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    How Much Does Interior Painting Cost?

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    Interior Painting Cost

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    The cost to paint walls can vary from $15 to $35 per square metre. Prices may alter based on the condition of your house, quality of products used and type of surface you are painting.

    If you’re painting a three-bedroom home with two bathrooms and one kitchen, expect to pay around $4,000 to $7,000.

    Hire a qualified painter to handle the process including preparation. Request for quotations to ensure there are no pricing surprises.

    You should also determine the estimated hours of completion to compute your tradie’s hourly rates. Always choose a painting contractor with good track record and established painting techniques.


    Labour Costs of Interior House Painters

    Generally, professional painters charge an hourly rate of $65 to $105. The table below gives you a breakdown of a painter’s hourly rates including overheads and profit.

    CityAverage Contract Charge-Out Rate

    per hour

    Sydney$74 to $105
    Perth$82 to $87
    Melbourne$79 to 87
    Brisbane$84 to $88
    Adelaide$65 to $75

    *Pricing details are based on Australian Construction Handbook 2018 Edition.

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    Note: The above painting rates need to be verified with a local house painter to compare prices and hire the best tradie. HIREtrades provides opportunities for homeowners to get up to three quotes, free of charge.


    Factors that Affect the Cost to Paint the Interior of a House

    Cost to Paint the Interior of a House

    There are a number of variables influencing your interior painting cost. Consider how each aspect adds to your expenses.

    1. Surface preparation

    The amount of cleaning required to remove dirt or stains from walls, ceilings and other surfaces you are looking to paint add to the cost.

    You also have to consider the texture of your wall. In some cases, repairs are required to ensure that no cracks, dents or holes are present prior to application. Filling the hole with fillers and sanding down the surface will affect pricing.

    2. Height of the ceiling

    The higher the ceiling, the more difficult a painting project will take. If your ceiling is over the average height of 2.7m, expect to pay higher amounts for painting works. The process requires the use of scaffolding and safety measures which may affect the cost.

    3. Scope of work

    Are there doors and windows need to be painted? How about those trims, architraves and skirting boards? Painting other decorative elements other than walls and ceilings, which are most common, will attract increased costs.

    4. Quality of paint

    Buying high-grade paints and associated products from well-known brands will affect how much you will be charged. The level of sheen also contributes to your expenses.

    Note: Make sure to allot a budget for wastages to help manage your finances.

    Interior Painting Costs Per Square Metre

    For interior house painting projects, expect to pay around $3 to $21 per m2. Below are the indicative costs of primer, sealer and undercoats applied on general surfaces.

    Prime, one sealer undercoat and two coats gloss acrylicper sqm$16$18$14$10$12$18$20$15
    Prime, one undercoat and two coats enamelper sqm$16$19$13$14$17$18$20$15
    Two coats clear polyurethaneper sqm$8$10$7$10$8$11$18$12
    One coat zinc phosphate primerper sqm$5$4$3$3$4
    Touch up primer, one undercoat and two coats enamelper sqm$15$16$11$12$14$15$21$18
    Walls and ceilings (smooth surface)
    Seal and two coats low gloss acrylicper sqm$10$11$10$9$12$14$20$15
    One coat sealer, one coat undercoat and one coat enamelper sqm$10$12$11$10$12$15$20$14
    Seal and two coats acrylic latexper sqm$10$10$9$9$11$15$20$13

    *Pricing details are based on Australian Construction Handbook 2018 Edition.


    How Much Paint is Required Per Square Metre?

    Generally, a litre of paint can cover up to 6 square metres.

    To measure the total surface area in square metres, identify your room dimensions. Assuming you have a 4m long and 2.7m high wall.

    Length (m) x Height (m) = Surface Area (m2)

    Following the computation above, you will get:

    4m x 2.7m = 10.8m2 (say 11m2)

    To calculate the amount of litres you will need, divide the total surface area, which is 11 square metres, by 6. This should help you determine how much paint you will need for your project.

    Paint required = 11 / 6

    = 1.83 litres

    For this example, 2 litres of paint will be enough to cover the wall area. Say the cost of paint per litre is around $14. Multiply the cost of paint per litre, which is $14, by 2 litres. The paint cost would be $28.

    Most surfaces require two coats of paint to achieve quality results. You also have to count the number of doors and windows to paint to manage your expenses. Clearly define your requirements to create a reliable budget plan.


    Note: Paint prices vary based on your preferred type (e.g. oil-based), chosen brand and level of gloss or matte. Clarify if you will supply the paint to receive proper estimates from painting contractors.


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