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How to Hire the Best Solar Power Installer Near You?

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If you want to have a steady source of renewable energy to power your home, you should start by installing a solar power system at your house with the help of an expert in solar power installation.

A professional solar power installer can ensure that your solar system gets properly installed and deliver optimum output to power your home with clean solar energy.

Hiring the best solar installers in your area is also an excellent idea because you can have a local expert help you maintain or repair your solar system.

What is Solar Power?

Solar power is energy harnessed from solar radiation. At any given day and location, Earth receives an abundance of light or electromagnetic radiation. Solar panels capture and convert this radiation into valuable forms of energy.

Solar power is a type of renewable energy because its source is the sun which constantly replenishes itself, unlike nuclear or fossil fuels with limited sources.

Solar energy is also a clean type of energy because it doesn’t produce any waste materials to provide power, unlike fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases that are a significant cause of global warming.

Using solar power can also be helpful for your health in the long term because it doesn’t produce noise and air pollution that can be harmful to you and your family’s health.

Thanks to technological innovations, access to solar energy systems are no longer limited to solar companies. With the help of an expert solar panel installer, you can now harness the power of the sun and produce clean energy you can use at your home.

Types of Solar Power Systems

There are two types of solar power systems; knowing more about each type can help you decide which solar power system will best serve your needs.

Solar Photovoltaic

This type of solar power system directly converts sunlight into electricity with the help of a semiconductor cell or a solar PV cell. This is the type that you will often see on the roof of households.

The most common type of PV cell that people see in households are those solar panels with aluminium frames and glass casings. A single PV cell can help power a single light, and you can install additional PV cells depending on your needs.

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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal is a type of solar power technology that converts sunlight into heat or thermal energy. The heat that solar thermal produces can be useful in creating steam to power an electricity generator.

There are two main types of solar thermal energy: small scale thermal and concentrated solar thermal. What you commonly see in homes is small scale thermal that people use for space heating or heat water.

Concentrated solar thermal is a large-scale solar power generation operation that uses a field of mirrors to redirect sunlight into a receiver that stores solar energy for power distribution.

Get Quotes from Professional Solar Power Installer

The first step in hiring the best solar installers in your area is by posting a job at HIREtrades. This alerts local solar power services experts who can provide you with free quotes that you can review for quality and price.

With the pick of affordable experts available to you, you can discover their credentials and experience. You can also try and talk with previous customers to determine the tradie’s work ethics or the customer’s experience.

You can also discuss reliable local solar manufacturer alternatives for a solar inverter or solar panel accessories to better understand the cost and performance of different suppliers.

Ask them if they also work as solar panel cleaners, so you don’t have to look for one to maintain your solar power system.

A solar power system can help you save on utilities while helping reduce pollution to keep your family healthy. Start your journey in the world of clean energy by posting a job at HIREtrades today.

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