6 Factors to Consider When Hiring Professional Painters

While DIY can work for painting jobs that require less expertise, hiring professional painters will most likely yield high-quality results.

As you choose the best contractors that fit your qualifications, check out these important factors to get an overview of their professionalism and how to select the right one:

1. Credentials

Ask for appropriate licences when you meet with your prospective local painters. If a licence is not required in your state, verify their involvement with industry-related groups such as the Master Painters Association to help gauge their credibility.

In Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia, painters are required to hold a licence before entering into contracts. State governments also qualify painters carrying a Certificate III for Painting and Decoration.

Insurance is also a requisite especially if it entails huge projects. Whether the job will be done indoors or outdoors, you should look for professional painters with public liability insurance to help safeguard your finances when accidents occur. Although it’s not a requirement for all painting contractors, it’s safe to hire a painter that helps you prevent financial losses.

2. Expertise

Another factor to consider is their workmanship. Is interior painting their forte or are they more focused on accepting exterior painting projects? In case you want to repaint your front walls or other structures including your roof and timber fence, can they provide diverse painting services that cater to your needs?

Do they usually work for residential clients? Understanding their work background can help you choose the right contractor that suits your home’s painting needs.

Asking about their industry experience is also necessary to know the depth of their expertise. How long have they been in the business? 5 years? 10 years? On another note, reading customer reviews can help you trim down your options. Getting feedback from previous clients can be beneficial in understanding their performance in terms of speed, quality and safety.

3. Cost

service quotation

Bringing this up during the consultation can help clarify the payment terms and conditions. Ask if they provide written estimates or quotations to ensure that no hidden prices will be charged. Do you need to repaint your kitchen? What part of the area that you want to revamp?

As a rule of thumb, it’s advisable to prepare a plan before handing it over to your selected professional painters. Not only does it help them to itemise the quotation, but you also get to pinpoint missing details once it has been provided.

If your prospective local painters fail to present a draft that enumerates the project specifics with corresponding costs, it can mean a red flag. Make sure not to sign any written agreement so as not to experience significant losses in the future. A clear cost breakdown is a sure indication of precise quotations.

4. References

Checking the contractors’ portfolio is a wise move if you want to see their past projects. Other painting experts run their own website, so it’s advisable to visit the ‘completed works’ section to get an idea of what they have accomplished.

You may also discuss it personally to ask them if they can commit to working on the job based on your project objectives and timetable.

Likewise, if you have someone from your neighbour who had the same project from a professional painter, you may ask for before-and-after photos to see the outcome yourself.

5. Warranty

Professional painters understand the importance of warranty offers – be it a product or service. Before deciding, you may want to clarify the scope of their trade service to know the package inclusions.

Does the warranty include both labour and materials? When unexpected damage happens, as to what extent are they able to provide warranty privileges? These considerations add to the criteria on how you select a suitable painting contractor.

6. Community involvement

One significant factor to check when hiring professional painters is their community involvement. Any reputable businesses value social responsibility and are not only confined to dealing with private clients.

If your prospects often participate in doing charity works, it pays to hire a painting professional who gives back to the public.

No to Substandard Results

Remembering these factors can guide you in choosing the right professional painter for your home improvement project. Asking about their credentials, expertise, written estimate, references, warranty and social engagement is crucial in making the best decision.

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