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Standard Window Washing Services

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Windows serve essential roles in any building. They provide good ventilation and improve energy efficiency. This is why it is necessary to keep them clean. There are different methods of cleaning them depending on their accessibility. But the standard process is just the same for all. In order to achieve a good end result, having a complete set of equipment for the service is important.  

Here are the main tools and materials needed:

  • Bucket

  • Rubber gloves

  • Strong ladder

  • Squeegees, with extension poles

  • Counter brush

  • Polyester or natural sea sponge

  • Razor blades with straight edges

  • Vinegar or a mild dishwashing liquid

  • Lint-free rags

  • Tool belt

Follow the step-by-step procedures below same as what a specialist does to achieve top window washing services :

  1. First of all, consider a time of the day when the sun rays are not directly shining in the area. This is to avoid the cleaning fluid to get dry that may cause spots or streaks.

  2. Brush the exteriors of the panes and frames softly while dusting away the cobwebs and dirt. Also, do not forget the sills, hinges and tracks.

  3. Mix a solution of one part hot water and the other vinegar.

  4. Wet the glass, but do not drench it with the water-and-vinegar mixture and rub the dirt off. But be cautious in applying it to keep from touching the frame.

  5. In using squeegees indoor, make sure to have a towel along the windowsill to prevent any drips. And before using it, ensure that no part of the blade is dry so not to have a skip.

  6. Always start at the upper corner of a pane and draw it down with a straight stroke. Repeat the process while slightly overlapping the first. Always wipe the rubber edge of a squeegee with a lint-free cloth or a sponge every after each stroking. Then pull it across at the bottom as a finishing act.

  7. Just remember to get the frame wiped with a rag dampened with a non-ammoniated all-purpose cleaner and water. Then rinse it thoroughly by removing any trace of the cleaning solution and immediately dry it.

Professional Windows Cleaners

Though the steps above are especially applicable to a picture type window, still they can be applied for a multi-pane. The difference will be the size of squeegees to use and the number of strokes to run.  Actually, the work is not that so difficult. But deciding to do it yourself, having investments on those required tools and need more attempts to do it perfectly is a must. Or just simply hire an experienced and licensed yet affordable cleaner.

Companies are charging based on many factors such as sills and tracks, screens if any, height, and possibly mineral deposits. But generally, it costs between $80 for smaller jobs to $400 for large homes with plenty of hard to reach window. Australia provides a wide selection of professional windows cleaners with proper tools and safe chemical solutions to use for caring the household. These experts guarantee maximum satisfaction for the family.

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