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    How Much Does Fencing Cost?

    Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
    How Much Does Fencing Cost

    The cost to put up a fence can vary from $65 to $1,350+ per metre. Prices may fluctuate depending on your choice of fencing materials, additional jobs to perform and job complexities.

    Fencing is typically priced per metre and the average cost of fences varies based on the materials that you prefer to build or install. The expected cost of hiring a fencing contractor is shown below.

    State/TerritoryEstimated Cost per metre
    Tasmania$110 – $130
    South Australia$80 – $100
    New South Wales$75 – $95
    Australian Capital Territory$73 – $93
    Queensland$70 – $90
    Western Australia$70 – $90
    Victoria$65 – $85

    Understand that your location largely influences how much you will be charged. A reliable fencing contractor will visit the property to perform site observations and provide cost estimates based on your requirements.

    Note: Clarify how much a fencing contractor will price the job. Most installation specialists charge hourly rates. Ensure that you confirm all costs so there are no surprises.

    Types of Fencing Services

    Type of Fence Services

    Fences vary in type, style and size which can all impact the cost of installation. The type of fencing service that you need will determine how you will be charged.


    Aluminium fences add delicate beauty to a property. Expect to pay around $815 to $1,310 per metre for rendered bricks with aluminium slats. Style and site conditions will influence this price.


    Bamboo fencing is environmentally-friendly and versatile. You can either choose bamboo panels or poles when installing a fence. Along with bamboo materials, fence painting and staining will add to the cost.

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    Bricks exude timeless appeal and durability. The cost of concrete bricks can be around $700 to $1,220 per 1,000. Clay bricks can vary from $560 to $1,162 per 1,000.

    In terms of labour, the expected cost to build a brick fence is $65 to $105 per hour.

    Colorbond fencing

    Colorbond fences offer optimum security and are easy to install. For residential homes, the cost of Colorbond fencing can range from $84 to $100 per metre. This type can be installed as an alternative to timber.


    Glass fencing is a sophisticated option for surrounding pools at home. The type of glass and glazing considerably affects the cost.

    For a frameless glass fence installation, prepare a budget of $600 to $1,000 per metre. The price of fencing may increase if you’re adding special glass treatments to improve the durability of the fence.


    PVC fencing is an affordable choice for homeowners. PVC posts are usually used as a replacement to damaged wood stakes. This type of fence comes in different colours and height which can influence the cost.

    Rural fencing

    Rural fencing works best for homeowners with large property and livestock. You can either choose wood, steel or barbed wire when building a farm fence. The size of the fence mainly affects the price.


    Steel fences are damage and wind-resistant. They are typically difficult to install than aluminium fencing due to the weight of the material. Most steel fences are galvanised, making them more expensive to buy and install.


    Timber fencing is cost-effective and durable. Building a timber fence can cost about $85 to $215 per metre. Along with other factors, the rate may vary depending on the type and quality of materials.


    Vinyl fencing is another affordable and flexible option. This type does not require painting and staining, which reduces the upfront cost. Vinyl fences are weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

    What Factors Influence the Cost of Fencing Jobs

    What Factors Influence the Cost of Fencing Jobs

    The price of fencing jobs will depend on the scope of work and your negotiation with the general contractor. Here are some aspects to consider when estimating the cost of fencing construction or installation.

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    Type of service

    While the biggest cost determinant is the fencing material, the scope of work can have a large implication on pricing.

    Are you building or installing a fence from scratch? Will you be replacing the old fence with a different type of fencing? Does your existing fence have to be repaired or restored?

    The cost to put up a new fence can be higher than repairing an existing structure. On the other hand, the replacement cost may be higher than new installations due to extended working hours required.

    Site condition

    The price of fencing is more likely to increase depending on the ground orientation of your property. Installing a fence on uneven areas may incur higher fees than building a fence on flat areas.

    Another aspect that can impact your fencing expenses is the stability of the soil. Fencing contractors have to ensure that the soil where the fence will be built is stable enough to withstand ground movements.

    Extra work such as digging and soil stabilisation procedures will attract increased costs.

    Additional work

    Any additional services you may require will influence the price of fencing.

    Some installations such as aluminium fencing require solid bases or foundations to provide structural support. Unlike with Colorbond and brick fencing, this additional work will add to your labour and material expenses.

    If you’re installing a timber fence, painting and staining are often necessary to extend the lifespan of the structure. These applications will be included in the cost.

    Likewise, adding a gate along with the fence will incur extra fees.

    Note: Other factors such as the use of scaffolding and dealing with accessibility issues should be considered. Always ask for the cost breakdown before work commences.

    Things to Consider Before Hiring a Fencing Expert

    Planning your budget is an important consideration when installing a fence, but looking for the right contractor to handle the job is another.

    • Is the fencing contractor licensed or registered? In most states, a specific licence for fencing installation is not a prerequisite. Usually, the State will require a building contractor’s licence under a given set of conditions.
    • Does the fencing installation specialist receive more compliments than complaints? Know what most customers are saying about their service. Read online reviews to carefully determine if they are trustworthy and easy to work with.
    • Can the hired fencing expert meet your needs and requirements? Fencing contractors have varied skills and experience. One contractor may be good at installing glass fences but lack the expertise in bamboo fence installation.

    You may also check their recently accomplished fencing projects to make careful decisions.

    Along with determining the price of fencing, ask if the contractor is insured. It will save you a lot of headaches. HIREtrades can help you obtain up to three free quotes from local contractors. We provide a list of tradies to help you find the perfect Fencing Contractor that you can trust. We have a list of Fencing Contractor and Experts across Australia such as Fencing Contractor Sydney, Fencing Newcastle, Fencing Contractor Melbourne and more.

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