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Whether built-in or freestanding, Wardrobes increase the storage capacity of your home and, therefore, its value. Wardrobes can be located in the bedroom, bathroom, laundry, or any area of the home that needs more storage. An interior designer will be able to help you place your wardrobe appropriately.

You have the choice between a pre-built or custom-designed wardrobe. Hiring a wardrobe builder can be a practical decision if you seek a custom-built, high-quality wardrobe made to your specifications. The cost for installing a wardrobe varies on materials, area, labour and more.

Hiring an expert to build your wardrobe can save you time and money. And it will significantly cut down on your effort.

What Do Wardrobe Builders Do?

Wardrobe builders can offer extensive services. These include:

  1. Custom-designing your wardrobe

Your wardrobe builder can create a custom design for your wardrobe. Be sure to provide them with all the necessary details. For instance, decide on the size and style of your wardrobe. A wardrobe builder can then create a custom design that works for you.

  1. Shop drawings or set up plans

A shop drawing or set of plans is necessary to ensure your wardrobe is built to the correct dimensions. A shop drawing also shows the location and placement of the wardrobe. That way, you can be sure it will fit the area where it will be installed.

  1. Measurements

It would help if you gave accurate measurements to your wardrobe builder so your wardrobe can fit into the area. If your measurements are incorrect, the wardrobe could be too small or too big for the space. If the measurements are incorrect, the wardrobe could be out of level and pose a hazard.

  1. Ordering materials

Your wardrobe builder can order materials that are suitable for your wardrobe. Ordering the best materials will ensure your wardrobe lasts a long time and is durable.

  1. Construction

When building your dream wardrobe, your wardrobe builder will be working on the inside, unseen part of the wardrobe. You will really see what they have done once they have finished. Beyond the wardrobe’s framework, you wardrobe builder will ensure all the necessary electrical components are installed correctly to ensure your wardrobe’s smooth functioning.

  1. Finishing and installation

The final stage is to finish and install your wardrobe. The wardrobe builder will provide all the necessary hardware and fixtures to ensure your wardrobe works appropriately. They will also ensure the wardrobe is securely installed.

Finally, the wardrobe builder will cleanup the work area and ensure that all the tools and materials are removed and disposed of properly.

  1. Warranty and maintenance

A good wardrobe builder should offer a warranty on the wardrobe. This will guarantee that the materials used are high-quality and that the workmanship is of the highest standard. You should also be provided with information on maintaining and caring for your new wardrobe. This will ensure that your wardrobe is functional and long-lasting.

Overall, your wardrobe builder will handle all the details of the wardrobe. A wardrobe builder will take care of everything from the design to the measurements to the actual construction and installation. This will save you time and effort and is an excellent choice for those with a busy schedule.

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What are the Traits and Qualities of a Good Wardrobe Builder?

Many people assume that a good wardrobe builder is the same as a good carpenter. However, these are two different trades. While carpenters and joiners can build a wardrobe, not all have the skills or the experience in wardrobe construction. Look out for these traits when hiring a wardrobe builder:

  1. References

Always ask for the wardrobe builder’s references. It’s typically a red flag if the wardrobe builder refuses to provide them. A good wardrobe builder will be able to provide references from at least three previous clients. Ask the previous clients how the work was carried out and the results.

  1. Insurance

Ask for proof of insurance for both liability and workman’s compensation. This will ensure that you and the wardrobe builder are both protected in case something goes wrong.

  1. License and certification

Not only does a license show that an individual has a certain level of training and experience, but it also proves that a builder is bonded and insured. A safety license will ensure that a builder is qualified and certified to work on your property.

Getting Quotes from Professional Wardrobe Builders

Before you choose a wardrobe builder, get quotes from at least three builders. A good builder will be able to provide you with a quote that comprehensively covers the entire project’s cost. A good quote will include a breakdown for each specific part of the wardrobe.

You will also be provided with an estimate for labour and materials. Take your time to compare the quotes from different builders. Note the differences in costs. Get quotes from local and non-local builders.

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