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How To Hire a Window Installer

If your building project requires a house window installation, it’s a good idea to hire window installation services that can assist you with your needs.

Hiring a window installer is much like hiring any other building contractor – you want to make sure you do your adequate research before making a final decision.

Here are some important things to consider in your search for a window installation service:

  • Get an estimate from at least 3 window installation services. This allows you to compare window installation costs and inclusions.
  • Ask for their professional licences, insurance policies, and other necessary documents for your safety and security.
  • Check their past and existing projects to get an idea of their finished products.
  • Check with their window suppliers and make sure they have the specific window type that your project requires.

What Does a Window Installer Do?

A window installation service does more than just install windows – they are responsible for replacing old windows, fitting, customizing, and recommending the proper window types that work best for your home or building project.

Window installers know different types of windows that are used for different purposes – aluminium windows, glass, windows with screen frames, or roller blinds to name a few. They can also offer window repairs, replacements for broken glass, joints or other components.

While consulting a window installer, make sure you lay out all the necessary details and expectations you have for your new window installation.

Window Styles

A window installer is knowledgeable in several window styles and can recommend what works best for your home or commercial building. Below are some examples of window styles to choose from:

  • Single Hung Windows – these have a clean and simple look if you are going for something more minimalist in design. They open vertically, the bottom panel sliding up or down while the upper panel stays put. They are easy to maintain and are perfect for bedrooms.
  • Double Hung Windows – these are similar to single-hung windows as they open vertically, but the major difference is that both upper and panels can slide up or down.
  • Awning Windows – these types of windows have mechanical cranks that allow you to push or pull to open or close. They are great for areas with wet climates as the window serves as protection from rain or snow outside.
  • Bay Windows – these are a combination of windows that together form a bigger window. They look beautiful and are often used as a visual centrepiece in large living rooms.
  • Glass Block Windows – these are fixed windows of combined glass blocks. They are built with opaque glass where a little light can penetrate but not all the way through and are commonly found in spaces where more privacy is needed.
  • Hopper Windows – these are the opposite of awning windows because hopper windows open from the top. They are great for small spaces because of their space-saving feature.
  • Jalousie Windows – these are formed with several slats of metal and glass, which open like blinds. They invite more air circulation into the room while not fully exposing the inside.
  • Picture windows – if you have a nice garden or a great view outside your home, a picture window is perfect for highlighting that view. Picture windows are large glass windows that don’t open but give you a majestic view of the landscape outside.
  • Sliding Windows – these are horizontal windows that you can slide horizontally to open or close. They are great for multi-storey homes or apartments because of their simplicity and easy maintenance.
  • Custom Windows – when standard window styles do not meet your space requirements, custom windows are the answer. Your window installer can design custom shapes or materials that will help fulfil your window needs.

Choosing The Best Window Installer

A new window installation can make or break your home, so you want to be confident with the window installation service you choose to hire. Here are some tips to help you find the right person for the job:

  • Do your homework. While professional contractors should have sufficient knowledge and expertise in their projects, ensure you have a basic understanding of your requirements so you don’t go in blind and you can feel confident that your needs are being addressed.
  • Choose a window installer with a high-quality selection of windows. Never go for poor quality windows that will break down or will constantly need repairs. It pays to invest in good quality materials, and it will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Ensure that your professional window installer has all the necessary licences, and has a good insurance policy. Always be prepared for worst-case scenarios.

Cost of Hiring a Window Installer

The total cost for a new window installation, like any other project, depends on the materials and complexities of the project. But you should expect to pay at least $70 per hour for labour costs.

Some window installers charge per square metre, especially for bigger window installation projects. In this case, expect to pay around $800 to $1250 per square metre.

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