How Much to Paint a House Interior?

The standard cost of painting job can run to $40 per hour, excluding the materials used the cost of the paint. For a simple painting job, painters charge around $35 per hour. However, for a more complex job high ceilings and hard to reach walls or place may cost $45 per hour.

The cost to paint the interior of a house varies depending on the number of factors. These include the overall dimension of the room (e.g. ceiling height, room width), number of doors and windows, trim work, paint supplies and many others.

As first-time homeowners (or renovators), it helps to get an overview of the estimated cost to organise your finances. The average cost to paint the interior of a house is around $10 to $30 per square metre. You can expect to pay more than the given range depending on the pre-painting procedures included in the requirement.

How much does interior painting cost?

If, for instance, preparation, cleanup and finishing touches are part of the work, that’s a different computation. Likewise, applying a few enhancements on the interior walls, trims and ceilings can add to the cost. In that case, a qualified painting contractor can charge clients around $30 to $40+ for extra paint application and service. This may include adding textures (e.g. sponge painting) to your simple-looking wall.

The lowest amount covers a single colour and undercoat with one to two finishing coats for the interiors. However, higher demands account to higher costs. It will depend on the job difficulty, variety of colours required and other inclusions (i.e. painting materials supplied by the contractor).


On average, the price can start from $250 to $400 if you plan to have only one room painted. However, it will still depend on the room size and other details such as the contractor’s conditions indicated in the contract.

  • For painting two-bedroom house, expect the price to be around $500 to $1,200
  • For painting three bedrooms, the interior painting job can cost around $6,500 (inclusive of project materials and service)

Note: The cost to paint three bedrooms can possibly go lower than tackling a single room in one service. In this case, it’s better to plan for your interior painting project and have it serviced altogether to save you money.


Price estimates for a standard bathroom painting can play around $200 to $300. The cost covers drywalling and painting on walls and trims.

If you have two bathrooms to deal with, you may get discounts or a lower price range based on the agreement of both parties.

Note: Each measurement is calculated per square metre basis. Also, if you want to know how much paint you will need for your painting project, you can use online calculators such as Dulux to help you. They can provide you with paint estimates, and also enable you to have your budget ready.

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On the other hand, DIY painting is also an option. If you’re planning to do all the work without professional assistance, it’s important to equip yourself with the needed tools and materials. This includes the following:

  • Tape measure (to help calculate the amount of paint needed)
  • Drop cloths (to protect floor systems and other furniture)
  • Paint, primer and finishes
  • Paint stirrers, brushes, rollers and refills
  • Roller trays and pouring spouts
  • Ladder

Remember: If you choose to accomplish it yourself over the decision to hire experienced painters, your time may have to suffer. Time used for prep work and the actual application can consume much of your daily activities.

Hiring A Professional Painter

Knowing the cost to paint the interior of a house and investing in the right people who will be involved in the process are important.

Getting a professional painter to work and actualise your desired outcome is also ideal. That is if you want to obtain and enjoy the results you’ve visualised.

As you choose the best interior painters in your area, ask if they are well-experienced to translate your ideas into reality.

  • Will they be able to align their painting strategy with your goal?
  • Are they willing to listen to your concerns in terms of your project preference and schedule?
  • Can they provide written quotes or estimates? If yes, will they follow it strictly?
  • Are they able to help you calculate the cost to paint the interior of a house?

Asking for previous work samples also allows you to check the kind of project they have completed. In doing so, you get to pick the right tradie that fits your requirements.

Getting yourself familiarised with how much to paint a house interior is beneficial in some ways. You get to prepare better and wiser, helping you arrive at the best tradie that makes your money worth spending.F

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