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Donnybrook Engineering Consultants provide Sheds services located in HAMMOND PARK,WA. We undertake works such as in HAMMOND PARK and surrounding areas. Donnybrook Engineering Consultants can assist you with the whole process from price estimates, through to the delivery of your Sheds needs.

How to Hire a Shed Builder Near You?

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Finding a Shed builder can be difficult, and shed installation can get complicated quickly, especially for homeowners with little to no knowledge of DIY renovations.

Fortunately, we have prepared a handy little guide to introduce you to various shed types, what a professional shed builder does and why hiring one might make more sense. Read on! It is essential to look at what shed builders consider and what they do when installing good quality sheds.

This one can be useful, especially if you’re planning to take on the challenge yourself or if you want to know what to look for in a shed builder. Here’s a general overview of how your shed construction will go:

1. Planning the Preferred Shed Style/Type

Professional shed builders will help you customise your shed by discussing the shed type, style, materials and dimensions that align with your goals and your property type.

2. Pre-Construction

At this stage, your shed builder will make the final observations on the suitability of your terrain for shed construction. Most professional shed builders or companies who have spent years in the business will have a vast connection with material suppliers.

This allows you to access the best market deals and convenient features like doorstep delivery of the materials.

3. Construction

The shed installer will then proceed to put together the materials to build your custom shed. Starting with the assembly of the base, the installer must ensure a stable floor foundation for the deck of the shed, followed by a stable platform deck for the flooring.

Next are the shed walls, which are usually attached to the floor, followed by the roofing and shingles installation. The final hardware to be installed are the doors, windows and other built-in features depending on the shed type and purpose.

4. Post-Construction

At this stage, the shed is fully installed and completed. The builder will then finalise and double-check for instability, building errors and other technicalities. Of course, the client’s approval is the final most crucial step to completing the shed.

After which, the custom shed installation process is finished!

Different Shed Styles

The first step in shed building is to decide what type of shed you want! There are multiple shed designs to choose from, depending on their function and visual appeal.

Of course, the style, size, and building materials will ultimately determine the shed building cost.

Here are a few examples of common shed styles with their respective benefits and drawbacks:

1. Prefabricated sheds

Prefab sheds (also known as shed kits) are pre-made sheds that come in kits or are already pre-assembled. This shed type offers you excellent storage space for a much more affordable price than natural and customised sheds like timber or stone.

Hot-dipped or galvanised steel is the choice material for maximum durability if you opt for a steel prefab shed. If you’re considering wood, ensure that it’s pressure-treated.

While prefab sheds are likely candidates for DIYs, we’d still recommend hiring a contractor for maximum build quality. Contractors are also more likely to provide legal recourse should your structure collapse. A well-built prefab shed will last you a long time with minimal maintenance requirements.

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  • Lower costs
  • Excellent for DIY projects


  • Needs familiarity with shed building basics
  • Less likely to offer warranty

2. Heritage sheds

Heritage sheds have a style that exceeds traditional aesthetics and can be built according to different homes such as Colonial, Modern, Edwardian, Scandinavian, etc. Heritage sheds come with steeper roof pitches and the option to add aesthetic finials, affording your backyard an old-world or classic charm.


  • Unique look
  • Highly-Customisable


  • Expensive
  • May look outdated
  • Higher-pitch roof results in more wind exposure


3. Stone sheds

Stone sheds are sheds with stone as the primary material used in construction. If you want a timeless, elegant structure in your backyard, stone sheds are the way to go. Not only are they known for their durability, but their wide range of stone hues also allows you to match the shed to your home’s colour.

Stone sheds are among the most expensive sheds to build due to the steep price of natural stones and the skill required to work on them. If you’re on a tight budget, imitation stones offer the same look for a lower price, albeit for lesser durability.


  • Long-lasting
  • Elegant look


  • Natural stone is expensive
  • Requires extensive labour and skills to build


4. Timber sheds

Timber sheds are made of timber and are often used as garden and work sheds. Timber sheds provide a more natural look and rustic feel. Softwoods like spruce or pine are the more affordable options. However, if you want a premium timber that’s less susceptible to rot and therefore lasts longer, we’d highly recommend cedar as your construction material.

One of the main practical advantages of timber is its ability to maintain an even temperature. On the other hand, wood sheds require more maintenance like wood treatments and ensuring a water-free base to prevent decay.

Like most natural materials such as stone, timber requires extensive building skills and needs significant maintenance compared to other sheds.

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  • Rustic aesthetic
  • Even interior temperature
  • Resilient to fungi


  • Require more maintenance
  • Prone to rot and pests


5. Steel sheds

Steel sheds are metal sheds typically made of galvanised steel, zinc-plated steel or powder-coated steel. If a clean, industrial aesthetic is what you’re going for, a steel shed is perfect. Furthermore, if forgetting to treat a woodshed annually sounds like you, a steel shed might be the better option.

However, steel sheds aren’t as customisable as other materials, and they’re more prone to corrosion and rust. Still, for the lower price and easier maintenance, steel sheds are an excellent alternative for homeowners.


  • Requires less maintenance
  • Cheaper than other materials
  • Easy to install


  • Less room for modification and customisation
  • Prone to rust

Choosing the Best Shed Builder

How exactly do you find a professional shed builder who’ll go above and beyond to satisfy your needs? Firstly, it’s essential to ensure your shed builder has the following qualities:

  • Able to communicate the specifics in an understandable manner
  • Able to recommend you shed styles that fits your unique needs
  • Has adequate experience and knowledge in the architecture and foundation of sheds
  • Can provide you with post-construction support should anything go wrong

If DIY shed kits are not a viable option for you, it’s always an excellent choice to hire a professional shed builder instead. We have a platform that allows you to do that and quickly. At HIREtrades, we can connect you with our Australia-wide network of professional shed builders and other tradies who can take your project from zero to finish. Post a job today, and we’ll help you get up to three free quotes!

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