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Timber flooring service :insuburb is a popular choice for a home’s interior in lieu of tiles and carpets. With its unique patterns, the naturally grown material gives an attractive look to your hardflooring interior project.  They are sturdy and long-lasting building materials.  However, it can also warp and rot over time if not maintained properly especially when it is exposed to water and moisture. There are many available choices to pick from that would match with your specific needs, taste, and budget. Major options include:

  • Solid. This is more expensive but provides a more natural-looking finish as it is made from solid wooden boards.
  • Engineered.  This is made from a combination of natural wood placed on top for aesthetic purposed and plywood or other materials added for support.

There are also coatings and finishes available to add protection and cosmetic appeal to the surface.  Some of the ways to care for its condition is with regular cleaning with gentle products made for wood flooring to prevent dirt buildups. Reapplication of finishes is also important. Sanding and refinishing should also be done every five to ten years.  Experts are always available to meet your needs.

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