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Whether a storm has passed, your tree is leaning dangerously, or some branches have fallen, your commercial or residential property may need tree removal services.

As such, if you have got tree stumps or dead trees, make sure that any type of tree removal is done by an expert. 

While some tree care can be done yourself, tree removal experts know how to work safely avoiding power lines and other obstacles.Your local authority may require you to get approval for tree removal, your tree removal contractor may be able to assist with this process.

Here are a few other reasons why you should leave it to the experts: 

  • They Can Prevent Damage To Your Garden

    Tree removal can be dangerous requiring the right set of skills, knowledge, and equipment to get it right.

    Fortunately, tree removal experts have the know-how to assist you with industry best practices and mitigate the risk of damage to person and property. 

  • Maintain and Care for Your Trees 

    Tree removal experts also have the expertise to maintain and care for your trees.

    They can diagnose whether they need removal or simple tree pruning. They will also teach you how to take care and maintain your tree following their service.

  • Diagnose Pest Problems and Disease 

    If your tree is sickly or close to dying, tree removal experts can diagnose if pest problems or other diseases are the cause.

    Their solutions may save the tree rather than have it removed.

Different Types of Tree Removal Services

Be it commercial or residential, there are a variety of services that tree removal experts can offer for you. The following are some services you can obtain from such experts:

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Tree Removal

If you have a sick or dead tree, a precariously growing tree, or have just experienced a storm, tree removal may be essential. As the trees could pose a threat to the persons, along with the property itself. 

The tree removal process can happen in one of two ways, depending on the tree and its position in relation to other properties or power lines: cutting the tree down in one piece or cutting the branches off individually from the top down. 

Land Clearing

Tree removal experts also offer land clearing services. This is the process of removing dead trees, tree stumps, and other obstacles that could hinder construction like large stones or bushes. 

Land clearing can be done to prevent the risk of fire and to protect property nearby. This can be done for commercial or residential purposes, such as agricultural or construction projects. 

Land clearing can also involve digging up rocks, filling in large holes with dirt, smoothing down furrows or hills, and even grinding down stumps. 

Tree Lopping

Part of tree care is tree lopping, also referred to as tree pruning. This is where the top portion of a tree is cut off, or “lopped off”, and can be done for a variety of reasons, such as safety, aesthetic reasons, or to stimulate new growth. 

While tree lopping can be done by anyone with a saw, it can also be harmful to trees. Getting a tree removal expert to take care of and maintain your trees with proper tree pruning practices can help you avoid additional tree care. 

Tree Stump Grinding

A tree stump is what’s left of a tree after the tree removal, which includes the roots that may be deep-seated. If you want these removed as well, tree stump grinding is the solution. 

Stump grinding involves using a stump grinder, which will essentially grind and shave the remaining tree trunk until it is removed. It does not remove or take care of tree roots, but only what is seen above the surface.

Often the tree removal and grinding will kill off the tree and the roots will likewise die.

24/7 Emergency

Choosing a tree removal expert that offers emergency services is required in situations where trees pose a threat or danger to individuals or property.

Emergency services could be required after a storm has occurred, or if a branch or part of a tree has fallen onto a power line, building or car. Other difficult situations with time or location restrictions may require emergency services for tree removal.

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Cost of Tree Removal Jobs

The cost of tree removal services are not cut-and-dry, and can depend on a range of criteria such as the height of the tree or the area of the removal. Prices can vary greatly, from $350 to $4,500, with the average cost being around $800. 

Here are some other factors that can affect the cost of your tree removal job:

1. Height and Diameter

The rule of thumb is that the larger the tree, the greater the tree removal cost. This is because it will require additional labour, machinery and disposal costs. 

If a tree is so big that it needs to be cut down into portions, then that will add to the total cost.

2. Location and Ease of Access

The area where the tree is located plays affects the cost. If its location requires extended travel from the tree removal experts, you may have increased transportation costs to dispose of the tree. 

The ease of access is also a determinant. If the tree is located in a busy area, with power lines or pedestrian traffic, tree removal experts will need to put other safety measures in place with barriers, authority approvals etc likely to add to the total cost.

3. Condition

The condition of the tree matters as well. With healthy trees, tree removal experts will know what to expect, and how much of a toll that takes on their equipment. 

On the other hand, a dead tree may be brittle and may have a few extra costs related to it. This is because it may require more careful movement attention from the contractor, and can take a higher toll on equipment. 

4.The Type of Tree

Some timber may be soft or hard, while some can be heavier or lighter. This factors into the cost as well, as some trees are easier to work with than others.

Pencil pines, for instance, are easy and quick to remove as they don’t usually grow too big. Pine trees, which are popular in Australia, are also easier for tree removal, as the timber is soft and light. 


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