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How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Toilet?

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Toilet Replacement Cost

The total cost to replace a toilet is determined by various factors from hardware to labour costs. A safe budget for a simple toilet replacement should be around $150 to $1312, but you should expect to pay more for a more complex installation.

Your best bet in toilet installations is to call a licensed plumber who can accomplish the job for you. Average labour costs for a plumber in Australia range from $60 to $130, depending on your location, as well as the complexity of the job. It normally just takes a few hours for a professional plumber to install your new toilet and have it fully operational.

How Much Is a New Toilet?

There are various types of toilets available. Choosing your new toilet bowl will largely depend on your design preferences as well as your budget. Below are some popular toilet seat brands and their corresponding prices:

  • Porcher Cygnet Square Closed Coupled Toilet – $424
  • Geberit Stigma 50 Flush Plate – $510
  • Geberit Stigma 75 Wall Hung Pneumatic Cistern – $906
  • AXA Uno Close Coupled BTW Suite – $1035
  • Laufen by Laufen Wall Hung Pan – $1312

Wall-hung toilets and other wall-mounted toilets are typically the most expensive, with prices ranging from $1000 – $1500. They have a modern-looking design and will perfectly match a home with a minimalist aesthetic.

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Close-coupled toilets are the most commonly seen floor-mounted toilets wherein the cistern is directly above the back of the bowl. These toilets can cost between $250 to $1200, depending on the brand.

Prices To Repair Toilet Parts

In some cases, it isn’t necessary to replace an entire toilet. A licenced plumber can repair an existing toilet that is still in good condition, just by replacing its faulty parts.

Common toilet problems that only need a toilet part replacement include:

  • Leaky flapper
  • Broken handle
  • Broken chain
  • Faulty flush valve
  • Leaky shut-off valve
  • Faulty wax ring
  • Broken tank

The table below should give you an idea of total labour and material costs for each toilet part replacement:

Part Cost
Wax Ring/Seal $70 – $280
Tank $70 – $140
Bowl $100 – $140
Pipe $140 – $800
Syphon $45 – $200
Drain $200

Factors That Affect The Total Cost of Toilet Replacement

As with any other construction or plumbing project, there is no fixed cost in a toilet replacement. The total cost will always depend on all the requirements of the job. Below are the factors that may affect the total cost of a toilet replacement:

  • How much time will it take for a plumber to replace your toilet? Since a plumber is paid by the hour, a more complex job such as converting a floor-mounted toilet to a wall-mounted toilet will incur a higher labour cost.
  • What type of toilet are you looking to install? Simple toilets with basic features cost lower to install than a high-end or designer toilet.
  • Toilet problems that can be easily repaired by a licenced plumber will only incur labour costs and can be done in a few hours. A new toilet will naturally cost higher since you’ll have to shell out for the new unit, on top of labour.

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Choose The Right Plumber for Your Toilet Replacement

While it may seem more cost-effective to DIY your toilet repair, it may not always be a good idea if you’re not a licenced plumber. A licenced plumber has the right training, knowledge, and experience that will help them assess the situation and discover underlying problems that may surface in the future.

To help you find the right plumber for the job, remember the following:

  • Hire only a licenced and qualified plumber, with proper legal documents, a solid insurance policy and other safety nets that will protect you ‘just in case’. You may think that hiring an amateur and unlicensed plumber will save you money because of lower labour costs, but if you consider the consequences, amateurs are much more costly.
  • Try to hire someone in your area. Not only will it come out cheaper, but it will also be more convenient for both of you in case he needs to come back for repairs.
  • Ask your plumber for references from their past or existing customers so you can ask for a review of their work ethic and performance.

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