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By using energy from a sustainable source – like the sunlight – there is saving money while protecting the environment. Solar panels absorb heat from the sun that is converted into electricity used in your household. The power is collected and stored from the sun. An inverter is needed to turn the direct current electricity from the sun into an AC power supply that can be used in your home. Since it is always available, this means you are using a renewable energy to utilise for your daily needs in lieu of the fossil fuel generated electricity that is harmful to the environment that causes pollution. There are two types of systems to choose from – off-grid (not connected with the electric company grid which means excess energy collected is stored for your future use) and on-grid(links your system to the electric provider that uses extra energy you generate).  Even though the upfront cost is quite high, you will be able to save more in the long run. Its maintenance is not very intensive; therefore, once the operation up and running, there is not much else to worry about. Furthermore, electric providers will pay you if you generate more energy compared to what you have consumed. There is a wide range of service experts ready to serve for convenience.