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Concrete is a popular building material used in many homes because of its durability. Since it is a porous material, it needs to be waterproofed by professional waterproofing contractors to guarantee its protection against water damage. Liquids can penetrate the concrete and damage it over time. This includes water, oils, and paint that can eventually cause cracking, flaking, and weakening of the structure. They make come from collected rain, leaked roof and pipes, splashes, and more. However, there are many options to prevent the water ingress. One is called concrete sealers which protects the concrete or integrate a protective topcoat. Another method is cementitious method that creates a waterproof sealant with the use of additives, water and bonding agents. Crystalline concrete method fills holes and gaps in the concrete over time. Lastly, membranes makes an effective barrier on the surface which is applied with rolling or spraying the liquid or sheet. In choosing experts, it is important to look at their training and experience in the field. They must be licensed and covered with insurance to guarantee protection for the people and your property. Meanwhile, price quotes will vary based on the scale of the project and the size of the area to be worked on mostly in bathrooms, kitchens, and garages.