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How Much Does a Concrete Driveway Cost?

Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
Concrete Driveway

The cost of concrete driveway can range from $1,530 to $10,530 depending on the size of your site, type of finish and preparation work.

On 18m2 plain concrete driveways, the price can be around $1,530 to $3,510 including materials and labour.

Concrete driveways are more durable and versatile compared to other types. The cost of concrete driveways is generally attractive as it has very low maintenance requirements.

Expect to pay higher amounts for concrete driveways treated with different colours, textures, sealers and decorative elements. Whether exposed aggregate or stamped concrete driveways, knowing the price differences can help in your decision-making and budgeting plan.


Cost of Concreting a Driveway in Australia

The labour rates for concrete driveway installation are often calculated in square metres. Concrete Driveway Cost per Square Metre in Australia is around $25 to $45.

State Concrete Driveway Cost per m2
Western Australia $42 to $45
New South Wales $41 to $45
Queensland $37 to $40
South Australia $36 to $40
Victoria $34 to $38
Australian Capital Territory $25 to $30

In terms of hourly labour rates, the average concrete price is $60. When hiring a qualified concreter for the project, ask for fixed quotations or price estimates.

Note: The rates of concrete driveway cost per square metre above is just a guide. Factors such as the tradie’s level of experience also attract increased costs.

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The Cost of Concrete Driveways Based on the Size of Your Driveway

Knowing the exact measurement of your driveway is important in determining price estimates. Before delving into measurements, check the ballpark figures below to gain an idea of how concrete driveways with various textures and finishes differ in cost.

Type of Concreting Projected Cost (m2)
Plain concrete $65 to $85 per m2
Coloured concrete $75 to $95 per m2
Stamped concrete $90 to $120 per m2
Exposed aggregate concrete $100 to $150 per m2
Stenciled concrete $100 to $150 per m2

If, for example, you are looking at installing a stamped concrete driveway, the table below shows the expected costs.

Residential Driveway Size of the Driveway
(Length x Width)
Size of the Driveway


Expected Cost (Guide)
Single Driveway 6m x 3m 18 m2 $1,620 – $2,160
Double Driveway 6m x 6m 36 m2 $3,240 – $4,320
Triple Driveway 6m x 9m 54 m2 $4,860 – $6,480

Multiplying the size of your driveway (m2) by the expected cost of concreting material per square metre gives you the estimated price of the project.

Note: The standard pricing details serve only as a guide. You can always ask your prospective driveway installer or concreting specialist for accurate quotes. HIREtrades help you get up to three quotes from local contractors.

What are the factors that affect the cost of concrete driveway installation?

Concrete Driveway Installation


The cost to lay concrete driveway is driven by many factors such as the type of concreting materials used. Consider the following costs to help organise your finances before the actual work.

1. Preparation work

The amount of prep work required factors in the overall cost of concrete driveway. Prices vary depending on the purpose of driveway construction. If you’re replacing an old driveway, removal of the existing is required. This will incur additional concrete driveway costs.

However, if you’re installing a new driveway, the existing lawn or bushes may have to be removed. Excavating the area presents another set of pricing. Rectifying stability and accessibility issues may attract higher costs.

2. The size of the job

The size of the driveway affects the costs of labour and materials. Have a professional concreter measure the length and width of the target area to determine the materials you will need for the project.

A single driveway with 6-metre long and 3-metre wide (18 m2) may require few concreting materials, but the ground orientation could be sloping, thus needing more work to address installation difficulties and strengthen the quality of the driveway.

3. Textures and finishes

The type of concrete used affects how much you will be charged. Adding decorative concrete elements and patterns to your driveway also affects the final pricing of the project.

Your desired texture and finish also adds to the cost. Do you prefer a plain overexposed aggregate concrete driveway? How about stamped over stencilled concrete? These variables can add to the overall cost.

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4. Ground orientation

Another determining cost to lay concrete driveway depends on the ground formation. Steep or sloping areas usually add costs of around $10 per square metre. Dealing with uneven ground also affects costs.

Verify with your driveway installer as to how the cost varies in your situation.


Cost to Maintain a Concrete Driveway

concrete driveway maintenance cost

Regular cleaning is the easiest and cheapest way to maintain the stability and appearance of your concrete driveway. Hosing down the driveway helps to remove dirt and dust from the surface and prevent them from permeating the subsurface.

Proper maintenance reduces the possibility of extensive repairs. Expect to pay an hourly rate of $30 to $60 if you are repainting the concrete driveway.

You also have to consider the products that you will need such as primer and paving paint, which will incur a separate cost. To confirm the price, ask your driveway installer or hire a concrete painter.

Annual resealing also increases the life expectancy of your concrete driveway. Sealants keep moisture from seeping through the small cracks and protect the material from weathering elements and chemicals produced by your vehicles.

Hire a local driveway construction specialist to assist you with your home improvement and concrete maintenance needs.

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