards, patios or as a driveway shade sail.
  • Retractable shade sail – This type of shade sail installation is more versatile, as they can be opened to provide shade and folded in to close if you want more sunlight.
  • Waterproof shade sail – These are made with waterproof fabric and are perfect for providing shelter from the rain. They are usually made with PVC, synthetic canvas or polyester.
  • Shade cloths – These are mostly used to block out the sunlight, with some types providing 95% protection from UV rays. Some types of shade cloth are made with a lighter kind of material and thus are only good for temporary use.

What To Look For in a Professional Shade & Sail Installer

A shade sail installation may seem like a minor addition to your home, but like other fixtures, a poor setup may cause some problems in the future. That is why you should be careful in choosing who to hire as your professional shade sail installer.

Hire a local tradie

Here are the things to consider when hiring a shade sail installer:

  • Hire someone with experience that is relevant to your type of project. A backyard shade sail pergola is different from a driveway shade sail installation. Check on their past projects and see if their past installations suit your home.
  • Check on the quality of their shade sail materials – from the fabric material to the stitching and even the metal poles needed to hold the sail. It’s much more cost-efficient to invest in good quality materials than to have to spend on repairs for a shade sail that will not last.
  • Don’t take professionalism for granted – hiring an unprofessional shade sail installer may cause you more headaches than you’d expect. Make sure their business is registered, and that they have all the necessary documents to perform the job.

 How To Find a Shade & Sail Installer

Finding a shade & sail installer is made easier through HIREtrades.

HIREtrades is an Australia-wide network of professional tradesmen in various industries – electricians, handymen, and even shade & sail installers. All you’ve got to do is post the job either at hiretrades.com.au or on the HIRETrades app – which will alert the available shade & sail installers in your area. You can then receive up to 3 FREE quotes for your shade sail project, to help you get started in choosing the right professional for the job.

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