How HIREtrades works for the Customer

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HIREtrades make it easy to find local, quality Tradies

  • 1. Post a Job – it’s Free

    With 200+ trade categories we have got you covered. The more detail you provide the better - as it enables Tradies to better evaluate your requirements and accurately quote your Job.

  • 2. Get Quotes

    Up to 3 Tradies can provide a quote. We post your job to local Tradies using our nationwide database. We will only share your contact details with the Tradies quoting so they can provide pricing for your Job.

  • 3. Find Out More About Tradies Quoting You

    HIREtrades provide you with these Tradie’s profile page where you can discover more about their Business, ratings, reviews etc.

  • 4. Choose your Tradie

    After posting your job HIREtrades will email you some handy tips to consider to employ the Tradie that offers you the best value (you should consider all factors and just not price)

  • 5. Job Complete

    After the work is complete, we invite you to rate/review your Tradie. Tradies appreciate the feedback as positive reviews help them to secure future works.

  • 6. More Questions

    Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.