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How Much Does Colorbond Fencing Cost?

Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
Colorbond fencing cost per metre

The costs of installing colorbond fencing ranges from $1,040 to 1,588 for for a 16m long fence. Prices may change depending on many factors such as labour cost, materials, and more.

Clarify the price of other components such as the fencing posts, rails, lattices, fasteners, caps and under-fence plinths, where required.

Colorbond steel fencing is known for being durable, flexible and aesthetically attractive. This fencing structure offers high levels of security, is easy to maintain and able to withstand harsh environmental elements.

How Much Does Colorbond Fencing Cost per Metre

Colorbond fencing price per metre for residential homes ranges from $84 to $100 installed depending on the requirements. Fencing posts, rails, lattices and caps which may cost around a hundred also affect the price.

For a 1.2 metre high Colorbond fence that’s 16m long, you would need an approximate number of 14 sheets (1.2m long) to cover the area. Using a powder-coated sheet that costs around $22 per metre gives you an estimated cost of $308 (materials only).

It pays to know the approximate amount of fencing sheets to help you prepare a reliable budget reference. Here’s the estimated cost of the common Colorbond fencing materials.

  • Regular corrugated iron sheets can cost about $13 to $18 per metre
  • Steel clad sheets can cost about $21 per metre
  • Powder-coated Colorbond can cost about $22 per metre
  • Double-sided Colorbond can cost about $24 per metre
  • Colorbond Ultra roofing can cost about $37 per metre

Colorbond Fencing Additional Cost

Add extra for other components and accessories.

  • $2 to $12 per fencing cap
  • $7 to $13 per fencing rail
  • $12 per post
  • $40 per long lattice

Usually, one panel is equivalent to three fencing sheets. Rates could increase depending on the type and quality of fencing panels used.

The table below shows the details assuming you will need the estimated cost of Colorbond fencing price per panel.

Cost of Colorbond Fencing Panels

Size of Colorbond Fencing Panels


(Width x Height)

Expected Cost (3 – 4 sheets)
2380mm x 900mm (standard)


3150mm x 900mm (wide variation)

$55 to $80
2380mm x 1200mm (standard)


3150mm x 1200mm (wide variation)

$65 to $90
2380mm x 1500mm (standard)


3150mm x 1500mm (wide variation)

$75 to $103
2380mm x 1800mm (standard)


3150mm x 1800mm (wide variation)

$86 to $116
2380mm x 2100mm (standard)


3150mm x 2100mm (wide variation)

$96 to $129

Identifying the size of your property is essential to know the total metres of fencing required. This should help you determine the number of fence panels which you will need for the project.

Ask for assistance from a professional fencing installer to know the exact dimensions of your property and provide you with proper estimates.

Confirm the Colorbond fence price per panel from local fencing suppliers and ask for accurate quotes. Compare price offerings to choose the appropriate products for your fencing project.

Posting a job on HIREtrades gives you access to fencing contractors in your vicinity.

How Much Colorbond Fencing Expert Cost in Australia

The cost of Colorbond fencing is often calculated on a per-metre basis. Most Colorbond fencing contractors charge $65 to $80 per metre for labour costs depending on your State, project specifications and their level of expertise.

The table below lists the Colorbond fencing labour costs fence installers charge across different states. The increase in cost may mean a high demand for fencing contractors in the area.

State Average Cost per metre
Victoria $75 to $80
New South Wales $75 to $80
Queensland $70 to $75
Western Australia $65 to $70

Note: Use the above rates only as a guide when budgeting for your fencing project.

What are the factors that affect the cost of Colorbond Fencing installation?

cost of Colorbond Fencing installation

Colorbond fences come in a variety of styles and sizes which affect the overall cost of materials and installation. Here are a few of the common factors to check as you manage your finances.

1. Preparation work

Installing a new Colorbond fencing as a replacement for your old fence attracts increased costs.

Your local fencing installer will have to assess the type of material used before commencing to estimate the time required to finish the removal process.

Likewise, the job will be more challenging if you’re fencing on soft soil. Adding other materials such as gravel may be required to make the posts intact.

2. The slope of the site

The cost to install Colorbond fencing increases depending on your ground orientation. Dealing with high slopes or steep surfaces may require extra labour, which will incur additional fence prices.

3. Colorbond gates

The average Colorbond gate price ranges from $210 to $260 depending on the fencing and gates structure. Prices also vary according to what most fence installers in your State charge.

4. Additional components

The more features you add to your Colorbond steel fencing, the higher you will be charged. Expect to pay more if you’re adding extra decorative components such as lattice screens, plinths, letter box and ball caps to improve the look.

You may also want to consider the size of lattices ($40 per 2.35m), length of retaining plinths to install underneath the panels, the number of metal caps to place onto the fence posts and sundries that affect the overall cost.

How Colorbond Fencing Contractors Charge for Maintenance

The cost to maintain your Colorbond fencing varies depending on the method of maintenance done. Washing down the fence regularly may help to keep the appearance and durability of the fence in good condition.

Using a broom to remove cobwebs also helps to retain the visual appeal of your fence. Make sure not to spray the fence with garden fertilisers to protect the surface. If repainting is necessary, hire a Colorbond fence painter to regain the look of the structure.

Most fencing manufacturers provide 10 years of warranty to give it proper maintenance. Australia’s most trusted trades provider HIREtrades allows you to connect with contractors and help you with your fencing maintenance needs.

What is the Standard Size for Colorbond Fence?

-Colorbond fence panels measured from the ground should not be more than 2.3m. The standard sizes are 1.2m,1.5m, 1.8m, and 2.1m. For places such as industrial areas may go up to 2.7m.

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