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$600 per linear metre

How Much Does Glass Pool Fencing Cost?

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Glass Pool Fence Installation

Glass Pool Fence Cost

Installing glass pool fence may cost from $200 per linear metre for semi-frame glass, 3$375 per linear for frameless glass fence while fixed frame glass fence cost $195.50 per linear metre.

Glass pool fencing promises instant curb and aesthetic appeal. Not only that, glass pool fences allow parents to maintain a clear view of their children from the poolside. Unfortunately, there’s no compromise when it comes to DIY installation.

Australian standards and local regulations stipulate installation should be left to licensed professionals. In this article, we’ll help demystify the glass pool fence prices and several essential considerations. Read on!

Glass Pool Fencing Contractor Cost

The contractor’s fees cost anywhere from $245 to $300 per metre, depending on the glass thickness plus other components. It’s quite a hefty investment, and you’ll want to hire professional tradies that can get the job done otherwise you’ll risk paying more for repairs in the future.

Price Estimates for the Different Types of Glass Pool Fencing

When it comes to pool glass fencing, there are two varieties that most people think about. That would be semi-frameless and frameless, each with its unique perks.

Semi-frameless Glass Fencing Cost

Semi-frameless fences are not as known as frameless pool fences, yet they appear quite attractive and modern. They are an excellent alternative for apartment buildings because they can be done in mass at a lower cost. The materials are slightly less expensive than frameless systems, making this a more cost-effective option when fencing a big area.

Average cost: $200 to $275 per linear metre

Frameless Fence Glass Fencing Cost

The frameless glass panels are the most popular due to their clean, sleek, and innovative look. They’re an excellent addition to any pool because they do not cut off your sight of the beautiful surroundings. This, combined with stainless steel pool spigots, creates a distinctive, high-end look.

Average cost: $375 to $600 per linear metre

Framed Glass Fence Cost

Steel poles hold the thick, cured glass pieces in place in the most typical framed glass pool fencing style. Many homeowners who choose framed glass pool fencing are happy with their purchase. However, the steel post lacks the ‘invisible’ look the frameless fences are known for.

Average cost per ten metres: $195.50 per linear metre

Frameless Glass Balustrade  Cost

For Frameless glass balustrade the cost ranges from $375 to $450 per metre

Custom Frameless Glass

Depending on the size, custom made frameless glass may cost from $650 to $950 per metre.

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Glass Pool Fencing Materials

  • $176 for a 2000×1200 12mm frameless glass pool fence panel
  • $140 for a 1400x970mm High Balustrade glass with spigots and handrail
  • $227 for a 1200×1500 12mm glass pool hinge panel
  • $104 for a 12mm glass gate
  • $271 10x Heavy duty 304 stainless glass pool fence spigot, $59.95 for spigot with round base plate, $48 polished stainless steel base spigot
  • $25.30 Dh114 Heavy Duty Fast Fix hinge

What Affects the Cost of a Glass Pool Fencing Job?

Although glass pool fence installers can quickly present you with a quote, they must first evaluate the location if you genuinely want an exact price. They frequently consider the following factors when determining the cost of a project:

The thickness of the Panel

This is a vital part of the installation process because it determines the glass’s durability. Although 6mm panels are prevalent, experts advise against using them because they are prone to breaking. For semi-frameless panels, we recommend a 10mm thick glass, while for frameless panels, a 12mm thick glass is ideal. These are more expensive but generally more durable.

Height and Width of the Glass Pool Fencing

Pool fencing in NSW must be at least 1.2m high (measured from ground level) to comply with Australian requirements, and if a boundary fence is included as part of the pool fencing, the height must be increased to 1.8m. As such, the higher you want your glass fence, the steeper the cost will be.

Class of Materials Used

With all the visual appeal a glass fence promises, it’s easy to forget that pool fencing is, first and foremost, a safety measure. When it comes to swimming pool safety, the one shortcut you don’t want to take is compromising the quality of the materials and components you use.

While you may have a say on what materials to buy, we recommend that you follow the installer’s advice on this matter. Purchasing quality materials ensures your fence will look and function better in the long run.

Type of Spigot

Spigots are peg-like fittings that go into specific locations of the glass fence. They are explicitly employed for frameless glass and add to the overall durability of the installation. While spigots themselves aren’t too costly, the labour and complexity of installing them are what drives the price.

Additional Work

You may have previously erected fencing around your swimming pool or balustrades around a balcony, but you want to upgrade to meet modern pool safety rules or for aesthetic reasons. The cost of removing existing fencing can be added to the installation cost if this is the case.

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Hiring the Best Glass Pool Fencing Installer

Check Out the Installer’s Previous Work
To determine how well the contractor performs their work, it’s always wise to ask for references. You ought to ask for references as well as photos of their previous work. If possible, go to a couple of their previous jobs for a more accurate view. Examine the complete fencing project for quality construction and materials, as well as how it looks overall.

Look For Licensing and Check For Knowledge on Glass Pool Fencing Regulations
Some pool owners may be having problems, such as failing to pass a pool fence inspection. The pool fence installers or contractors may not be trustworthy is one reason for this. We recommend looking for a pool fence contractor with a pool compliance inspection E1 license and a demonstrated expertise on the pool fence safety laws in NSW.

Ask About the Insurance and Warranty
Extra attention is required when working with materials such as glass. A reputable company will always provide insurance for any damage to your fence while on the job. In addition, insurance plans will cover any unanticipated conditions that may endanger the workers during installation.

The warranty should be a top priority, and the contractor should be able to provide a ten-year warranty on the fencing work. Having a warranty in place means you can sleep soundly, knowing that any issues that may arise, which often do, will be taken care of by the contractor at no extra charge.


While the cost of glass pool fencing may not exactly be the cheapest home makeovers, it’s worth it. Aside from the instant curb appeal and ambience, it establishes a sense of safety for pool users. Because of this, you don’t want just about anyone handling this delicate installation. You’d want to partner with a reliable contractor who can make the glass fence installation stress-free and worth your while.

Finding reliable glass pool fencing contractors can be daunting, and quite frankly, challenging. HIREtrades helps you connect you with local tradies.. Post your job today and we will help you get up to three free quotes from local tradies.


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