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    Cost of Hiring a Professional Carpenter

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    cost of hiring professional carpenter

    A carpenter’s hourly rate can range from $68 to $107. Prices vary depending on factors such as the size of the job, your location and the materials needed to accomplish the project.

    Most carpenters charge a fixed rate for specialised work such as pergola construction, timber decking and custom furniture. Make sure to ask a qualified carpenter for a quotation as some woodworking jobs are priced differently.

    Whether you need a door or skirting board repaired, carpenters can handle it all.

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    Types of Carpentry Services

    Carpenters can work on several jobs including stairs, handrails and decking. Here are the common types of carpentry jobs they do.


    Architraves are attractive designs used around doors and windows. The cost of architrave work will depend on factors such as the type of wood you prefer (i.e. MDF boards, hardwood) and the height of the architrave.

    For instance, a 100mm high MDF architrave 25mm thick may cost around $90 for a 4m length.


    Skirting board installations are typically priced per metre. Expect to pay around $9 to $150 per metre. Like with architraves, the size and type of boards used will impact the cost.


    Outdoor decks are a perfect addition to any home. Whether you need a deck installed or repaired, the type of materials you use can impact the overall cost. Composite decking, for example, costs about $80 to $180 per square metre (excluding labour).

    Expect to pay around $200 to $560 (including labour and materials) per square metre if you are building a new deck.


    Excluding labour, the cost of installing a door can range from $124 to $1,985. Some carpenters charge an hourly rate for this type of job. The cost will depend on where you live and the number of hours needed for the installation.

    Formwork & House Frames

    Formwork structures play an integral part in the initial phase of construction and must be carried out by experienced carpenters. The cost of formwork will vary depending on the application and the type of materials used.

    These structures are usually made of timber, concrete and aluminium. Timber frames generally cost lower than aluminium, which may be reusable.


    The quality of handrails is crucial to your safety. You need a qualified carpenter to fix or install handrail systems for this type of job. Mostly used in a staircase, they can be glass, wood or wrought iron.

    These factors will affect the installation cost. Verify pricing requirements with your local tradie to give you a rough estimation.


    Access ramps are easy to set up but will require an experienced carpenter to perform the installation. Factors such as the size of the wheelchair ramp and additional features (e.g. traction) to install will have an implication on the cost.

    Ramps can either be timber, aluminium or rubber.


    Whether you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom, the cost will depend on the scope of work. Adding new fixtures and floor tiling repairs are more extensive than doing a simple upgrade.

    For instance, custom cabinetry may incur a higher cost due to the number of hours spent in building furniture and the quality of materials used.

    Other Factors that Determine Carpentry Costs

    Consider the following factors when hiring a qualified carpenter in your area.

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    Scope of work

    The scope of work greatly impacts the cost of the project. Small carpentry repairs typically cost lower than custom-built furniture, patio construction and door installation. Before commencing work, ensure to clarify the scope of the job to set your expectations.

    Quality of materials

    Another factor that influences the cost of professional carpentry services is your choice of materials. As with most things, generally, you can expect to pay more for quality materials used in building a deck or installing a door or window.


    Additional services such as replacing an old door often have a separate cost. Door/window replacements, as opposed to new installations, take more time add to the hourly rate of your hired carpenter.

    In some cases, you will need to carry out woodworking jobs when fitting a new door to an existing jamb, which may incur extra costs.

    Where to Hire a Carpenter?

    When hiring a qualified carpenter, you must ask yourself the right questions.

    • Does the carpenter you are hiring have years of experience in the field? A tradie specialising in carpentry repairs may not be able to perform well in other tasks such as formwork constructions. Do some homework as the term Carpenter is broad and it has mant specialist areas.
    • Is the carpenter insured? If a tradie doesn’t hold insurance, any damage incurred during the time of installations, maintenance or repairs will yield consequential costs – that you could be caught with. Always verify the tradie has current public liability and workers compensation as a minimum.
    • Does the carpenter receive positive reviews? If so, then you are close to hiring a reliable tradie who will assist with your carpentry needs. Check online reviews, or previous customers, to help you gauge their expertise and credibility.

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