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    How Much Does a Deck Construction Cost?

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    deck construction cost

    The cost of building a deck ranges from $200 to $560 per square metre depending on the size of the structure along with the types of materials and finishes used.

    Decks come in a variety of materials such as composite and timber decking. These structures vary in terms of pricing. Regardless of which type you prefer, they help to improve your lifestyle and increase your property value.

    For this reason, your deck construction project should be built in a professional and proper manner. Building long-lasting, weather-resistant decks involves investing in quality decking materials and experienced builders.


    Labour Costs of Building a Deck

    The cost of labour can be around $170 to $210 per square metre depending on your State and the builder’s scope of work.

    The price varies based on your State and the level of experience of your deck contractor. This table summarises the average rates of deck building.

    StateEstimated Cost per m2
    New South Wales$200 to $210
    Victoria$190 to $200
    Queensland$185 to $190
    Western Australia$170 to $180

    If, for instance, you are building a 12m2 deck, expect to pay around $2,040 to $2,520 for labour. The price per square metre multiplied by the total size of your deck gives you the estimated labour cost.


    Factors that Affect Deck Installation Costs

    The cost of decking is dependent on many factors such as preparation work, the amount of materials required and building permits. Here are some of the common aspects when considering the costs involved for your new decking.

    1. The size of the deck

    Decking prices vary significantly based on the size of the structure, with increased costs due to number of decking boards, sealants and sundries needed.

    2. Site conditions

    The cost to build a deck is much lower if you have flat and stable soil. For example, building a deck in rocky areas incurs additional rates.

    For instance, dealing with a sloping surface also attracts increased rates. The cost of decking varies depending on the steepness of the site.

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    3. Additional features and components

    Expect to pay around $150 to $180 per metre for timber or steel balustrades. Add an average of $250 to $300 per metre if you prefer glass balustrades. Additional features such as stairs cost around $200 per square metre.

    Other accessories which add to the cost are the joists, bearers, bolts and screws. Concrete and digging work also affect the pricing.

    4. Demolition work

    If you are replacing an existing deck, demolition work factors in the total price.

    Ask your prospective deck builders for recommendations to know the appropriate building method to use. Once the pre-construction process (e.g. inspection, measurement) is done, the tradie should provide fixed quotations for your decking project.


    The Cost of Decking Materials and Installation per square metre

    Cost of Decking Materials


    To give you a rough guide, here’s a few of the common decking options with estimated costs of materials.

    • Plain concrete decking costs about $45 to $75 per m2
    • Modular decking costs about $50 to $150 per m2
    • Coloured concrete decking costs about $55 to $90 per m2
    • Treated pine decking costs about $50 to $200 per m2
    • Composite decking costs about $80 to $180 per m2
    • Wood decking costs around $300 per m2
    • Hardwood timber decking costs about $320 per m2
    • Bamboo decking costs around $350 per m2

    Seek council approval, where required, if you are planning to build a deck in advance.

    The distance between the ground and your decking floor also play a vital role in dictating the total cost. Before the actual work, make sure to finalise the height and size of your deck.

    If the gap is under 600mm or 900mm, expect additional cost for labour and materials to execute the necessary procedures. These may include decking posts, concreting products and other accessories.

    Some inclusions are the prep work and other components such as solid posts and joists that help support the weight of the deck.

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    Important: Decks with 600mm height from the ground require a balustrade. Seek council approval where your local authority requires such. Ensure that they approve of your preferred decking height as some areas have specific restrictions.

    Note: The above rates should only be used as a guide as they vary locally. For accurate quotes, you may confirm the pricing details with your local deck builder which helps you create a budget plan.


    How much does decking maintenance cost?

    decking maintenance cost


    With regular cleaning and decking maintenance, your outdoor deck can have a lifespan exceeding 15 years. For instance, treated pine and Merbau decking are two different timber types that have unique qualities and withstanding abilities.

    The former lasts between 15 to 20 years, while the latter can reach up to 40 years until it becomes susceptible to rot and decay. Regardless of which decking material you will choose, keeping it in good condition is a must.

    Using a decking oil and sealant helps to extend its life. For a 25m2 deck, prepare to pay a bi-annual cost of $400 for oil and sealants. If you are hiring a tradie to reseal your deck, expect additional costs for their service.

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