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Bathroom Tile Contractors

bathroom tile contractors

Bathroom tile contractors play a big role in construction or renovation projects. New tiles are needed to achieve a great makeover. The tiler will lay them properly with a variety of sized and shapes. They do much more than just laying a tile.

The other jobs they do include:

  • Removing old tiles
  • Preparing surfaces
  • Levelling and sloping the area to be tiled
  • Grouting
  • Sealing and polishing
  • Waterproofing

As a rule, tilers do look at each part of the job differently. Retiling a standard-sized shower floor may have a different feel than walls. There will be more surface preparation and tile cutting required on the floor. 

There are several factors that affect the total rate of a tiler such as the size of the task and how difficult it is. You can expect to pay more to lay patterned, asymmetrical, or featured tiles. 

Same case will be for a work that is very intricate with lots of cut-outs and details. They calculate their charges based on an hourly rate which, on average, costs about $60 per square metre. 

However, always get quotes for the job done rather than on a per hour basis. And in most cases, their charge does not include the prices for tiles, because it’s for you to decide what type to use.

Bathroom Tiling Services

With a vast range of trusted companies, it is now very convenient to engage professional bathroom tiling services to satisfy your needs and follow your financial plan accordingly.

Here are very useful tips:

  • Start with one main tile: oftentimes, this will be a coloured one that will cover the majority of space, from which you will build the rest of your tiling around.
  • Size and shape do matter: the traditional square tile may work but there are plenty of other shapes and sizes, too. Long narrow style can make a room look taller, while large formats are perfect for covering a spacious area.
  • Accentuation: it doesn't have to be always at the top of the tilings or placed between larger tiles. You can use them in any way that will best accentuate your bathroom. A horizontal or vertical arrangement can both work well depending on your preference.
  • Feature wall: your first chosen tile may not be the best option to cover the bulk of the walls, yet you can turn it into a featured element. You can have bolder colours or more intricate designs in featuring an area without going overboard.

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