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How Much Does Timber Flooring Installation Cost?

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Timber Flooring Installation Cost

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The timber flooring cost per square metre can range around $65 to $155. Prices may vary depending on the size, type, and quality of timber floors along with associated materials and sundries.


Generally, the lowest timber grade ranges around $40 per m2. Standard timbers cost about $50 to $70 per m2. The most expensive grade with the fewest defects can range from $60 to $100 per m2.

Timber floors are highly durable and easy to maintain. Their distinct qualities make them more expensive than other floor types.

Make sure to identify your wood flooring choice and total floor area to cover to help you narrow down the specifics.


Labour Costs of Timber Flooring Installation

On average, timber flooring installers charge around $25 to $35 per square metre. The table below shows a slight difference in terms of labour rates across Australia.

StateAverage Cost per m2
New South Wales$30 to $35
Queensland$27 to $30
Victoria$25 to $27

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Some flooring installation companies supply and install timber floors. Make sure to clarify the scope of work to clearly define your requirements.

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What are the Factors that Influence the Cost of Timber Flooring?

The following aspects determine the cost of your timber flooring project.

1. Timber grade

Your choice of timber grade generally affects the cost of materials. Here’s the estimated price range of structural timbers:

  • $40 per m2 (low-grade timbers with imperfections)
  • $50 to $70 per m2 (mid-grade timbers with some flaws)
  • $60 to $100 per m2 (high-grade timbers with little or no defects)

Consider the quality of timber before buying and shop around to compare prices.

2. Style and type

For hardwood timber floorboards, the expected costs are:

  • $60 to $90 per m2 (Bamboo)
  • $65 to $75 (Blackbutt)
  • $85 (Ironbark)

If you prefer a timber floor pattern, parquetry flooring installation costs about:

  • $30 per m2 (basic patterns)
  • $50 per m2 (complex patterns)
  • $45 per m2 (without border patterns)
  • $50 per m2 (with border patterns)

*Add $30 to $35 per m2 for timber floor polishing and sanding.

3. Preparation work

The amount of preparation work required influences the cost of timber flooring. Your flooring installer will have to ensure that the level and condition of the subfloor meets the requirements of the manufacturer’s recommendation before the actual installation.

The process of making your subfloor permanently dry, clean, levelled out and resistant to moisture can vary depending on the works particular to different sites.  Pre-installation of underfloor insulation will attract increased costs.

4. Type of finishes

Your preferred type of timber floor polish can impact your Trades pricing. Ask to confirm prices for water-based, solvent-based or oil-based finishes to help you manage your project expenses.

The typical range of floor polish varies from $25 to $50 per m2.

Note: Confirm with your local tradie if the species requires timber floor sanding and polishing.


Timber Flooring Price List

Timber Flooring Price List

The cost of timber floors can range from $40 to $120 per m2. For new homes, structural timber flooring is usually used. This type is laid on bearers and joists to ensure the durability of the flooring structure.

Few of the common structural timbers are:

  • Northern Hardwood (nth. h’wd)
  • Local Hardwood (loc. h’wd)
  • Local Hardwood (loc. h’wd)
  • Local Hardwood (loc. h’wd)
  • Hardwood (h’wd)

The table below shows the projected cost of timber flooring including the associated materials for framing.

Timber ground floor framing

(nth. h’wd)


(loc. h’wd)


(loc. h’wd)


(loc. h’wd)



Bearers100 x 75mm at 1800mm and 2400mm centersper m2$16 – $14$12 – $10$10 – $9$17 – $14$14 – $12
125 x 75mm at 1800mm and 2400mm centersper m2$19 – $16$14 – $12$12 – $11$21 – $17$17 – $15
150 x 75mm at 1800mm and 2400mm centersper m2$19 – $16$16 – $14$14 – $12$27 – $22$22 – $18
Joists100 x 50mm at 450mm and 600mm centersper m2$51 – $40$40 – $32$35 – $27$50 – $40$47 – $37
150 x 50mm at 600mm per m2$56$48$38$58$53
200 x 50mm at 600mmper m2$72$56$52$84$70
Timber upper floor framing

(nth. hdw)


(lcl. hdw)


(lcl. hdw)


(lcl. hdw)



Joists (incl. blocking at 1800mm centres)150 x 50mm at 450mm and 600mm centersper m2$100 – $83$85 – $71$69 – $57$103 – $85$92 – $77
200 x 50mm at 450mm and 600mm centersper m2$128 – $105$100 – $82$93 – $77$146 – $120$122 – $101
250 x 50mm at 450mm and 600mm centersper m2$150 – $124$125 – $103$112 – $93$202 – $166$151 – $124
Timber enginee-red joists200 x 47mm at 600mm centresper m2$49$48$42$44$41
246 x 57mm at 600mm centresper m2$53$51$46$47$44
300 x 63mm at 600mm centresper m2$62$61$54$56$53
360 x 63mm at 600mm centresper m2$70$69$61$63$61

*Pricing details are based on Australian Construction Handbook 2018 Edition.

For standard grade, tongued and grooved flooring designs, expect to pay around:

  • $62 to $75 per m2 (Radiata pine)
  • $69 to $80 per m2 (Cypress pine)
  • $82 to $160 per m2 (Brush box)
  • $85 to $124 per m2 (Tasmanian oak)
  • $93 to $121 per m2 (Jarrah)
  • $99 to $118 per m2 (Mixed hardwood)

Note: The above rates are for 25mm tongued and grooved flooring in 100mm widths (standard size), fixed to timber.

Timber ground floor framing
Framing comprising 100 x 50mm joists at 450mm centres,

100 x 75mm bearers at 1800mm centres, stumps and foundations

per m2$96$74$67$98$87
Timber upper floor framing

(Framing comprising joists, plates and blocking)

150 x 50mm joists at 450mm centresper m2$110$93$76$112$102
200 x 50mm joists at 600mm centresper m2$115$89$83$129$109

*Pricing details are based on Australian Construction Handbook 2018 Edition.


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