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A shower screen installation is an essential shower fixture that protects the rest of your bathroom from splashes whilst you shower. Glass shower screens are more hygienic and modern-looking alternatives to the traditional shower curtain – with not as much mould and mildew accumulation, and therefore easier to clean and maintain.

What Does a Shower Screen Installer Do?

Hiring a shower screen installer is one of the simplest and most pocket-friendly ways to give your bathroom a makeover. A shower screen installer should provide the following services:

  • Planning, design, and taking of necessary measurements
  • Recommend the type of shower screen most appropriate for your bathroom
  • Provide the shower screen or outsource a supplier
  • Install and test the shower screen
  • Shower screen repairs and maintenance


Types of Shower Screens

There are several different types of shower screens varying in design and purpose. Here we’ll discuss their differences in detail:

1. Framed shower screens are made with glass panels supported by a metal frame. They are fully enclosed and perfect for large bathrooms used by the whole family.

2.Frameless shower screens feature a more simple and modern design of glass panels without a metal frame held together by minimal hardware. These types go well with smaller bathrooms.

3. Semi-Frameless shower screens feature a more subtle frame compared to framed shower screens. They are usually as strong as a framed screen, however look more sophisticated.

4. Sliding Door shower screens are great for confined spaces, as their doors do not open inwards or outwards – minimizing space used when the doors are opened.

5. Pivot Door shower screens open by rotating on a central point and are more suitable for larger bathrooms due to the space it needs to open.

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6. Bi-fold Door shower screens feature two or more folds that you push to the side to open and is a great choice for those who want their bathroom to look more unique and stylish.

7. Quadrant shower screens are made to fit around corner showers and are usually with sliding doors. They are great space savers in smaller bathrooms.

8. Fixed panel shower screens are simple frameless glass panels, that look more luxurious than other types. They are made for large bathrooms that have enough space to allow a drying area.


Get Quotes from Professional Shower Screen Installer

HIREtrades is an excellent way to get quotes from professional shower screen installers within your area. To find the right person for the job, just make sure that you provide all the necessary details of your shower screen project.

Here are some steps you can do to receive an accurate quote:

  • Take the necessary measurements in your shower area
  • Research the types of shower screens
  • Discuss the project and your expectations in detail.
  • Ask for details of their past projects.


At HIREtrades, we can help you find the professional shower screen installer faster by providing you with 3 FREE quotes when you post the details on our app. Post your project today and let’s get started.

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